DVD EXTRAS: A (4 Hour Bonus Disc.)
83 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Michael Zen
THEMES: Models, Interracial Sex.
2000 (3/99)
STARS: Raylene, Ian Daniels, Lexington Steele, Deja Blew, Julie Meadows, Bobby Vitale, Chloe & Julian.
I don�t know how many of you have even see the mainstream flick �Pecker.� I don�t even know how much this movie has to do with that movie. If this Michael Zen project follows the mainstream story at all, then it could be interesting. (And Raylene is a whole lot nicer to look at than either Christina Ricci or Edward Furlong.) Speaking of things that are nice to look at, check out the rest of the cast. Julie Meadows and Chloe joining Raylene? Yeah, that works for me. Probably, those looking for a porn tribute to mainstream film making should look elsewhere and leave this movie to those of us who just want to see hot chicks getting nailed.
Raylene starts out doing a film project for Ian Daniels, talking about her dildo. After Ian gives us his views on men�s relationships with their cocks, Raylene lowers her pussy down on her plastic friend. The early footage looks like an art film, but eventually Ian wises up and puts down his camera. Raylene likes real cocks even better than fake ones. The beautiful redhead shows her love orally, devouring Ian�s rod like it was a candy stick. Always nice to look at, Raylene also knows how to give a great looking blowjob, which is one of the reasons she is one of the hottest babes in the Vivid stable. Ian moves her onto the bed where he licks and fingers her pussy to a juicy froth before joining her in the center of the bed. Great mish fucking with Raylene folded backwards, really putting her hot legs back a long way. She takes it deep doggy style, though some of the shots of her face look like Ian might be boring her a bit. There is a big smile on her pretty face as Ian drops a wad up her back, then kisses her deeply.
Bobby Vitale discusses how his hard on has just always been with him. He�s the next guy to get involved in the parade of cocks for this flick. Raylene gets a call and decides to shoot him for her project. (She�s obsessed with shooting pictures of dicks.) Bobby pulls his dick out, but Raylene needs it hard to shoot her pictures. Bobby gets his girlfriend, Deja Blue, steps in to help out. Deja is a chick I just don�t find at all attractive, so it�s kind of tough to really enjoy the scene. I�ll give her credit for enthusiastically sucking on his hard cock, doing her best to get it all ready to penetrate her. The small blonde mounts Bobby and bounces on his cock for a while. When he flips her over, Bobby shoves that prick right up her ass. Deja is an active little anal slut who ends up taking a shot on her face.
Ian is sure that Raylene is cheating on him. So much for understanding her artistic vision. She storms off to the office where Lexington Steele is busy sketching Chloe. Naturally Raylene wants to shoot Lex, but for some reason, Chloe won�t let him pose. So instead of a big dick, Raylene has to settle for Chloe. After modeling for a few minutes, Chloe invites Raylene to join her from some super high energy lesbian loving. Frankly, I would rather have watched Lex do either one, but you know Chloe knows how to light up her hot partner and Raylene doesn�t do a bad job either. To satisfy her urge for peckers, Raylene gets to use a fat dildo on Chloe, making her quiver and scream as she climaxes. To return the favor, Chloe shares a double dildo with her new friend. Nice toy action in a decent veggie scene.
Raylene shoots Julian and wants his cock hard. He needs some panties to help him, so the dedicated photographer offers him the pair she�s got on. Ian storms in, but all he gets to see is Julian hooking up with hot little model Julie Meadows. Julie isn�t about to let his cock stay hard for very long. She drops right to her knees and starts sucking that huge thing. Julie always turns me on and watching her service a big fat cock with her pretty mouth is a sure way to heat this movie up in a big way. Julian just stands there while Julie looks up at him with those awesome eyes and devours his dick. He puts her down on her hands and knees and slowly slips the full length of that monster into her tight little honey pot. As always, she looks great in every position, showing off her perfect from head to toe bod until Julian is ready to unload a big wad right between her pert little boobies.
Once Chloe gets a look at the photos, she decides that Lex really should pose. Chloe is on hand to help, working it with her mouth, taking it as deep as she can while orally worshipping that big thing. She delivers perhaps the best looking blowjob of the movie, but isn�t about to let him go without fucking that cock. In reverse cowgirl, Chloe takes every inch of hard dick, sliding up and down on Lex and getting those deep itches in her folds scratched. He picks her up easily, leaving her impaled on his prick while he tosses her down and drops the hammer on the horny little brunette. This is the kind of woman Lex can pound away on, using every inch and still hear her cry out for more. He takes it out and lets her rub her ass back on his cock until he explodes. Great looking scene, especially if you like hot interracial action.
For a movie that stars Raylene, she doesn�t do a lot of fucking in this movie. After the opening boff with Ian, Raylene is a veggie only girl, fucking the shit out of Chloe. Chloe adds a great scene with Lex at the end, taking every inch of his super stick and giving us one of the best scenes in the movie. The other scene that turned my head was the Julie Meadows fuck with heavily hung Julian. Julie always looks great and this time, fucks like a woman possessed. With these women carrying the action, there is enough here to recommend, but we need more of Julie and Raylene. Maybe next time, Lex can drop the hammer on the both of them.

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