Nineteen Video Magazine 13


79 Mins.
THEMES: Cheerleaders, Prostitution, Young Women.
1997 (10/97)
STARS: Candy Apples, Charlie, Monti, Katie Gold.
How many videos on the market right now use this same format? Four scenes, totally unrelated, but held together by the loose theme of young-ish women. (Amplified by the teen magazine rip off covers.) I’m not knocking it mind you, just musing over how popular this whole genre has become. This one happens to star some common favorites, everyone’s favorite veggie only porn starlet (not named Janine) Charlie, everyone’s favorite felonious looking starlet, Katie Gold and everyone’s favorite ‘anything goes’ girl, Candy Apples. Will the video be a favorite? (Cheap Rog, real cheap.) Let’s find out.
The first scene stars Charlie and Katie as a couple of bikini clad, horny gals who can’t keep their hands off of, or their tongues out of, each other. Personally, I would like to have them stay in the bikinis a little longer, but I guess the quicker we get to the muff diving the better right? Once I got over my disappointment at realizing Katie was only going to suck pussy in this video, I did find watching her teamed up with Charlie under the waterfall, quite a lovely sight. Katie does a find job fucking the shit out of Charlie’s tight slit. (And check the legs on this woman, any finer ever?) Then, Charlie gets an evil grin on her face while she power fucks little Katie with a super fat dildo, getting ready for what is a super hot to look at, butt to butt, double fuck. I still wish Katie would have gotten fucked, but as g/g scenes go, this is pretty great.
While daddy paces the floor wondering where his little girl could be, Candy Apples is busy entertaining a couple of guys. The sexy cheerleader proves to be quite adept at entertaining a pair of horny fellows at once. Screw the curfew, she has cocks to suck. Candy is just incredible when any dick gets near her mouth, like she craves cum and can’t be satisfied until she has drained every once in the room. There is a little too much talk about her dad at first, but once the guys settle into a rhythm, Candy gets pumped in her mouth and puss quite nicely. (Hey Candy, if you ever find yourself sitting around horny, I’d be happy to provide you any services I can.) After a long, vocal fuck, Candy gets her big ass filled in an even louder DP. A bit over the top perhaps, but a sticky, double facial makes up for any flaws. Candy can cheer me up any time. (What’s with the five minutes of pointless dialog after the scene though?)
Wide eyed Monti is up next who does some exploring of her tight, young body in the shower. After this rather entertaining solo action, she gets dressed up for night out. You see Monti is tired of living at home and has decided to sell her body for some cash. Her first trick is Brian Surewood who is more than ready to break her in. At the last minute, Monti decides she just can’t sell herself. Unfazed, Brian forces the issue. Funny, a couple of “Please stop” lines come out and I am ready to put this scene into the totally unnecessary and non-erotic category. It’s a porn rape, so after two minutes of having her pussy fingered, she is more than happy to revert back to their original agreement. Too late for me, no matter how cute she looks sucking dick like a seasoned pro. The oral action is actually good here and should be applauded. Brian goes into a bad guy act on and off while fucking her, trying to keep up the lame premise. (He should have been worrying about keeping his dick up.) The scene has some decent moments, but the opening rape and the wood problems keep it from being much more than average at best.
Finally, Taylor King plays a nineteen year old babysitter who stars in the dreams of her employer James Bonn. She strips slowly while telling him how much she has always wanted to suck his cock and feel it inside of her. The dream ends and then reality sets in. Lucky for him, in reality she is willing to do anything for a new car. (Shit, most women will.) Taylor isn’t bad looking and has a nice pussy she makes available to his oral advances. A bit thick perhaps, but nice and curvy. She certainly doesn’t suck dick like someone new to the activity, taking James to the root quite easily. I think the babysitter has been practicing. While sitting on his cock, Taylor gives us a steady stream of sexy talk that will be music to your ears. Some pretty nice anal, shot so as to hide a rather wide ass, but the facial is very nice. Taylor earns her car and some props for taking it on the chin like a good, foul mouthed fantasy toy.
Candy Apples has the best scene in this video. She fucks and sucks like a true hosebeast and we have to love her for that. Taylor isn’t bad and turns in some nice anal and a good facial. Katie Gold has fun with Charlie, but we really need to see her with a guy in EVERY movie. Monti’s scenes had some great moments, but the rape theme and a serious lack of consistent wood take away much of whatever heat she was able to build. Decent production values, semi-cute little stories and Candy make it worth a look.

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