88 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Story, Romance.
1998 (5/98)
STARS: Missy, Stephanie Swift, Liza Harper, Syren, Sydnee Steele, Charlie, Petra, Herschel Savage, Tyce Bune, Brad Armstrong, Mickey G., Ian Daniels and Steve Hatcher
I don’t know who designed the boxcover for this movie, but if you are out there listening, or if someone knows who did it, a big hats off to you my friend. (And if anyone has a poster or extra shot of this laying around, it would look great hanging over my desk.) Enough about the box shot, the extensive cast is quite impressive, both sexually and as actors. Since Missy has long been one of my favorite performers (Readers may recall she single handedly saved “Cellar Dweller” with her amazing scenes) and since this is the first time I have seen her in a starring role with Wicked, I am rather looking forward to this Brad Armstrong effort.
We open on a ranch south of the border. (The US border, don’t go thinking this is some Wisconsin dairy.) Stephanie Swift, looking completely irresistible, is being serviced by Steve Hatcher and Ian Daniels. They alternate between tasting her sweet juices and enjoying the incredible oral skills of this sexy angel. What happens to Stephanie when she gets on a set? She goes from this quiet, proper looking woman to a totally hot sex machine in a matter of seconds. The reverse cowgirl is truly a thing of beauty and as usual, Stephanie goes after any dick that gets close to her open mouth. The guys reward her hard work with a thick shower of love juice all over her still, beautifully real tits.
After this hot opening scene, the plot begins. Herschel Savage comes in and is outraged to see the two farm hands with his daughter. Always a fine actor, Herschel is truly fantastic here, going through a fit of rage then blasting Stephanie as he tries to regain control of his family. Add to this volatile mix, a new step mom, Missy and you see how things could get a little heated. In the middle of this firestorm, a drifting farm hand, Tyce Bune comes strolling up looking for work. The gleam in Missy’s eyes tells us all the ride about to get really bumpy.
Before we go too long without sex, Missy beds her new husband. Wow, does she look good. Even in this deliberately slower, more couples oriented sex, her head shines through. She takes his cock in her mouth and works it very gently, loving every inch of his throbbing cock with her lips and tongue. (OK, I was already in total lust with Missy, is she trying to make me fall in love as well?) All the soft lighting and piano music and the world can’t hide the heat here. Watch the way she squats on his cock and tell me this isn’t one of the sexiest looking on the planet. Some nice doggy as well and a perfectly captured, rather sticky facial close things out. No wonder Herschel married her.
As Missy takes her horse out for a hard day’s ride, it is clear that she and Tyce are developing some strong feelings for each other. These feelings are about to boil over during and evening of dancing, but Herschel puts that fire out by sicking a pair of willing wenches on Tyce. Hard to feel sorry for the guy when the party turns into a three on three fuck fest. Tyce, Brad Armstrong and Mickey G square off with Swift, Sydney Steele and Syren. (Hey, didn’t Herschel notice his daughter in this mix?) I know this kind of back and forth, mini-orgy action is really popular, but I don’t dig it. Especially when I am totally into watching Stephanie and not at all interested in the other two. The otherwise well shot, decent sex becomes frustrating when it means cutting away from another sexy Swift scene. Competent work, just not my thing.
Later that night, they steal a kiss in the stables, only to be nearly caught by Savage. (Why do I think he would be slightly pissed?) After some nicely paced, romantic dialog, they sneak off for a rendezvous. Candles, flowing sheets, lots of soft-core shots, you may swear you’re watching the cable version at first, but again, Missy elevates the scene to a higher level with her incredible sexuality. The slow motion kills it a bit for me, but in between these more arty shots, Missy does some great rod riding. He finally pulls out and shoots on her upturned buttocks. Of course, with Herschel out searching, you’re likely to scream at them as they lay together, caressing each other afterwards.
Sure enough, they get discovered and Brad kicks the living shit out of Tyce. While Tyce is left to die in the desert, Herschel keeps Missy around and forces her to watch as she fucks other women. For this purpose, he brings in Liza Harper to pro fuck him. (On a personal note, it has come to my attention that someone posted to RAME that I dis-like Liza Harper. This is not true. There is a certain part of her anatomy I find repulsive, but that is all, I happen to think she is quite beautiful.) Herschel seems to be a man possessed, fucking Liza as hard as she can handle, mocking his lovely bride as she sits just feet away. I’m not even sure Missy could do anal the way Liza can. Love the pop shot as Herschel fires a load into her hands and Liza literally licks her fingers clean.
Tyce makes his way back, begging for help from Mickey G. Stephanie steps in and offers her help. She wants Missy far away from daddy and their plan to find and free is set in motion. After quickly finding where her father has Missy hidden, (In a whore house, conveniently.) Stephanie takes a break to enjoy some of the working girls. This scene is worth looking at just to see Stephanie with Charlie. These two are quite hot together. So hot, in fact, that the third girl in the scene is a big distraction. Lots of really nice dildo play here but any pairing of Steph and Charlie is going to be worth a look.
You’ll have to ride out the end of this movie yourself. I will tell you that all does not end well for every member of the cast. Before I even get to the sex, there are a few performances that really need recognition. Herschel Savage is just incredible in this film. His acting skills have never been more on display or more brilliant than they are here. Both Missy and Stephanie are also quite impressive in their roles, as is Tyce. With all the beautiful photography and fine acting, this is still a film filled with hot sexual moments. Again, Missy and Stephanie take care of things on that end. The sex is somewhat softer, more couples oriented, but you can’t tell me that opening Swift three way didn’t have even the most callused stroker reaching for his hand lotion. Big hats off to Brad Armstrong for a believable, well paced script and a nicely directed film. Additional hats off to Savage, Missy, Bune and Swift for fine acting, and a big pants off to Swift and Missy for just being so damn irresistible.


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