Private Triple X Files 6




98 Mins.



THEMES: Blondes, DP, Euro Babes.

1998 (7/98)

STARS: Katja Kean, Michele, Jennifer, Tracy Love, Lil’ Cinderella, Ana, Mercedes.


Of late, the Private Triple X Files series has been a bit erratic. Of course, that means you just might end up with a typically killer collection of hot sex and gorgeous Euro-babes and even if you don’t the low end of the Private scale is still a far cry better than the average swill. (So why that opening little dig?) One way to make sure things stay hot is to keep giving us women like Katja Kean. This blonde beauty is the latest Private girl to break out and make a name for herself. (Or at least she is fast on her way.) As for the rest of the cast, I can only hope they are up to my high expectations.

Katja opens things up which is a good way to make sure no one tunes out in the early going. Her long blonde hair, toned, body and stunning face make her quite the find indeed. One minute she is strolling the streets, the next she is getting comfortable with two men back at an apartment. I know I’m not THAT studly a guy, but how often do most of us meet a supermodel on the street, bring her home and have our dicks in her mouth within two minutes? (Sit down Mike South, you don’t fucking count.) Oh well, if living vicariously is worth anything, then watching Katja wolf down these two fat rods is indeed a fantasy come true. Nice of Woodman to let us watch her suck for a long time at the start of this scene, especially while she gets fucked hard from behind. She does a lot of cock riding (while still sucking) showing off a fine ass, but that pales by comparison to the sight of her spooning. I think she is going for a speed suck record here, bobbing her head so fast she might do damage. Tired of her mouth (For what reason, I have no idea.) the guys both move behind her and start a short, but wicked DP. (PS- Torris, no sign of a condom here, just thought you might like to know.) Katja does better with just a cock in her ass, moving her hips as fast as she moved her head and grinding the guy’s cock nearly off. They move back to hear mouth, where each drops a thick load onto her tongue and chin. That’s it, I recommend the tape already, Katja is a major hottie.

Michele and Jennifer are the lovelies in a four way fuck under the trees. Jennifer, a sexy redhead, has my attention from the very start. (They are both sort of redheads, but Jennifer has the lighter, more stunning shade.) Sadly, the couples are just far enough away from each other to require the action to jump back and forth. This would be a major crime, except for the fact that Jennifer’s scene will cut easily into a future comp tape. Of course, it’s Michele who plays with herself frantically while kneeling to suck cock. The action between both couples is quite good, but I am really distracted by the constant switching back and forth. (A quick note, this seems to be older footage, with Jonathan Morgan as one of the guys.) After both girls take a little bit of cock in their ass, Jennifer moves in to take both guys at once. This DP raises the heat level of the scene somewhat, but the two slow motion cumshots are a big disappointment.

More Americans invade the scene as Steve Drake and Steve Hatcher question Tracy Love in the death of her husband. The questions soon dry up and Tracy fills her mouth with cock. (Fuck plot devices, get us to this little hose beast gulping gonads.) She bends at the waist, gets fucked from behind and just holds her mouth open while the guys pump her lips full of prick. Great outdoor sex scene here as the three fuck each other raw with the ocean in the background. Just like her European counterparts, Tracy takes cock in the ass like she craves it. To keep her occupied, the guys end up DP’ing her, pounding super hard. Tracy will take a back seat to no one when it comes to drinking cum, so it’s natural the guys drain their rods into her mouth.

The American parade continues as Lil Cinderella shows up dressed in a girl scout uniform. (OK, someone explain how this choice of costume has anything but a pedo ring to it?) She is paired with Hatcher and looks only half interested in fucking him to begin with. Add to that the fact that LC looks way too skinny and just about all the erotic possibilities are drained from this scene before it even gets started. Because she is so petite, the RCA works pretty easily and somewhat saves an otherwise dreary scene.

Ana stars in the next story as a woman with a heart of gold. You see, she decides to help initiate a mentally challenged young man into the ways of adulthood. Forget for a moment, that I find the whole set up somewhat offensive. (Sorry, but retards just aren’t funny.) Ana is a curvy, somewhat thick brunette with sparkling eyes, an infections smile and perky breasts that beg to be sucked. She services both men with her mouth, eagerly sucking them both hard, quite happy it seems that neither of them is handicapped between the legs. Once she gets them hard, they break out a blanket and have a little pussy picnic. After a little over a minute of mouth and pussy stuffing, Ana starts taking dick in her ass while still sucking. Things are a bit too hasty for my taste, with a quick DP followed by a slow motion, double pop shot.

Mercedes closes things out, and while she is far less impressive looking than any of the other cast members, she does wear some sexy patterned hose. It’s yet another rather rushed sex scene and since the woman isn’t up the usual standards, I can’t say this scene has much worth sticking around for. This is a pretty standard four scene fuck and suck with an average pop shot. Certainly not up to the rest of the video.

So, maybe it’s not the best thing Private has done in recent memory. It’s still worth taking a look at this wall to wall sex vid. Katja Kean opens things out and she is by far the best looking woman in the tape. It’s worth it just for her DP. Tracy Love gives another fine performance as one of the many Americans in this video. Sadly, Lil Cinderella looks horrid in her pairing. Better than average women and sex with fine technical qualities. If this were from anyone else, I would be happier. As a Private tape, it’s pretty average stuff.

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