Getting To Know DVSX, Part 3


Getting To Know DVSX, Part III

I had the opportunity to interview KK, our newest addition to the DVSX director stable. I was pretty happy to do so because KK is an absolute riot. Having a conversation with him is always an adventure, so I was very interested in listening to what he had to say…especially with that sexy british accent of his.

Sun: I know that you’re a somewhat newer name here in the states, but you’ve been in porn a while. How exactly did you get started?

KK: Well, I had this friend of mine who had seen an ad in a magazine to do a scene and she asked me to accompany her to the agency. Upon leaving the office, she pretty much ended up not wanting to do it, and the agent asked me to do a scene instead. For that first scene I did, I was really nervous, but when I got there it turned out to be a b/g/g scene, and at that moment, all my nerves went away, because I had never in real life seen two girls eating each other out before. At that point, the camera just seemed to go away. (He laughs.) In
retrospect, the scene was totally mediocre. I managed to get my dick hard and do the cumshot, but I thought I was amazing at the time.

Sun: How long have you been in porn in general? How long have you been

KK: For seven years in September, and I’ve been talent all this time.

Sun: So how did you come to meet Alex?

KK: I met Alex in England when he was shooting for Elegant Angel because I got booked through an agency that Alex was using. It was a gangbang scene, and I did three 4-on-1’s for him.

Sun: So I guess you just hit it off, huh?

KK: Yeah, we just hit it off, basically I liked the shape of his face and he thought the shape of my penis was rather sexy. No, I’m just kidding, really. We just basically hit it off in general and he told me, “Hey if you ever come to the states look me up.” A year later I decided to come to the states, because my lease had run out at the place I was staying, and I decided to just have a complete change in my life and come to Los Angeles. When I got here Alex got me work and put me up at his place, and we started to work together and we’ve now been working together for 4 years.

Sun: And when and why did you decide to pick up a camera?

KK: I’ve always wanted to produce and direct, I knew that was the way to make it in porn instead of being talent. And Alex gave me the opportunity to shoot a few scenes for him and then I shot a few English scenes, and then I started shooting more scenes for Alex, and of course now I am GOD.

Sun: If you weren’t in porn what do you think you would be doing?

KK: Oh, fuck, no idea.

Sun: Well, what would you like to be doing?

KK: Oh, well, I’d be looking through people’s windows and jerking off while they’re having sex, ha ha, just joking. Actually I really don’t know, at the time I started doing porn I hadn’t quite decided what to do with my life, and now I can’t really say what I would be doing.

Sun: Since you live half the time here and half in London do you like
living here or there better?

KK: I like it equally everywhere because I love to travel. Of course there are both advantages and disadvantages everywhere, and once something gets old you can always move on.

Sun: Well do you like shooting here or there better?

KK: I prefer shooting here in the states because everything is more organized, the agents are a lot more together here than they are in Europe and they do a very good job.

DVSX is glad to have KK on board as a director. His work can be found in our ethnic lines starting with Booty Central 3 and Jungle Love 2 and a new series called Brotha’s POV.

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