81 Mins.
Forbidden Films
THEMES: New Girls, Fresh Faces.
1998 (4/98)
STARS: Azalea, Chrisgen, Mila, Petra, Charlie.
Well, the cover certainly matches the title of this new series from Forbidden Films. The shot of Petra in just her jeans and backpack is the picture of coed good health. A couple of the other women are equally cute and at least somewhat new. The interview setup followed by a hard fuck may not be a totally new scenario, but when it’s done right, there are few things better than watching a pretty young thing introduced to the world of jizz films. (Yeah, I know Charlie and Mila are hardly new, but let’s give this tape a chance shall we?)
First up is twenty year old brunette Azalea. She sits in a chair under some shade trees while being interviewed. I love this woman’s cute face and short haircut. Hearing her talk about her first on camera experience is quite exciting. She has a great on screen personality and seems to genuinely enjoy showing off for the camera. Stripping down, Azalea shows off her incredible body in some nicely shot solo/tease action. When it’s finally time for her to graduate into a full fledged sex scene, Jonathan Morgan volunteers the services of his member for Azalea’s eager mouth. She’s a tall girl, and her body fits perfectly across his lap while she puts on a great oral show. Morgan does her one better, spending a lot of time between her thighs, working things into a good froth before continuing. His cock (sans condom) slips very easily into her from behind. I like the half in/half out sex at the edge of the pool, but mostly, I just like watching this very attractive young woman’s face as she gets fucked. Her body isn’t too bad either, especially if you are like me and adore long legs. Are ripe college coeds supposed to love taking it in the ass so much? (Only in every man’s fantasy Rog.) Sadly, Morgan has very little cream to splash her lovely face, but Azalea is resourceful and rubs what jizz there is into her smooth skin.
Petra gets off the cover and onto the screen, looking every bit as cute as she did in the picture. After telling us about fucking Ed Powers, she gets into her first sexual experience. Although the interview runs a little long, Petra seems very genuine and it never gets boring. (See, the guy asking the questions, actually lets her talk. Other directors who do this sort of interview should take note.) She is very good at teasing the camera as she strips ands shows off her young, all natural (if a tad too thin) body. Unfortunately, Petra hooks up with Charlie for her scene. Not that watching the fresh young hottie with super pretty Charlie is a bad thing, I was just hoping for a het pairing the first time out. I certainly like Charlie more than just about any other ‘primarily-girls’ performer I can think of. Petra fits right in with the lovely labe lapper, matching her stroke for stroke in the slit sucking department. Petra goes for the toys first, fucking Charlie convincingly with a thick plastic cock. In return, Charlie straps the cock on and fucks her little coed galpal. Even though they both dig what they are doing, it’s still just not the same for me without at least one guy to enjoy the fun.
Mila is hardly a fresh face, but she claims to be twenty one here. (Come ON!) She also claims to have been a virgin at nineteen who lost her cherry to her father’s friend while on camera. This experience turned her on so much that she just HAD to get into porn. (And people say there is no good fiction in porn.) You know, when she is not going over the top, Mila can be really sexy on camera. Watch her short solo sequence and you will see her at her best. Since one guy would never be enough, Valentino and Steve Taylor both team up to give the horny blonde what she craves the most, hard dick. I tend to think it is best to have one guy fill her mouth with dick when another if fucking Mila. That gives us the best chance to just sit back and watch her fuck without the screeching sound of her demonic, fake-sex sounds. There is certainly nothing wrong with how she looks and Mila stays pretty well in control of herself during this scene. (It’s just hard to get that hideous ass blossom image out of my head.) She takes a hard ass fuck and happily licks up all the cum that is dripped onto her face. You know, this is about as sexy as it gets from Mila.
Christgen Wolfe is another woman I have seen in some other videos and she is sure to turn more than a few heads with her huge tits and big, doe-like eyes. My problems with her begin when her clothes come off, I count at least six, big tattoos, in all the wrong places. Sorry, I don’t see anything ripe, fresh, sexy or even watchable about THAT much “art”. If you can get past this, and it took me a lot to do so, Christgen is actually a hot sexual performer and gives veteran porn stud Dave Hardman all he can handle. Her eyes look especially nice while she sucks his hard rod with quick, shallow strokes. Very well shot sex here, I just can’t get over how many damn tattoos this woman has. No thanks.
Petra and Azalea are the two freshest faced cuties in this video. Even though Petra only does a g/g, it is with Charlie and looks fantastic. Mila actually turns in a very toned down, and quite sexy three way, which is easily the biggest surprise of the tape. The director should be given a medal for keeping her under control. For my money, I’ll take leggy brunette Azalea and hope to see her again soon. I like the format of this video. Nothing revolutionary to be sure, but an interesting, well paced interview that leaves the focus where it belongs, on the woman. Nicely shot for the most part and some good sex, certainly worth watching and I will be looking for the next volume.

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