Sugar Daddy 12




95 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings

Fallen Angel/Dave Cummings Productions – 1998 (3/98)

THEMES: Older men with younger women.

STARS: Candy Roxx, Shae Roberts, Karime, Erica Lockett, Pandora, Idalis Hunter, Brittany Platinum, Janis Jones, Dave Cummings, .


I know not everyone shares my view of Dave Cummings, but I stand by my opinions. He has a knack for taking even the most mediocre talent and give us a hot scene. When he hooks up with first class talent (And this cast has some super hot ladies.) His formula is simple, take fresh, new-ish faces and if they can handle it, give them a cute little scenario to act out before fucking and sucking him, usually to a gooey facial pop shot.

Candy Roxx, a super stacked, sexy as hell blonde, gets things started, fingering her pussy and inviting Dave to join her on the bed. He quickly does just that, getting a mouthful of her pretty pussy while letting Candy gobble his knob. This is one horny young blonde, so he gets right down to it, fucking the shit out of Candy’s hot box. This woman has all the makings of a superstar, great body, great face and takes cock like she truly loves it. After a rousing fuck, Dave drops a load right into her wide open mouth. Memo to adult directors, find Candy’s number and use her in your videos.

Pandora is another busty blonde who wakes up horny at Dave’s place. For breakfast, she has some donuts, a glass of juice and heaping helping of pork. Dave prefers fish and chows down on her finely trimmed tuna before fucking Pandora on his countertop. Since this is one of Dave’s quickie scenes, he quickly dumps a load on her pussy.

Next up, Dave samples the young, sweet, African American starlet, Idalis Hunter. Those of you who have seen Idalis in other videos, likely already share my enthusiasm for her firm body and super cute face. Those who have not had the pleasure can enjoy this fast paced scene as Dave folds her in half and fucks her silly. They get so into each other that while fucking on Dave’s recliner, they tip the chair over. Does it stop them? Fuck no, it barely slows them down. Dave drops his thick white load on her shaved black pussy.

Janis Jones is a total newcomer, in just her second movie. When I first saw her picture on the box, I was struck by how much Janis looks like a certain former White House intern whose name has now become synonymous with oral proficiency. The similarities are less intense on video, but still, they can not be overlooked. Janis is certainly as cock hungry an eighteen year old as I have ever seen and gives Dave’s knob a first class tongue polishing. She has a body not unlike superstar Shanna McCullough, and has the same bullet hard little nipples capping her firm tits. Dave breaks her in on the bathroom counter, filling her waiting pussy with cock, much to delight of his new friend. Another pop shot on the pussy closes out the scene.

Dave brings in his buddy Dick Nasty to help play a little doctor/patient scene with Shae Roberts. As usual, the exam quickly turns into an all out grope session with Cummings and Nasty prodding and poking into every opening Shae has. Before she knows what’s going on, the thin girl has two cock filling her, one in her mouth, the other in her pussy. She doesn’t seem to mind, in fact, she begs them to fuck her harder. What she gets is fucked silly until her face and pussy drip with cum.

Bit titted Erica Lockett drops by for a quickie scene that should leave you quite hungry for more of this woman. Dave gives her a dildo assisted DP on his dining room table. (Beats the hell out of a TV dinner, I can tell you that.) Nice facial from one of the hottest busty babes around.

While out for a stroll, Dave runs into exotic beauty Karime and strikes up a conversation. She sneaks him into a public restroom where she immediately starts sucking his cock. Loving this treatment, but not wanting to land his ass in jail, Dave takes her back to his place to finish the job. He goes down on the busty beauty, lapping at her juicy pussy, getting it ready for a little penile invasion. Karime has a wonderfully soft body, with fantastic big tits and a round ass that shakes while Dave fucks her from behind. She also is not shy about screaming for cock while he pulls her hair and slaps his body against her ass. This pretty young thing looks hot enough, and fucks wild enough that I hope Dave had a first aid kit on hand. She looks like she could put someone into intensive care with her passionate lovemaking. Greedy perv that I am, I would loved to have seen Karime take it in the ass, but a fierce vaginal fuck and facial cumshot must suffice. Good enough for me.

Brittany Platinum is up last, enticing Dave to stay in for the evening with her special dessert, pussy ala mode. (Actually dude, its ala carte since she serves it up alone.) (Yes, but ala mode makes more sense with the desert reference.) In her platform boots, Brittany could easily be auditioning as ‘slutty spice’ as she gets fucked on the table by Dave. Once he gets her going, Brittany hops on his cock and nearly drives him through the floor slamming down on it. After a good hard fuck, Dave cums on her pussy and Brittany, ever so kind, sucks his cock clean of their mingled juices.

This is one of the best casts Dave had ever had to work with. Candy Roxx is a superstar waiting to happen and Dave turns her out but good. Karime and Idalis are a couple of very hot, exotic women who are fun to watch. By sticking with his formula, and finding some new young hotties, Dave gives us another very entertaining sex vid.

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