Coming To Beverly Hills


104 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Francois Clousot
Silver Star Entertainment – 1998 (9/97)
THEMES: Euro-babes.
STARS: Nikita, Vicca, Christina St. James, Jennifer Worthington, Dee, Jenny, Vince Vouyer, Alex Sanders, Michael J. Cox, Frank Towers, Earl Slate and Rob.
Anyone who has worked for Private is usually worth watching, but I have seen a number of Francois Clousot’s films and have yet to be disappointed. He tends to give us good stories and high production values without getting too fond of editing effects and never losing sight of why most of us watching these things, the sex. This time, he has combined a US/Euro cast of lovely ladies and sturdy studs in a little upscale sexual mayhem. The skinny on the story is that Russian beauty Nikita has been sent by her parents to Beverly Hills to learn the ways of high society. For anyone afraid this sounds like Beverly Hills 90210, don’t worry, things get considerably hotter for Nikita than Kelly, Brandon and Val could ever dream of. (Although, watching Tiffani-Amber Theissen fuck would be quite the treat would it not?)
Kathryn (Nikita) goes to stay with a friend of her father. There she first meets sexy maid Dee and woman of the house Christina St. James. After getting cleaned up and settled in, Kathryn learns that there is more going on in the house than she first expected. In the room next door, she hears another Euro-beauty, Vicca enjoying her time with Alex Sanders. The sounds make her so hot, she just has to play with her pretty pussy. (Like she needs an excuse.) Meanwhile, Vicca is showing Alex why she got so much attention last year from adult critics. With the face of a model and the body of a Goddess, it’s no wonder people love her, and no wonder Alex spends so much time tasting her sweet honey. She does a little teasing of his cock with her feet, which I’m sure is turning someone on. For my money, I much prefer to see Vicca use her mouth to bring Alex to full attention. Very well captured blowjob, highlighting Vicca’s big time skills. When the time is right, she slides a condom down over his rod and hops into the saddle. Using all that he has to the best of his ability, Alex shows how we American guys fuck beautiful overseas women. Kathryn looks like she can hardly keep from busting through the walls as Alex sheds his rubber and drips down onto Vicca’s lovely face.
When the man of the house (Vince Voyeur) comes home, he is not concerned that this best friend’s daughter is sunbathing topless with his wife. (Hell, I wouldn’t mind.) Later that night, Kathryn goes for a walk through the house. She spies sexy maid, Dee, hard at work with two other servants, Michael J Cox and Rob. Dee had a great body and is just crazy about cock, sucking Rob’s hard rod in her full, soft lips, and looking just perfect. With her mouth full, Dee takes it from behind from Cox. Great low angle shots as he fills her pussy, then her ass with dick. When even a dick in her butt won’t put out her fires, Dee lies on top of Cox while Rob comes in from behind to DP the hot little nugget. As nice as this looks, it can’t touch the visual brilliance that comes when the guys unload simultaneously on her pretty face. This is one of the hottest facials I’ve seen in a while.
Moving to another room, she sees Vince enjoying his busty blonde wife in some late night carnal relations. After Nikita, Vicca and Dee, this is a bit of a step down, lookswise, but the scene is well shot and the sex has some intensity. Very nice reverse cowgirl as Christina works her hips on Vince, trying to screw him right through the bed. He returns the favor an them some, taking her from behind and slam fucking her sturdy frame. Cristina take a big wad on her face with a big smile, licking up every drop. Such a good Beverly Hills trophy wife.
The next day, after shopping with Vicca, the two Euro-babes splash about naked in the pool. Somehow, this doesn’t turn into a sex scene though. (Ohhhhhh, lesbian lovers everywhere get whistled for pre-maturing whipping out of the member.) Later, however, the girls settle down at the bar for a drink with a couple of lucky studs. Any guesses what happens next? That’s right smart guys, the ladies get naked and show the men just how much fun they can be. Side by side, these two lovely women are nearly equal in looks and on screen enthusiasm, but I have to give a slight nod to Vicca overall. (And not just ‘cuz she looks like Gina Gershon with her hair up like that.) For those of you why just don’t think condoms can be sexy, watch how Vicca and Nikita get the rubber on the rods here, quite erotic, and very responsible. Very well shot side by side sex here with both girls getting the pipe laid them rather seriously. Vicca again gets the nod when it comes time to the facial, licking every last drop off the head of her lucky stud.
A couple of blondes, Jenny and Jennifer Worthington hook up for a little labe lapping. It seems everyone who gets close to this house is overcome with the desire to strip down and put their tongues into someplace intimate. Both of these women are truly stunning too look at and they seem quite at home between soft, female thighs. If you really like lesbian sex, you might get more out of this scene than I did, but even I had to be impressed by these great looking women.
Overcome by desire, Nikita has a late night rendezvous with Vince. They both seem genuinely into each other and Nikita is particularly impressive when she starts rapid stroking his cock into her mouth. That will put a smile on your face every time eh Vince? She gets that fuckstick battle ready with her talented lips. Vince uses his tongue to make sure he will have easy entry into her sweet treasure trove. It must work, because as soon as the condom is in place, Vince gets to slide his sleek sausage into Nikita’s inviting folds. The kitchen counter is the perfect place for him to spread her out and give her every inch of his throbbing man love. (Throbbing man love?) It only throbs for a little while before Nikita once again works that hand magic to make Vince blow another sticky load all over her gorgeous mug. I’d say the little Russian deb has learned how to live the good life.
Before we go, we get a special treat, some behind the scenes bonus footage. It’s good for a few laughs and worth sticking around for. Nikita and Vicca are two incredibly good looking women who, at least in this movie, fuck like rabbits in heat. Francois Clousot has done a very nice job of shooting a movie that has a basic story running through it, but never loses track of the fact that getting these two Euro-babes naked and filled with meat is the name of the game. Besides this pair, Dee turns in a blazing three way that ends in one of the hottest facials I have seen in some time. As expected, great technical aspects, fine camera work and an a very attractive class make this movie great to watch start to finish.

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