Planet Of The Gapes




120 Mins.


Extreme Associates – 1998 (5/98)

THEMES: Anal Sex, Blondes, Gaping Assholes.

STARS: Sabrina Johnson, Leanni Lei, Raquel Devine, Stormy Waves, Alexandra Nice, Allysin Chaynes, Sheena, Blair Segall, Dru Berrymore.


Tom Byron is on a roll for sure. After an award winning year in 1997, he has moved out on his own and is still cranking out some of the hottest gonzo fuck tapes on the market. The title may have changed from the familiar Cumback Pussy, but let’s face it, Tom’s behind the camera, Leanni Lei, Sabrina Johnson and Dru Berrymore are in front of it. What could go wrong? Even though gaping assholes are not my first choice, I have a lot of faith in Tom and this cast is deep. In addition to the three I already mentioned, there are some really amazing women to savor her. So, without any more from me, let’s turn things over to the master of the gape, Tom Byron.

Sabrina and Allysin Chaynes start things off and they do make a striking pair. Allysin isn’t ready for anal sex yet, but she is more than ready to sample Sabrina’s lovely quim. Sabrina takes the lead when Tom adds a little beef to the party, sucking his cock while Allysin licks his balls. The phrase, better than mortal man deserves, comes to mind when watching these two give a scorching double blowjob. Both girls seem to jockeying for position, fighting over who will get fucked first. Allysin has the honors, but as usual, Sabrina can’t keep her mouth out of the action, lucking pussy and cock whenever she can while the other to fuck each other silly. Never fear, Tom has enough left in the tanks to deliver a high octane fuck to sexy Sabrina. In fact, it’s time to teach Allysin the art of taking a bog dick up ass and I can’t think of too many better teachers than this red hot British brunette. There is plenty for you gape fans to love here as Tom repeatedly pulls out of her stretched sphincter until it’s as wide open as Rosie’s face at a pie eating contest. He finishes things off with a big, goopy facial that mostly misses Allysin but drenches Sabrina.

Raquel Devine is up next, and Tom pairs her up with new stud Mike Long. Also along for the ride are Jake Steed and blonde Sheena. (Who by the way, looks a lot hotter on tape than on the boxcover.) Both couples get right to business, with the blondes showing rather impressive oral aptitude. Sheena has her hands full with Jake’s massive tool while Raquel does a nice job on Long’s more than adequate member. We end with what amounts to synchronized fucking for a while with both girls first riding, then being fucked by their respective costars. Sheena really is an impressive little piece of ass and Raquel is quite the vocal fucker. They eventually swap partners and Jake has a rough time slipping his shaft into Raquel. Damn, that must be one tight muffin. Her ass is pretty tight as well, though Jake manages to fuck her pretty good through the backdoor. It’s Sheena who gets gape duties, with her butthole opened wide by the new guy. Ms. Devine takes a very messy A2M facial cumshot while Sheena’s gets totally drilled. Nice effort from both women here.

Two more cuties stroll into view for our pleasure. Alexandra Nice, a lovely Polish girl, and the incredibly stunning Leanni Lei are both so hot that Tom keeps them for himself. Again, he pairs a girl ready to ass fuck with one who is not quite up the challenge. Even if Leanni won’t take it in the butt, she is still too cute for words and just about the sexiest thing on two legs. They do a very hot warm up number on each other, but I’m just dying to see Tom bring the meat on and lay Leanni out. She clearly steals the spotlight during the double blowjob, reducing an otherwise very talented Alexandra, to just a footnote in this chapter on oral perfection. Wisely, Tom picks her tight twat to enter first, enjoying the snug fit as he slips all the way home, leaving Alexandra to lick up the juices. Every time I see this petite Asian sweetheart, I fall for her more. What a hot little fuck, and so damn beautiful. Just a quick suggestion. Tom, next time let Leanni have a scene all to herself, she deserves it. Alexandra takes center stage to get her pooper popped and even if she’s not Leanni, she is still quite the little butt slut. Not a lot of gaping her, the ass is just too tight, but we get plenty of hot, close-up buttfucking before a monster, and wonderful facial cumshot. Leanni and Alexandra lick the jizz from each other’s faces like it’s liquid candy.

For the first and only one on one fuck, Tom wisely picks pint sized, dirty as sin, blonde Dru Berrymore. She is all natural and simply too horny for an interview, so Mark Davis just dives between her thighs and starts snacking on that sweet slit.. Davis is packing some serious meat, but Dru just takes it in her mouth like she’s been doing this for decades. Not that she’s nonchalant or anything, in fact, her oral assault on his rising rod, is wet, hot and filled with plenty of sexy eye contact. He warms his cock up in her pussy for a few minutes before moving around to test out the backdoor. (The gape comes here for those of you looking for it.) Numerous insertion shots leave her ass wide open, but the good stuff comes when Mark settles in and starts really pounding that butt. Dru talks as well as she fucks, letting him know just what a nasty little anal whore she really is as she bounces up and down on his rod. The facial cumshot lands mostly in her mouth, which suits Dru just fine and is high on my scale as well. She swallows and sucks out every last drop. More scenes like this would be just fine.

The final pair of hotties to get blasted are Stormy Waves and Blair Segall. Stormy is quite cute with a tight body and lovely smile. Following the format, the girls strip down and await the arrival of Tom’s member. Neither girl is timid around a big cock and Stormy shows some real promise, taking quite a bit of it in her mouth with an adorable look on her pretty face. Blair’s shaved slit becomes Tom’s first target and she slides right up her slick passage until his balls bump her butt. Stormy won’t let her hog all the attention though and hops up to show Tom she can already ride with the best of them. Blair has a little trouble taking more than half of his cock in her ass, but she gives it her best shot. Stormy has an easier time, but still has a super tight butt that gets filled to the max. After corrupting both sphincters, Tom signs off with a stream of jizz that gets both girls across their mouths. Welcome to smut ladies.

This is becoming almost routine, but Tom has done it again. The three girls I talked about in the open, Leanni, Dru and Sabrina are the highlights, but not the only ones. Stormy Waves is the best of the rest, watch for her in more tapes in the future. Still, it’s Tom’ scene with Dru that stands out as the best. Leanni takes a close second and would have been top draw had she been given a one on one scene. Lots of hot anal sex and of course, plenty of gaping asses for butt lovers to enjoy. Just one more suggestion, more of the super hot one to one scenes with girls like Dru, Sabrina, Stormy or Leanni would be great. Otherwise, let the Byron express roll on.

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