Goddaughter 5




151 Mins.
THEMES: Feature Sex, Hookers.
CONDOMS: Some Noted
2000 (6/00)
STARS: Asia Carrera, Sonja Redd, Kim Chambers, Amber Sexxum, Adajja, Caroline Pierce, Mia Smiles, Heidi Ho, Zarina.
Although I’m not familiar with the Goddaughter series, but I have been watching quite a few Arrow flicks lately and I expect some impressive production values. In their Deep Throat the Quest series, the scripts have been funny and the sex always seems to fit in with the surrounds quite well. What I really like about this movie is that I like most of the cast and want to see them fuck. That’s always a huge plus for me, regardless of plot, production value. Bill Margold makes an appearance, telling us the tale of his role in the almost underbelly of Las Vegas.
Margold is about to marry off his son and has chosen Asia Carrera to be the blushing bride. She’s staying in a nice hotel and gets a room service deliver from sexy maid Jolene. Part of this cutie’s job description is to keep Asia serviced and she knows how to do it. OK, it’s a veggie scene, but the eye candy level is quite high with Asia and Jolene both looking fantastic. Asia obviously loves the young blonde’s pussy and spends a lot of time licking and playing with it. This is really well shot and pretty, well shot veggie sex. Jolene proves to be a talented little labe licker, impressing Asia and making the gorgeous superstar spread those long, fantastic legs wider for more access.
Asia stops by to see Margold with a request. She doesn’t just want to be a stay at home wife. Asia wants the chance to run a business and they strike a deal. Of course, it’s a set up and she’s supposed to fail. The place is a bit of a dive, but Asia is determined to make it work. One of her regular customers, John Decker, hits it big and heads for his room with a hot little hooker in tow. This long legged Asian babe has a sweet pussy that John licks and slaps until she’s writhing and screaming on the bed. Once you get Mia going, she’s hard to stop and happily drops her face around his cock until every last inch is gone down her throat. Mia stays plenty loud as she squats over his dick and guides it into her steaming slit. I love the way her feet get thrown over his shoulder as John lays serious wood to this tall, young babe. After the rousing fuck, John pulls out and drops a great load all over her pretty face. I’d drop some serious coin to bang this exotic hottie as well.
Ever the nice guy, John even shares the wealth, paying Sonja Redd to light up Jack Hammer’s life. Though not as hot to me personally as the first three girls, Sonja has a nice set of tits and takes orders well. After sucking his cock (With sadly, little eye contact.) she straddles Jack and starts to ride. Jack enjoys her on top, but also likes flipping her over for some pussy pounding, legs over the shoulders fucking. High energy scene that ends with a big pop on her lovely, (real) tits.
Tired of losing, Asia kicks John out of her casino. Her employees soon follow, leaving Asia in dire straights. She and Sonja join forces for a little fantasy casino idea that is sure to have the men lining up at the door. One of the working girls, Caroline Pierce, gets a little distracted while handing out fliers for the new casino. A flash of cash and this gash is out behind a building squatting for cock like a who�.oh wait, she’s supposed to be a whore. Never mind. I may not be the biggest Caroline Pierce fan in the world, but this outdoor scene is really well shot and she attacks this cock in a way that I have to like. Nice facial, with great cum licking. My favorite Caroline scene? Yeah, probably.
Obviously the new casino is a huge hit and to show us just how huge, get a wall to wall orgy on the gaming tables. I tend to find orgy scenes a bit too choppy for my taste, but I know a lot of you love them. If you do, then you’re going to like this one. All of the action is well lit and there some real head turners going at it on the tables. Kim Chambers shines as she always does, showing off her incredibly talented throat as so few can. Her squat fucking is pretty fucking hot as well. Kim is my personal highlight from this long orgy, as I said, there is plenty of well shot, hot action in the casino.
Things are going so well that Asia is ready to take on Decker as a partner. (Some plot twists you will have to discover on your own help this idea along.) While they discuss the details, Kim and Scott Styles are up to their old tricks on the blackjack table. They’ve got Amber Sexxum with them and Kim is furiously licking her pierced pussy while Scott keeps busy from behind. When Kim gets Scott around in front of her, we get some more of that incredible oral she is famous for. Lucky Scott even gets to cum right in her mouth. Kim holds her lips open, takes all that cum and plays with it. Super hot little oral scene.
To consummate their new business partnership, John and Asia get better acquainted. As always, Asia looks smashing and John works her into a frenzy with some rough foreplay. The way she go nuts having her ass licked, you might think we even get that rare treat of an Asia anal, though I don’t think that’s going to happen. John licks away for a long time, prompting a pleasant oral reciprocation from Asia. Though not as long, her blowjob is nice to look at. I especially like the shots from behind, showing her squatting and putting her whole body into the action. (You just liked looking at her ass bobbing up and down wishing you could fuck it.) Taking advantage of a mirror over the dressing table, John bends Asia over the table then watches her face as he fucks her. Nice close ups from underneath, but I like the longer shots of her whole body. After a good fuck, John pulls out and sprays her pussy and lower belly.
Caroline is back to her old tricks, this time sucking a guy off inside the building. I do have to give her a lot of credit for being very into her work. That, and the way she deep throats this guy’s cock are worth noting. There are lots of close up shots during the sex and a variety of different angles as well. When he pulls out and drips into her mouth, the shot is a little off, but this is a very enthusiastic scene.
Bill Margold finally get some. He’s been narrating the story to this point with Zarina pampering him. The good news is that now he gets to have his cock sucked. The bad news is that it’s Zarina doing the sucking. Since I got in so much trouble last time I expressed a less than enthusiastic hard on for this woman, I will leave the personal feelings aside and say that she works really, really hard to get him up then takes a big load on her face.
The last obstacle for the casino is the nerdy inspector played by Anthony Crane. Leaving that to Sonja assures that he won’t be a problem for long. He’s nearly cumming in his pants before she even gets his belt off. The dialog here is pretty good and actually quite a sexy build up to the scene. See, this is what I like about a good feature porn flick. The characters have motivation and reasons for fucking each other. It’s not the key thing for me, but after so many wall to wall fuck vids, it adds something for me personally. She gives him head for a while, using her tits to enhance the feeling, then lies back and lets him fuck her. After dropping a load on her big tits, Crane keeps right on going, licking that red snapper for a long time.
Whew, after nearly three hours, I’m exhausted. This really is a well put together feature. There is a story that makes sense, but never gets in the way of the sex. Each scene just seems to flow and make sense within the context of the story. I like most of the sex scenes, especially early in the movie. Even the orgy, which isn’t my thing, has some great moments. Kim Chambers really shines there and again during her great blowjob. Asia Carrera also lights things up with a pair of scenes. More of her would have been great, or even a Kim/Asia scene. Mia Smiles adds a really nice looking, high energy fuck as well. Even Caroline Pierce and Sonja Redd who I don’t usually like much, do nice jobs here. The action is well shot and I love the location work. Something about an orgy going on in the middle of a casino just works for me. This may not have the massive publicity machine that some other features have, but it’s penciled in as one of my top five adult features for the year.


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