Toppers 1




60 Mins.

Pleasure/Topper Video – 1992 (10/92)

THEMES: Big Tits, Solo.

STARS: Kiss, Bunny Bleu, Lois Ayers, Kitten Natividad, Lee Carrol, Julie Juggs.


I know, most of the videos I review don’t really need this opening bit, but I was a good student, I learned all those stupid little rules in English class so I always try to give you a little overview. Well, this series really needs an opening less than the others. Have you read the title? Do you like big tits? If so, you’re probably interested, if not, you’re just reading this for the incredible wit and wisdom I provide. That or you’re looking for deeply imbedded secret messages. (For those of you in Rog’s secret society, set your decoder ringers to C, and translate the following, S-H-U-T-U-P-A-N-D-B-R-I-N-G-O-N-T-H-E-H-O-O-T-E-R-S)

Blonde Julie Juggs kicks things off. She sits in a big easy chair staring a photo of some lucky guy and get so worked up thinking about him that she can’t keep her hands off her rapidly overheating body. At some point, as she rubs her pussy through her panties, Julie begins to talk to the camera, asking us if we want to suck her tits. Well gee, lady, if ya really want me to. Julie is a little thick around the middle but has an incredible set of tits and a nice, tight little pussy that she gets nice and wet before breaking out the vibrator. The sexy talk is a very nice touch here, adding a lot to the scene. Tit fucking herself with the vibe wasn’t a terrible idea either. Very nice dildo work as Julie fills her slit with as much plastic cock as she can, cumming all over the plastic phallus.

Kiss prefers to mix her masturbatory fun with a little work in the garden. (Insert your favorite ‘hose’ joke here.) After watering her plants for a while, she sits in a lounge chair and starts working her clothes off. Now, these are, I believe, real tits, and they are spectacular. The voice over is not actually Kiss which is too bad since she has a cool accent, but still it’s some hot talk to enjoy while watching Kiss explore her body. She soon finds herself overheated and pours some water on her luscious chest. I’ve always liked water and sex so the crystal clear flow over her clit as Kiss fingers her slit is something I find quite attractive.

Lois Ayers, who I lusted after back when I started watching porn, still looks great and knows just how to talk to the camera. She teases us, slowly stripping and talking about how much she wants to suck cock. She lies on the bed, talking through her self love as if trying to seduce every member of the audeince. Very personal touch and when she tells us to stroke our cocks, who can resist? We get a lot of close up action as Lois fingers here pussy, egging us on with phone sex like chat that is bound to have you wanted to fuck Lois silly.

Another of my faves from way back, Bunny Bleu, wakes up horny and runs her fingers right down to her aching pussy. She is even better at the dirty talk than Lois and seems to be playing with her slit more for her enjoyment than for ours. (A mortal sin to some people.) This is certainly the best solo scene on the tape, which isn’t surprising. Bunny has always been great at using her voice as well as her body in scenes. The self spanking is a little over the top and looks a bit silly, but overall, I’d still love to be there waiting when Bunny gets this worked up. After a long finger session, Bunny breaks out a dildo and tit fucks herself with it before moving into the bathtub where the soapy water makes the plastic cock even easier to slide into her creaming pussy. Bunny, can I please join you in the tub.

In the final scene we take a trip in the way back machine with old school porn stars Lee Carrol and Kitten Natividad. (Hey, didn’t Kitten only work with women? To say that is where the comparison with Janine ends would be the kindest thing I could say.) I know they have huge tits and I know a lot of you guys love big busted, big asses women with hairy bushes, but I just can’t watch this and get anything from it. Thankfully, it ends quickly and we get a brief preview of the next tape to get me back in the mood to watch again.

While this tape is clearly aimed and the mammary obsessed in the audience, even people who aren’t hooked on hooters can find something to enjoy in this tape. Four solo scenes and one girl/girl pairing give tit lovers plenty to watch. Bunny Bleu gives the very best scene by far, but Lois Ayers isn’t far behind. Kiss looks great, but we are cheated out of her sexy accent which is a bit disappointing. Lee and Kitten are just my cup of tea, but I know a lot of you are fans of these top heavy ladies. Great movie if you like solo, big tits and hey, if you’re looking for a video without condoms, this one fits your needs just fine.

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