Tales From The Black Side 3





DIRECTOR: Blue Karma


THEMES: Black Women, Jungle Sex, Prostitutes.

1998 (7/98)

STARS: Jaija, Devlin Weed, Byron Long, Champagne, Lexington Steel, Ecstasy, Tony Eveready, Big D, Prosha, Trixi, Dave Hardman.


I’ve seen the first two videos in this series and they are generally pretty fun. Nothing too heavy, but generally some good natured fucking around and always lots of totally hot black women getting down and dirty. This time, the costumes betray some interesting scenarios. A cheerleader, a jungle princess, a couple of Indians (No, not Lofton and Thome) and a space sista. With some real hotties filling in these roles, I think director Blue Karma has set himself up for a successful outing.

First up, Jaija stars in “Honk Da Fried” a little story about a sister who is just too white washed for her own good. When mad doc Devlin Weed and Byron Long (Doing his best Lenny impersonation) drive past Jaija on her way to cheerleading practice, she blows them off. In a flash of ‘Drop Squad’ precision, they take her back to the lab. (Wow, mentioning ‘Of Mice and Men’ and Spike Lee in the same paragraph.) They dip the poor girl into the special vat to de-honk-da-fy her (She is supposed to actually BE a white girl.) and out she comes as a sweet chocolate treat. Devlin and Byron lay their new creation down and do some taste tastes to see how close to the real thing she really is. Sexy Jaija inhales Long’s lengthy rod, working it slowly to full fighting size. Smart move by Weed to create a hottie who loves to suck dick. Makes it a lot of fun to watch as well since Jaija takes it deep in her throat while Byron puts her pussy to the test. This pretty girl could be a bit more lifelike. Nothing cools down a hot scene like a woman who doesn’t want to be there. By the time they cum on her tits, I am pretty well ready for something new.

When Lexington Steel stops to take a piss, he finds himself trapped in a net. The bad news is he has run across a primitive Amazon. The good news is, he has to fuck to live. Champagne is the Amazon and she is not used to seeing a man not in captivity. Careful to keep him under the net, she starts to suck his cock. After a few, silly looking licks at the head, she drops the cannibal act and just starts swallowing. Champagne knows what she wants, and to get it, that shaft has to be rock hard. She has gotten really thick, so those of you who love big asses are going to flip when she lowers that butt down on his face. By now, she is ready to let him out from under the net and offer that big backside as an entrance into her love nest. (OK, I have to say, I did notice the condom here. It’s the jungle after all.) She looks a lot better on her back where her huge tits can shake as Lexington rears back and slams into her. The tit fucking is really nice, but way too short. At least his reason for pulling out from her tits is to cum on her face.

Next is a really funny scene with Dave Hardman playing a cheap, no talent British smut film maker. (Any chance his name rhymes with a Yankee pitcher?) When a pair of angry women show up looking for money, they get more than their wad of cash from him. Prosha and Trixie are both dressed as Indians and luckily would rather suck cock than slice scalps. Wait a minute, is being forces to eat the “sweet black pussy” of dark skinned Trixie really a punishment? (Seems more like a fringe benefit to me.) The heat of this video triples the second these two hotties go to work. Not nearly enough cocksucking, but Dave has two pussies he has to fuck so you have to forgive his haste. Trixie has a really tight looking slit that just begs to be fucked and Prosha sports a fully shaved slit with a huge clit. Decisions, decisions, decisions. He ends up in Porsha a lot more than I would have been, but there is nothing wrong with watching as she rides his dick, slapping her real tits in his face. He ends up paying them in cum, fired across to ver willing faces. (Memo to self, Trixie must be seen again, SOON!) The ending is a little gross, but hey, it’s only a movie right?

Ecstasy stars in the final story as a sassy street walker who stumbles upon some odd flashing lights in an old warehouse. Inside, she finds a pulsing egg that begins spewing on her face. After being covered in the slime, she strips down and watches as an alien who looks oddly like Tony Eveready hatches from the egg. Ecstasy decides right away that this guy is worth a little on the house action. This woman is the finest looking thing in this tape and she knows how to suck dick for the camera. The fucking here is a bit laid back and I would have liked to have seen these two a little more into each other. She does pick up the pace near the end, riding his cock and showing off a super fine ass. She pretty much ducks the facial, keeping it on her cheek which is kind of sad, but oh well, we can’t have everything now can we?

This tape is pretty uneven, but there are more than a few sexual highlights. The technical qualities are above average and the little stories are cute, sometimes downright funny. Jaija is super cute, but totally dead in her scene, very sad. Champagne has packed on some pounds, but still knows how to give a hot performance. Trixie and Prosha steal most of the praise here though. These two attack Dave Hardman like his nut butter is all they need to live forever. More of these two would make Rog a happy guy. Ecstasy shows some glimpses into how hot she can be, but is a bit inconsistent for my tastes. That thought goes for the whole video. While fans of sexy black women will not want to miss it, I give it only a moderate recommendation due to up and down sexual performances.

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