Five Sins


86 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Toni Belize
Sin City – 1998 (5/98)
THEMES: Celebrity Sex, Lesbian Sex.
STARS: Stephanie Swift. Chloe, Dee, Toni James, Ruby, Billy Glide, Kyle Stone, Ian Daniels, Dave Hardman.

I generally look at pre-release hype for a porn video as the kiss of death, sort of like when your mom sets you up with a chick she says “is just wonderful.” However, as I saw more and more hype about Toni Belize’s Spice Girls send up, I actually got excited to see it. The thought of a sexually explicit look, even fictionalized, into the lives of the five sexiest pop stars of the decade is a great premise and the five minute trailer videos seem to indicate that some care was put into this video to boot. The cast of porn lovelies selected to play the Spice Babes just happen to be five of the hottest ladies working porn today. (Good call.) (Oh, and a point of clarification, I will be referring to the girls by their Spice Girl counterpart’s names even though they have actual character names in this film. It will just make it easier.)
The story follows a young film maker, Ian Daniels, who is thrilled to able to capture the lives of the five famous pop stars. What he discovers as soon as the girls come off stage, is that things are not as peachy as their image would suggest. Backstage the girls bicker with each other and manager Kyle Stone. In fact, it would appear that the magic may be over for the super group as they storm off in opposite directions.
In search of something special to capture, he follows Stephanie Swift (Posh Sin for those of you keeping score at home.) (And by the way, as someone who sees the celebrity appeal of this video, I will be making a lot of references to the Sags) into a freight elevator where Billy Glide takes her down to the parking garage. When the elevator gets stuck between floors, Stephanie doesn’t turn bitchy, instead, the rushes into his arms to take advantage of the rare moment out of the spotlight. She strips down and works her mouth slowly down Billy’s chest until she finds the treasure awaiting her in his trousers. This is the second time in the last couple of weeks I have seen Stephanie suck on Billy’s huge prick and it’s really sexy to watch. The damn thing is huge and watching her stretch her lips around, eagerly gulping it down, is just one of the hottest things ever. I would have liked to see it go on a little longer, but that’s what the rewind button is for right? Billy takes a long time tasting Steph’s neatly trimmed trim before putting that big pole in for a test drive. Yep, it fits. (And yes, the thought of Posh fucked silly by some horse hung stud does make this scene even hotter than it already is.) Great close ups of one of the prettiest pussies in all of porn stuffed full of cock precede a cumshot on her back.
Ian tracks down Baby Sin, (Toni James) looking sad in the limo. It seems a solo career might be in the cards for Baby and is pretty broken up about the demise of the band. Manager Kyle Stone catches them and nips the interview in the bud, kicking him to the curb so he can console his pigtailed super star. This rather quickly becomes a little backseat bam-bam with blonde Baby going down on Stone and quickly turning his cock hard as?well, hard as stone. I have a big thing for Baby Spice, but I have to say Toni James is a hell of a lot prettier than Baby, and I venture to say she sucks cock with a lot more enthusiasm as well. For the second scene in a row, we get a nice long, pussy lapping session. Damn, this makes me hungry. Makes me want to take a limo ride with Toni James as well, but such is life. After an all too brief backseat fuck, Kyle cums all over Toni’s pointy little nipples.
Adding to the pressure on the girls is a sleazy agent, Dave Hardman, who tries to lure the girls away from Baby. All looks lost for the girls, and Ian is there to capture it all. His next interview is with Sporty Sin (Chloe) who tells the story of the band’s formation and rise to fame. Giving Chloe actual lines is a good idea. In case you haven’t noticed, in addition to being able to fuck like mad, this woman can act as well. When the questions get to close to home, Sporty heads upstairs where she hooks up with Scary Sin (Dee) to break in their new manager. This is the sort of duo that could put most men in the freaking hospital. Chloe and Dee are both supreme cock suckers and for Dave to take them both on is quite a feat. Brilliant shots here of both girls taking turns sucking Dave’s cock. When the sucking stops, Dee takes off, leaving Dave to bend Chloe over the pool table and fuck the living shit out of her. Chloe just lights up as soon as she gets a cock in her pussy. Have you ever seen a woman more active in her sex scenes, or with a more desperate look on her face? Naturally, Dave has to also fuck her ass and the anal action is perfectly captured in close ups from behind. After a good bit of butt boning, Sporty Sin spins around to take a sticky A2M facial. And we thought Sporty was the lesbian of the group. You know what they about books and covers?.
Ian is still making his movie, and interviews Ginger Sin, (Ruby). She is more interested in checking out what is in his pants then talking about her career as a pop star. He resists for about two seconds before setting down the camera and letting Ruby do what she does best, suck dick. Got to love the way Ruby looks with just her tight biker shorts covering her perfect ass as she works his rod. Damn she is hot. Incredible tits. Great 69 footage here, but how do you ever cut away from Ruby swallowing sword? Hell, this blowjob doesn’t even need the whole Ginger Spice fantasies to make it hot, Ruby just knows how to give head on camera. (And I’d love to see if it’s as good off camera Ginger Sin.) (Well, that goes for any of the Five Sins, so the invitation is open girls.) Ian loves lapping her labes so much he rolls her over on her back and slides his spit slicked shaft right into her famous slit. Ruby shows off how flexible she is by pulling her feet back to her ears and enjoying the feel of a stiff prick deep inside her tight folds. Damn, this looks good. He turns her over to fuck her from behind, taking that beautiful backside in his hands. Oh, if only Ruby would take it up the ass. Ian drops his load on that ass, finishing a scene that will certainly be in his private collection even if it never makes it into the documentary.
Tragedy nearly strikes the Five Sins when Baby OD’s. Nothing brings a bunch of girls together like a near death. Now, for the scene you’ve all been waiting for, all five Sins together, naked and engaging in some of the most seriously hot lesbian sex I have seen on film this side of a Bruce Seven video. Dee working on Swift with a dildo while Chloe holds her down is a pretty fresh thing to watch and Ruby laps Toni’s tasty twat as well as she sucks cock. You all know how I generally feel about all girl scenes, so when I tell you I was glued to the set for this one, you know how good it is. All five women are gorgeous to look at and have beautiful pussies that get nicely filled by probing tongues, long dildos and manicured fingers. (Just like backstage at a real Spice Girls show I bet.) There are a number of highlights, but Swift wearing a strap on is at the top of that list. Chloe riding that big, fake cock is something that should not be missed. When a second dildo joins the fun in her tight pussy, things get even hotter for Chloe. God, this woman is sexy. Great scene, perfect ending.
All right, it might not be quite as good as the real thing, but this sexy Spice Girls send up is certainly the closest we will ever come to seeing the fab five fuck each other with strap ons. This film plays off the celebrity look a like aspect quite a bit, but there is a lot more to enjoy in The Five Sins besides the costumes. There is a decent story to follow here, with plenty of time spent enjoying this fictitious band. The casting is nothing short of brilliant, with five the most beautiful women, not to mention, the hottest in porn, taking the lead roles. Stephanie Swift’s scene with Billy Glide is magnificent, she is amazing. Ruby is equally spectacular in her tryst with Ian Daniels. Chloe might be the hottest fuck in all of porn and she burns up the screen with Hardman and steals the show in the all girl orgy to end the movie. Toni James may not look nearly as innocent as Baby Spice, but she sure makes it fun to image darling Emma getting boned raw. (Rog, back to reality big guy.) Dee only does a little blowjob with Hardman before showing up again in the orgy, but she manages to leave an indelible impression anyway. Great theme, cool story and hot sex, Five Sins has it all. Pussy Power rules.

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