Ass Lovers 2


OVERALL RATING: 8- (Is too much ass fucking possible?)
100 Mins.
THEMES: Anal Sex
CONDOMS: None Noted
2000 (6/00)
STARS: Nikita, Lea, Daniella, Adriana,
I love the tag line on this video. “Who says pretty girls don’t take it up the ass?” How can you not like a movie that puts that on the box? (Easy, if they don’t back it up I suppose.) Thankfully, the cast of babes looks pretty good and I’m guessing they won’t shy away from some booty banging. Matt Zane usually adds more then enough Gen-X style to his smut to keep the young porn fans happy and totally befuddle anyone over thirty five. I just hope that this time, he leans back and let’s the girls do their thing. If not, I only hope I can find someone hip enough to explain things to me. (My last translator blew his brains out after trying to figure out just what Kid Vegas was trying to do in his last movie.)
We start with Daniella, a Czech girl who does her interview while having her make up put on. Kyle Stone is the lucky guy who gets to fuck the Euro babe and he seems to be a little happy about the whole prospect. During the interview, we get cuts of the scene. I like this from an editing standpoint, and it cuts up the informal interview pretty well. Once she is made up, it’s outside for some photos and then we get something very interesting. A long “gratuitous ass shot.” Butt lovers, enjoy this super fine set of cheeks because Kyle’s fingers are going up there pretty soon. Soon after his fingers, a hard cock gives Daniella’s sphincter a serious stretching. I love the way she tells him to fuck her ass. There is something sexy about that strong accent. This pretty6 brunette has lovely boobs and takes dick in her ass with no problem at all. It takes a number of insertions, but eventually she gapes a little bit. This scene is all about the anal, with Daniella getting totally pounded from start to finish. Eventually, he pulls out, sprays on her cheeks then lets the sexy babe suck her ass juices off his rod.
Adriana is also interviewed in the make up chair. (I kind of like this style.) After the photo session and long shot of her butt, it’s time to put young Adriana through her paces. Again we start out with ass play and Dave Hardman’s tongue up this tight little chick’s bum. The dick goes straight into the ass, making all of you booty boning fans go crazy. Adriana sticks her butt high in the air for a great shot of the easy access action. Once again, this is an all anal scene, with no pussy fucking and not even a cursory blowjob. After taking it in the ass for so long, it’s no big shock that she holds her mouth open for a big facial to end things.
Leia is a broad faced German blonde who makes up pretty nicely. After following her through the photo session, we get some intense finger action. Her pussy gets some attention, but you know that it’s the browneye that takes center stage. Holy shit, she actually sucks dick a little bit. Actually, this break in format is a nice change, especially when she stares right into the camera. Fear not booty bandits, her blonde ass gets as drilled as the rest of the them. There has been a lot of quick cutting in this movie, but this is the first scene where it gets a bit heavy handed and starts getting in the way. Gape fans will like the way the dude pulls her ass open, giving us a shot way up in that thing. The piledriver footage is pretty hot here as well. Funny how some women just look better upside down with a dick in their ass. (Oh and the mail comes flooding.) After taking a big load right on her chin, Leia seems to want to get the goo off as quickly as possible.
Finally we get Nikita, another Czech girl with a great smile, pretty eyes and an ass that is about to get totally wrecked. Tony Eveready moves in and starts spanking that ass. Two fingers seem very tight in her butt, but Tony’s cock works in quite nicely. Nikita doesn’t need it slow either, she takes everything he’s got and verbally encourages him to do it both deeper and harder. He fucks her from behind until her body is flat on the couch, taking his cock and bouncing back for more. Nikita rubs her pussy hard while being fucked in the ass, making her probably the hottest butt slut in the movie. She has a little meat around the middle, making her not quite up to the standards of the ‘I like my women to look like little boys’ crowd, but anyone who likes naturally breasted, totally hot, ass fucking Euro-sluts, will love this babe. Of course she takes a facial, closing out my favorite ass fuck of the video.
Well this movie has a rather straight forward theme. It’s for people who love anal sex and only anal sex. Not a pussy gets poked in the entire flick and except for one very short blowjob scene, the only non asshole action comes when loads get dropped on faces. So, if you think vaginal and oral sex are highly over rated, this is the perfect movie for you. Personally, I like watching a hot babe take it in the butt, but the wall to wall anal wore a little thin for me. The action is well shot, the women good looking and as I said, it’s an ass-fuck lover’s dream, but to quote a great film “In this day and age a man has to have choices, a man has to have a little bit of variety.” (10 Rog Bonus points to anyone who can name the film.)

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