Bring ‘um Young


140 Mins.
THEMES: Young Women, Anal Sex.
STARS: Gauge, Skylar Knight, Bella, Paige, Nature Blossom, Adriana.
Jon Dough is finally back on the other side of the camera with this new series from Anabolic. Not that a youth oriented series is all that new, everyone is doing them. However, this is the first time Anabolic has used this angle. (Though they do use late teen chicks in most of their flicks anyway.) In typical Anabolic style, I would expect this movie to be quite straight forward with Dough introducing us to late teen chicks and then turning them loose with well hung studs for three input, face dousing action. I could be wrong about this, but if you’re betting, put your money one a nice collection of well stretched sphincters and some cum drenched faces.
Adriana Sage is up first and this exotic nineteen year old actually shows us her driver’s license to prove just how fresh out of high school she really is. Since her mouth is open, it only seems right that a hard cock go in there and give her something to play with. Her oral skills are a little less than stellar, but what an incredible ass this young thing has. Bent over, sticking those cheeks out, she takes dick from behind with a big smile on her face. She rides cock well, showing no problems at all when it comes to taking the full length into her young slit. Adriana gets rolled over onto her back so that her little asshole is nicely exposed. That cute little butt can take a cock deep and Adriana happily accepts the long rod up her shit chute. Not a passive anal slut, she mounts him one more time, this time slamming her full weight down and grinding those hips to get deeper anal penetration. Nice A2M action before he drops a big load right in her mouth. As soon as the cum stops, Adriana attaches her mouth to his rod and she happily cleans everything up.
Gauge has a lot of trouble saying her simple little intro line, but this girl has other assets that override her inability to read. Check out the eyes on this nineteen year old. Her nice eye contact really emphasizes her wide, soft eyes and has me more than a little interested in every move she makes. Two guys team up on this cute teen, working her hard at both ends. Too bad about that big tat on her back because this is a girl who looks great and seems to really enjoy bouncing up and down on a big hard dick. One of the guys fucking her appears to be her boyfriend and this guy just sends her right into orbit. He gets to plug her ass as well, working slowly at first, but eventually pumping her pretty butt and getting it ready for Dough to step in for a little DP action. For a little thing, Gauge has no problem taking two big dicks into her body at once. Her pretty eyes flash again as the first guy strokes his cock right at her open mouth. She swallows all of his cum and waits for Jon to shoot an even bigger load on her mouth.
Paige is another nineteen year old girl with a killer shot hair style and a face that looks right out of a Freshman orientation at Valley College. Vince Vouyer stretches her across his lap and lets the young thing go to town on his shaft. I like the way she just stuffs his cock down her throat as far as it will go. Mickey G shows up so Paige can keep her mouth full even when Vince moves down to her pussy for some hot piston fucking action. Other than another tragic tattoo on her body, Paige is a nicely shaped natural girl with a great smile and a lot of energy. Vince fucks her hard from behind and the harder he goes, the faster Everyone does a swap and Paige does her head bob on Vince while her nicely shaved slit is filled with Mickey meat. (Sounds like something they would serve at Disneyland.) Somehow, they both manage to get into her pussy at the same time. Double pussy penetration isn’t my thing, but this is really well captured. Down on her knees, Paige waits patiently for both guys to shoot loads of hot liquid love all over her outstretched tongue.
Nature Blossom is a hot little nineteen year old who just loves to fuck. There isn?t much an interview here, because she just starts things off with a cock in her mouth and fingers in her little pussy. It appears that little Nature has all she really wants or needs and isn’t afraid to show her appreciation. With a smile, she announces that she just loves sucking dick. Onto her hands and knees she goes and it’s time for some intense doggy fucking. She likes it deep and she likes that big, soft ass to be slapped as well. Nature has some blemishes and shave bumps that could be cleared up, but other that, she’s a super fun, hot little fuck bunny who just won’t stop once she feels a cock near her. Taking it in the ass doesn’t seem to be her favorite thing to do, but with one hand rubbing her clit Nature is able to take a deep anal pounding and manage to have some fun. There is a very long RCA that shows off her fine form and also her ability to keep doing anal long after some chicks would have stopped. This could have been edited a bit shorter since she’s still only half thrilled about that cock in her ass, but it’s still going to please the shit out of you hard assfucking fans. In the end, she takes a load of cream on her cheeks and lips, rubbing it all over her smiling face. I still say Nature is one hot little fuck.
Up next is the always stunning Skylar Knight. This nineteen year old beauty can really turn in a great performance when paired with the right cock. She’s got Marc Davis’ rod in her young mouth and really works her tongue around his foreskin. That’s something you don’t see every day. She’s not quite sure about a finger up her butt, but Marc works her clit while sliding a digit up her back road. Putting her perfect butt high in the air, Skylar takes Marc’s rod from behind, showing that she isn’t new to everything. Her pretty pussy looks great stuffed with cock and when she goes riding, the camera moves in very close to capture the action. Skylar shows no signs of shyness when she buries her tongue in Marc’s ass. In fact, she seems to enjoy it. Holding onto her feet, she pulls her legs way back and takes his cock deep. Again, there are great close up shots as Marc keeps that little cookie full. He finally unloads a full load right up the side of her face, plastering her eye shut.
Bella is a young Utah girl who looks a little like that chick from American Beauty but has a really nasty tat over her left tit that stretches all the way to her shoulder. Her body is pretty nice and a pair of guys move in to work her over. He thighs spread quite wide as her tight pussy gets slammed, but the real fun begins when she starts lap riding. Bella works her pussy on Vince’s cock like she’s jerking his cock off with her pussy. It’s really too bad about those tragic tats, because we can’t get away from them no matter what angle is used. You do have to wonder how a young Utah girl got so good as sucking cock while being fucked from behind. (OK, not everyone is going to wonder, but that’s me.) When the camera moves in close for some anal, there is no ink to get in the way, just a tight young butthole invaded by a big, hard dick. After several minutes of anal, Bella’s nice legs, firm tits and sexual energy have just about won me over. She ends up taking both guys for some DP and then opens her mouth for a twin pop.
Well, Jon Dough is back and already making this new series one to watch. This young girl/late teen line uses a slightly different tactic than the many others on the market. Instead of using cute set ups or costumes to let us know the girls are supposed to be young, Dough just uses late teen dreams and then puts them through the usual Anabolic paces. Not all of the girls do anal in this one, but the ones who do take it quite well. Likewise, not every one of these girls is a beauty queen, but they all show high energy in their scenes. Adriana has a super fine ass and takes it up the back road really well. Gauge is a cute little fuck toy who gets my nod as hottest new (to me) chick in the movie. Paige is a close second when it comes to new faces I’d like to spooge. This girl knows how to fuck. Though Nature Blossom and Skylar Knight are not new girls, they both shine in their own way. Nature because she’s an energetic little bone hound and Skylar because she is just so hot she smokes. Even Bella who I didn’t like at first, shows much promise thanks to her willing sphincter. Well shot with great sexual action, Bring ‘Um Young is a fantastic addition to the Anabolic family.

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