Rocco More Than Ever 2



133 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi
Evil Angel/Rocco Siffredi Productions – 1998 (10/97)
THEMES: Anal Sex, Young Women, Big Cocks, Interracial Sex. Faked Pissing.
STARS: Laura Turner, Sabrina Johnson, Sydney, Rocco, Ann Ingretton, Kirsten Churcher, Nikki Platts, Donna, Warner, Kris Newz, Jean Yves LeCastel, David Perry.

Whenever Rocco gets together with some of his closest friends, the funniest things start happening. Usually, everybody ends up fucking each other in the ass, but I guess that’s just a day in the life of a world famous porn stud. (Dude, what ARE you talking about. They’re just movies.) Once again, Rocco has chosen England as the locale for his lecherous adventures. With a host of cute UK babes in the cast, he will have more than his share of objects for his affection, but even as I try and find a way to end this opening, the fun is already starting.
Super sexy Brit Sabrina Johnson just adores her horse hung lover Sydney and drops to her knees to show him just how much she appreciates that big slab of cock meat. She sucks him quickly to full attention before bending over to take him in her pussy. Before he can enter her inviting body, David Perry interrupts the two. The sound is a little tough to understand, but they are afraid of David and he agrees not to throw them out if he can have a taste of little Sabrina as well. Luckily, she is quite a willing cock sucker and soon has a pair of big dicks to play with. David insists on being the first in her pussy, bending her over the staircase and relegating Sydney to continue receiving great head. (Quite the punishment.) David fucks her tight hole hard from behind getting her nice and warmed up before letting Sabrina mount him so she can drop her entire body weight down into his lap. This great position makes the move to anal quite natural and with Sydney still down her throat, Sabrina takes David deep in her bowels. Funny, for as much as she said she loves Sydney, you would thinks he would fuck him. Not that I am going to complain watching Sabrina take a pair of sticky facial cumshots. In fact, what better to end things for this super cute little thing.
Speaking of cute little UK sluts, Laura Turner is up next. Don’t let her baby doll nighty and teddy bear fool you. This randy little tart is just dying to be fucked raw. She actually puts a long, strap-on cock onto her favorite stuffed animal and begins sucking the fake prick. There are some really great shots here of her in two different mirrors. Artsy touch, and I like it even though watching Laura fuck her well hung teddy bear need no spicing up. This woman just oozes sexy slut vibes at all times.
Sydney is at it again, playing in the yard with a woman in a school uniform. When her much cuter friend comes home, they go upstairs together to talk about the handsome man they left behind. The hot talk gets the girls horny and Sydney walks in just in time to see both girls wonderfully exposed. He steps right in , giving them a gander and the monster unit they had been discussing. The first girl directs Sydney to fuck her cute friend while she watches. He rolls her over and fucks her wonderful, round ass with that big prick until he finally explodes on her smiling face. Very hot scene and if someone knows the name of either of these girls, I’d love to see them in other work.
Euro-Stud J.Y. LeCastel hooks up with an exotic, big titted brunette. She quite happily sucks his cock into her mouth and bobs her head like there’s no tomorrow. Her reward for her skilled sucking is a hard cock between her legs and bases on the frantic panting, I’d say she likes it. She gets up off the floor and puts J.Y. on his back where she can suck her juices off his prick before hopping up on him and working her broad hips like she wants his cock to bump her lungs. After filling her pussy, he turns her onto her side for some ferocious anal spooning and RCA that keep those big boobs bouncing as her butthole gets boned. This is a very long, extremely hot assfuck that ends in an equally blistering facial cumshot. Raving beauty she is not, hot fuck, she most certainly is.
Rocco and his Italian pal team up to work over Sabrina and her cute friend Haley. This looks like some sort of X rated WWF tag team match, with both girls fighting to get their mouths full of cock so hard you would think they were starving. They 69 each other so that one guy can get behind each of them, fuck the other and then pull out for some cock sucking. (You try and gloss that position.) When the anal ensues, it’s not a shock to see Sabrina light up with a prick in her pooper, but as Haley repeatedly pulls it out and sucks it clean, even the more jaded of us have to cringe a little. After a short DP by Sabrina, the girls swap partners so that Rocco can blast Sabrina’s tight little bum. They try some side by side RCA, but Sabrina keeps begging for both cocks in her at once. Who needs the other girl, just turn Sabrina loose in a room and watch her devour every prick in sight. They cum all over her ass and let Hayley lick up every drop of their double dose.
Sydney is back, looking over some college applications with a buddy when another young girl comes by. We know she is supposed to be young because she carries a stuffed animal and shows them a toy she found in her mum’s drawer. They are happy to show her what it’s for, working the thin toy into the tight slit of the leggy gal. In no time, little miss innocent is downing Sydney’s oversized dick and being slam fucked by his friend. In fact, her pussy, which just five minutes ago was untouched, takes every inch of Sydney without so much as a peep from the pale skinned slut. (OK, they get the picture, she plays innocent, but fucks like a total hottie) You that her ass is next and the guys don’t take it easy on her at all. Hell, any woman who takes Sydney in her ass is in for a serious sphincter screw and this little lady has a huge smile on her face the whole time. The debauchery finally ends with the girl taking a twin frosting on her still smiling face.
Things just keep rolling along as two guy hook up with a super big titted babe for some two on one fuck and suck action. This looks a lot like a Private scene, right down to the stockings and heels the female starlet wears throughout her hose humming. They get right to the ass fucking as soon as she get them hard with her mouth. This woman is good looking, with those great tits and a sweet, shaved slit. However, she seems to be sleepwalking her way through this scene, at least until both guys start DP’ing her hot holes. While she is being so well plugged, sexy Laura is back, watching through the window and frigging her sweet little slit.
After watching the woman fucked silly Laura visits a woman who has been in the video from the beginning. I haven’t mentioned her because Rocco has had this blonde woman kneeling by a toilet for the whole video. Pissing makes me personally sick, so even the faked stuff is just nothing I care to watch. Now that the woman is out of the bathroom, Laura takes advantage of her ‘dog.’ After making her drink milk from a bowl. Laura kicks her all the way into a room full of people. Kris Newz, for some unknown reason, boots Laura from the room and makes the dog shudder in the corner while he begins to taunt Donna Warner. Donna is sporting a military style, orange haircut and looks rather butch. She’s never been with a man and says she has no desire to start. They don’t take no for an answer, (and she doesn’t put up much of a fight.) and soon Sydney has his cock up her ass while the other guys take turns fucking her face. The rough nature of the scene is not my cup of tea, but it’s the spitting into her gaping ass that makes me wish the camera had followed Laura back upstairs. The anal sex is good, though, when her ass is held open. In fact, Donna takes two cocks up her ass for a while. This woman is a do anything porn slut for sure. Everyone cums on her ass before dragging her to the bathroom for yet another pee party.
You have to give Rocco a lot of credit. He knows how to find some super hot women and get the most erotic performance possible from them. This video is especially appealing for me since there is very little of the spitting, choking and asshole stretching that has often filled Rocco productions. As I mentioned, the entire bathroom pissing thread throughout the film is something I could have done without, and probably left in the American version to just to remind you guys of what you can’t see here. There are a lot of young themes played here as well, but they are done very light heatedly so no alarms went off in my head. Laura Turner, as always, steals the show. I only wish we could have seen her actually fuck some guys in this video instead of just humping her strap on wearing teddy bear. Sabrina Johnson gives us a pair of memorable scenes, showing off her petite body and incredible anal skills. All the women are worth watching and Rocco deserves huge credit for one of his best tapes ever.

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