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Because a few of you have asked me for mainstream recommendations once a month, here is the monthly summary. (With Amazon buy links so I can collect that whopping 3% or whatever they pay these days.) (Anyone know a better mainstream affiliate program I should join?)

Kill Bill, Volume 1: Tarantino’s fourth film is perhaps the least “Tarantino-esque” of the lot, but very entertaining. It may also be the bloodiest movie I have ever seen. Uma is hot, the fight scenes are awesome and it also has the very sexy Chiaki Kuriyama (Battle Royale) as a schoolgirl/assassin. (Watch out Max Hardcore.)

Big Fish: I think this movie got totally screwed by the morons in the academy last year. Tim Burton has really put together an amazing movie here and it is considerably better than most of the flicks nominated. It is easily a top five pick and the kind of movie that just about anyone can enjoy. It’s my pick of the month by a long shot.

The Matrix Revolutions (Widescreen Edition): I wasn’t all that keen on the first Matrix movie, but the third flick is a must have for anyone looking to collect the trilogy. It’s a pretty cool movie that reminded me more of Aliens (Alien Quadrilogy) than the original Matrix. By the way, the best recent DVD from this collection was the underrated The Animatrix.)

Police Academy (20th Anniversary Special Edition): I know that this movie spawned like a dozen piece of crap sequels, but the original was really funny. When it first came out on video we couldn’t keep three copies on our little store shelf. The blowjob scene was so good that it still makes me crack up ever time I see someone standing at a podium.

Friends – The Complete Seventh Season: Is it me or are they releasing these things at a record pace to get them all out before the show goes off the air? I don’t know how many of you collect sit-com box sets, but this is one that you can put it any time and laugh. (Though last month’s Married with Children – The Complete Second Season would be on my list ahead of this one.)

Britney Spears – In the Zone (DVD with Bonus CD): What could be better than Britney on DVD? Nothing that I can think of.
Saved by the Bell – Seasons 3 & 4: Come on, you know you watched it. By this time in the series it isn’t even such a horrible thing to have a chubby for Tiffani, Liz and Lark. Come one, you can see Showgirls coming in Berkley’s future.

WWE Wrestlemania XX: Anyone who likes WWE for whatever reason knows that their DVDs are always filled with great extras. They do an excellent job and this one is bound to really pull out all the stops.

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