Eye Contact



80 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Ferrell Timlake
Xplor Media
THEMES: First Person Sex, Amateurs.
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Heather, Victoria, Paullina, Sasha, Mia, Mika Lee, Venus.
I really like well shot blowjobs, especially when the woman is looking into the camera with good eye contact. This new line from Xplor features just that sort of action plus the usual collection of fresh faced amateur babes we have come to expect from the guys from San Diego. The action isn’t strictly oral, so don’t write this off as just another blowjob line. Ferrell Timlake interviews the girls as he explores them, then puts them through the paces, making sure they look right into the camera for most of the action. So, if you like new faces, new bodies and the idea of eye contact, join me. If not, you should probably read anyway, because you never know what I’m going to say.
Heather is a blonde with a pretty nice body, a decent face and a couple of tragic tats on her inner thighs. She spreads her pussy and talks about her wildest sexual experiences. Using his fingers, Ferrell gets her very wet and ready to do just about anything. He needs are simple, so all she has to do at the beginning is suck his cock. Heather has to be reminded at times to look into the camera, but once she does, there is a sexy look in her eyes as her lips slip over the head of his cock. He rolls her over onto her back for a little POV mish fuck. Fucking isn’t nearly as conducive to first person camera work as getting head is and the action is a bit shaky at times. She ends up on her back, moving her whole body so that her head bobs on his rod. No problems when it comes time for the popshot. Heather doubles her efforts on his rod and takes a bit blast on her face. Nice scene from a decent looking woman.
Victoria is younger and very cute. She talks about watching sex vids on Playboy with a group of friends and then fucking them. Her fresh face and semi-shy girl look reminds me of Cheyenne Silver when she was just starting out. After stripping down, Victoria lies on her back and gets fucked. This is not a very good camera angle unless you want to see her natural tits flop about from a distance. Things get better when she gets on her knees and turns those soft, sexy eyes upwards. She uses her tongue to gently lick his balls for a while, but puts her mouth and both hands to work when he’s close to popping. Victoria holds her head still and takes his load on her tongue. Very sexy girl who I want to see in more videos.
Paullina is a nice looking blonde woman who says she likes sex and having fun. She starts out sucking his cock. It just sort of rests inside her mouth for a while, but Paullina is having fun and wants to do more. She wraps her nice tits around his cock and gives us some very nice tit fucking and sexy talk. Like Victoria, she holds her head still for Ferrell to fill that mouth with cum. Another nicely captured in the mouth pop.
Sasha is a young Euro-chick who just doesn’t seem like a porn girl at all. She’s got a tight body and takes to on screen cocksucking quite easily. There are some shadow issues that we haven’t seen before in the movie, but I like how eager to please this brunette is. Ferrell decides that her pussy needs some action and takes her from behind. The picture is much nicer when she spins around to jerk him into her mouth. Sasha needs to look into the camera more, but she seems to be busy concentrating on the cock spurting jizz into her young mouth. Another promising sperm gulper.
Mia is a brunette with long legs who looks ready to party. She’s quite talkative, but Ferrell is more interested in filling her mouth than hearing her babble. I like the way she plays with his head, rubbing her fingers over it before just shoving it into her mouth. This is a woman who has had her share of cock. When it comes time to suck, she puts her head down and gets to it. More eye contact during the blowjob would be nice, but she is just in love with dick and that’s a turn on. All that loving care pays off in the form of a big, sticky facial for horny Mia.
Mika Lee (AKA Miko) is a hot Asian babe who just loves hard dick in her mouth. She also knows how to look into the camera to make every cock near a TV set hard as a fucking rock. This is pure first person blowjob action with a very, VERY eager girl doing the sucking. Making short work of his dick, Mika flips over, jerks him into her face upside down, then flips back over to take the splash of ball batter on her pretty face. After the pop, this hot little honey does some nice cock clean up. The best scene, by far.
Venus is a Hispanic girl with a major league set of real fun bags under her shirt. After Ferrell lets her know how impressed he is with her tits and face, he fucks her from behind. Seeing a close up of her butt from above isn’t the best way to watch this hot babe fuck, but it adds to the raw feeling of the movie. Besides, she flips over and starts sucking his cock like it’s candy. Venus could be a bit more enthusiastic as he tit fucks her, but if you love big tits with cum between them, you’ll love the copious load he leaves in her cleavage.
This is a series that will appeal to people who like new girls, even amateur type girls (Though it’s clear Ferrell saved some of the better looking am chicks for himself in this line.) and of course, people who like first person sex. Holding the camera works a lot better for oral than regular sex, but that gives us the great eye contact we’re looking for in this line. The women range from very attractive, to amateur attractive, but there aren’t any dogs here. Big tit lovers will dig Venus and I already praised the great Mika blowjob to death. Victoria really got me hot and I want to know where else I can see this sexy, totally natural babe in other things. There is enough good sex to go along with the new girl and first person appeal to make this worth a look.


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