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Sometimes I swear that sex toys have been designed with me in mind. What better pleasure can I ask for when theses little gadgets don’t ask questions, don’t want my number, don’t need to buy me dinner to get in my pants, don’t have an ego, and don’t need lessons on what gets me off. I just turn them on and get my rocks off, and don’t have to get upset if they get theirs before I got mine! Now, I have always said that if it’s not a dick, I don’t want it in me, but that doesn’t mean that I am not extremely fond of the adult toys that tickle my special places.

I got my first vibrator by winning a contest on the live audience set of Playboy TV. I had never used one before, and didn’t use it for about 2 months after I got it. Once I did, I never looked back! That little pink vibrator has turned me into a vibrator connoisseur, I have strict guidelines in the toys I like to get my kicks from. Hopefully some of the women out there share my tastes and will find the following reviews helpful.

Shane’s World Soft Touch Stimulator Kitty/Teddy/Bunny

WOW! These little guys pack a powerful punch! They are only about an inch long with an animal shaped gel cover, but they are so powerful they put the larger vibrators to shame. You can literally have an orgasm within 2 minutes! With cute, colorful animal shapes, they are so non-threatening that no man alive would protest his woman bringing these to the bedroom playground. I know mine didn’t! Wait, I don’t have a man….

My grade is A+!

Shane’s World Study Buddy

Where were these when I was up late at the library! The best parts of the Study Buddies are that they are small, quiet and powerful. Nobody even knew I was testing these out when I was at the bar! They are great if you’re horny and don’t want to bring a bulky vibrator, or can’t get your man there quick enough. Plus, you can push this little guy into your pussy for added pleasure. Don’t worry about it getting stuck; there is a handy retrieval cord to pull on to avoid getting caught in the act!

My grade is A+!

Shane’s World Friday Night Special

I’m not a guy, and I don’t have a dick, so of course I didn’t actually try this one. I did, however, open it up and stick some fingers in to see just how it felt. It is made from a squishy gel material, and once I put my fingers in I felt the many ridges that line the inside. Added stimulation for the cock, I assume. It is a form fit, but stretches to fit any size you have. So get to beating that one eyed snake fellas, the Friday Night Special will have you at home in front of your TV having a great time!

My grade is A!

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