Hawaiian College Girls



83 Mins.
Xplor – 1998 (1/98)
THEMES: Hawaiian girls, solo, outdoor sex, tease.
STARS: Keo, Diana, Tammi, Lan, Keolani
Those of you familiar with the college girls series will know that these tapes are filled with pretty, young women posing, teasing and getting into some hot solo action. The only thing that has changed in this volume is that the women are Hawaiian. (Hey, didn’t you just do another Hawaiian tape Rog?) (Sure it doesn’t.) Anyone who is already attracted to the exotic mix that Hawaiian women bring to the table will not need me to convince them, so for the rest of you, let me see if I can set things in motion.
Eighteen year old Keolani comes first, posing for the camera outside in the warm sunshine. Keolani has great legs and a round ass that just begs to be spanked. She also has a tasty looking pussy that is on display in some close up shots as she poses for the camera in and out of her lingerie. Those of you who just like looking at pretty girls naked and rolling around with oil will like the way she gets warmed up for some masturbation. After warming her slit up a bit, Keolani breaks out a clear dildo to really take care of those hard to reach places. She is not the wildest self fucker you will ever see, but she looks great and eventually gets into it as the dildo slides more and more easily into her tight hole.
Kiana is a thin, very pretty girl in a sheer white dress, posing and playing a serious game of peek-a-boo with the camera. This woman has a great face and tight little body and looks outstanding as she poses and teases for the camera. She moves from the lawn into a hot bubble bath where she does a nice interview. After talking for a while about the size of her boyfriend, Kiana gets a shot at that Lucite toy and sure looks fine putting it between her soft lips. The clear toy looks equally enticing as it slides over her soapy skin, down between her thin thighs. If you like watching pretty girls soap up and rinse off while rubbing their pussies, this is your scene.
Back to the bathtub where Lan, an even prettier, naturally endowed girl frolics in the warm suds. This woman has the looks to be a huge star in adult videos should her decide to give up working towards her Masters. (Should we tell the box writers that at nineteen, if she were working on her Masters, she would have to be a flippin’ genius?) Who cares how far along she is in her studies, with nipples like that, they would just hand her a degree and drool anyway. Lan seems very comfortable in front of the camera, caressing her wonderful breasts and soft smooth skin. Don’t worry, she eventually gets around to fingering her inviting pussy as well, getting is wet and ready for something more fun. The Lucite toy comes out again, but this time, all we get is a glimpse at her oral skills. Oh, how I would love to see Lan working on a real cock. Someone fly this prime piece of ass to the mainland and let’s see her rocket to the top.
The final scene stars Keo and Tammie. Now, as hot as Lan was, Keo is one step hotter. She has the body and face to make even the most jaded porn fan stand up and take notice. Tammie is a lot cuter on film by the way than she looks on the boxcover. The pair happen upon a sleeping guy and quickly yank his pants down and start to revive his cock. The guy is hard in no time, but Keo and Tammie have fun just passing it back and forth like some favorite plaything. Tammie gets her new friend warmed up with her fingers so she can easily slide down on his cock and start riding. Before Tammie takes her turn in the saddle, she sucks Keo’s juices from the cock and savors them. She must like the taste of pussy on a dick because after fucking him for a while, Tammie dismounts and shoves his prick back in her mouth for another blowjob. This time, Keo moves in behind her friend’s big, round ass and starts fucking her with a dildo. When the switch off, Tammie fills her little friend while spanking her cute ass. Damn, Tammie is one nasty, hot, sexy bitch. Watching little Keo work that dick in her mouth is worth the price of the tape. Someone find out where she is now and get her back in front of the camera. Laying the girls on their bellies, the guy starts working a vibrator into Keo then has them get into a 69 position for some more fun. He slides his slim cock right up her ass while Tammie tongues her snatch. It’s billed as her first anal action, and if that’s true, Keo is a natural, taking tubesteak in her tuchas like a seasoned pro. At last, he pulls out and drops his load down onto her perfect ass where Tammie plays in the goo for a bit. This is a great scene, Keo rules.
The familiar format of posing, teasing and solo works in most of the scenes here, with the added bonus of an anal three way thrown in for good measure. If you like Hawaiian/Asian women, then you will be happy to see how many true beauties are in this tape. Kiana is a petite doll with a great smile and killer ass. Lan has it all, great face, killer rack and a sexy on screen presence. Keolani and Tammie are quite sexy as well, and look better than their pictures indicate. Of course, Keo gets the most praise, because she is, quite frankly one of the cutest girls I have seen this year. This is a star in the making, if someone will just get over to the islands and bring her back. Let’s face it, I didn’t need any reason to want to go back to Hawaii, but this video makes me want to go over there and go back to school. Great tape with some great women.


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