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82 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer
THEMES: Fantasy sex, Infidelity.
2000 (6/99)
STARS: Jessica Drake, Mickey G, Shanna McCullough, Cheyenne Silver, Gia, Kristen, Brian Surewood, Chris Cannon, Ian Daniels, Evan Stone.
Any time Nic Cramer takes the helm for a porn film, you know you�re in for a well made piece of pornography. Sometimes he takes the big budget road, (Operation Sex Siege) sometimes, it�s an X rated take on a mainstream flick, (Clockwork Orgy) sometimes it�s pure fantasy fluff (Flesh for Fantasy) and other times, it�s something totally different. (Looker) What are we going to get with Carnivorous? Who knows? It�s the story of a writer, so I imagine there will be elements of fantasy as well as plenty of dialog between the main characters Mickey G and Shanna McCullough. (Smart to use performers who can actually handle dialog for this.
We start out in a melodramatic scene that can only come from the mind of a struggling romance novelist. Just when things are getting good, Mickey�s wife nearly breaks his concentration. It�s a good thing for our sake, he�s not one to quit easily. In his story, Mickey is the hero and because of that, he gets the girl. In this case, it�s tall hottie Jessica Drake. Mickey gets down for some serious muffin munching, but lovely Ms. Drake wants to show her appreciation with a kiss, on his cock that is. Jessica is a good little cock sucker, giving lots of eye contact and looking nice on her knees. He stands her up and takes her from behind. That looks good during the close ups, but for the really good shots, we have to wait until she gets on top. Great looking reverse cowgirl working as she grinds her hips up and down to work his pole. Ass lovers will dig it when she turns around and slowly squat fucks him, sticking her butt out as she goes up and down. Jessica gets back down, gives hard hand and takes his load right on her tongue and face. No ducking here, she plays with his load for a good long time.
This hot sex scene doesn�t impress the woman at the publishing company. Fear not, we flash forward to see Mickey being interviewed by Shanna McCullough. He goes back and tells her how he became such a rich and famous author. It all starts when his fianc�e, Kristin, cheats on him with the local handyman, Brian Surewood. Not giving her man a second through, the horny blonde shoves Brian�s head between her spread thighs. Watching Kristen fuck on film, it�s hard to believe she was a veggie only performer for so long. She acts genuinely crazed for cock. I happen to love how flexible she is as he licks her shaved slit, but it�s nothing compared to how enthusiastically she sucks his cock. Taking deep strokes and staring into the camera, Kristen gives a super fine on screen knob job. Brian rolls the happy little housewife over and starts banging that tight little beaver. Nice spooning since Kristen has those long legs and wonderful (natural) breasts. In the end, Kristen jerks his load out onto her smiling face. Every time I watch this chick fuck, she impresses me more and more.
When she leaves him, Mickey does what all great writers do, he drowns himself in a bottle. In his drunken haze, Jessica comes to visit. Not believing at first that one of his characters has come to life, Mickey is somewhat skeptical. Now anything that he types into the computer will happen. Gia is doubtful when he tries to explain it to her but likes the power once he demonstrates. Putting him to the test, Gia has Mickey write her into a jail cell where she is frisked by guard Ian Daniels. The thin brunette has a super hot short haircut and a great smile. If you think the smile is good, wait until you see her with those lips wrapped around Ian�s stick. I just keep wondering if the guard is going to let the prisoners loose on this hot little cocksucker. After all, she can take it deep and looks great with her mouth full. Instead, he puts her on the cot, drapes those long legs over his shoulder and starts fucking that pretty little pookie. As great as Gia was with a dick in her mouth, she is even hotter with one in her pussy. I love cute, enthusiastic little fucks. While she�s getting it from behind, Gia opens her mouth for a second cock. What a great job this is. You see people fucking, walk in and get your dick sucked. Great eye contact on this second guy, and some nice longer shots as she takes more cock in a standing doggy fuck. They do everything to this hot babe short of fucking her ass. Instead, they pull out and spray hot cum all over her pretty face. This scene is worth the price of the disc in my opinion.
Using his new powers, Mickey sends the villain from his story, (Stone) to see Cheyenne. This time, the prissy publisher has no choice but to pay attention. Evan grabs her and plants a hard kiss on those lips. It�s her lower lips he really wants and Stone spends plenty of time getting a taste of Cheyenne�s south of the navel honeypot. When she gets on her knees, we are treated to an excellent blowjob with a lot of nice eye contact. Cheyenne has giving some great on screen head, but this is one of her best BJs yet. Exchanging oral is nice, but he wants to make sure to fuck that well juiced hole. Nice doggy fuck, but her face stays clean as Evan jerks off onto her tits. (Enjoy the real boobs guys, she just had them done.) Actually, Cheyenne licks up the last few drops of cum and plays with it. This is a great looking woman in another hot scene.
The interview ends with Mickey revealing that he married Jessica and everyone is happy as can be. For a final bit of fun, Mickey types in some instructions that has Shanna groping for his cock. As always, Shanna is a fine cocksucker, but Jessica wants a piece as well. Great looking double blowjob as the women pass the cock back and forth. This may be a feature, but this kind of hot oral sex is something even the raincoater in me can appreciate. After giving the reporter a ride, Mickey moves around behind his wife. She is on top of Shanna so he can fuck Jessica, then let Shanna suck his dick clean. Back to the great two mouth action for a hot facial that Jessica takes with a smile. Shanna licks some off, then they share a cum soaked kiss.
Nic Cramer has put together a nice little sex movie here. The story is pretty simple, but it lends itself well to the sex scenes. Jessica Drake does a nice job as the fantasy character in this movie. Still, the best scene scenes belong to Gia, Cheyenne and Kristen. All three of these women light things up. Kristen is a high energy boff. Cheyenne gives a blowjob to bring down the house. Gia�s cell fuck is perhaps the best scene of the movie. This time around, Cramer gives us a movie where the sex far outshines the story, but that doesn�t mean the technical aspects suffer. As always, this is a top notch feature, it just happens to have sex that takes center stage.

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