100 % Pure Amateur 45





120 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

OGV – 1998

THEMES: Interracial Sex, DP, Anal Sex, Deep Throat, Big Cocks.

STARS: Careena Collins, Mr. Marcus, Julian St. Jox.


OK, so if it’s Careena Collins, a hall of fame adult performer and one of the hottest women on the planet, it’s not exactly a run of the mill amateur video now is it? Still, these are not high production value shoots, with huge crews and long scripts. The scenes in this video are raw, intimate looks at the kind of over the top sexual shit Careena gets into in her private life. Those of you who are faint at heart, or who can’t handle watching all natural, non-tattooed, lovely women totally consumed by lust, kindly leave the room now. For those of you still left, buckle up and get ready to watch this beautiful woman take some of the biggest black cocks on the planet in all of her tight holes.

We start with “Careena’s Spanking Bandit” where a masked black man kisses Careena for about six seconds before pushing her head down to his lap and enjoying the feel of her warm, willing mouth around his rapidly rising rod. You put a dick in Careena’s mouth and she gets this desperate sound in voice like if she doesn’t devour every inch of meat, she might just pop a gasket. Her reward for this deep blowjob is to have the masked man turn her over his knee and spank her perfect little ass. The harder he hits her, the hotter Careena gets, until the nearly begs for his cock in her mouth again. This time, she can’t help but grind her pussy against his leg while he dick slaps her More spanking ensures, with Careena wiggling and creaming under the attack and screaming as he fingers her rapidly lubing slit. You all know how much I love great oral sex, and I have to say this wild blowjob is one of the most active and sexually arousing I have ever seen. She takes him all the way down her throat and stares at his shaft like it’s the only thing on earth that matters to her.

After showing amazing restraint and not blowing his load in her mouth, the guy finally lets her get on top of his shaft and soothe her throbbing pussy. At last, she is getting what she really wants, dick, deep in her body. She rides him long and hard, showing off that great ass as she drives herself wild with ecstasy. We cut rather suddenly to a bathroom where the guy sits on the bowl and Careena is squat fucking him. Damn, this looks SO hot and she has some really strong thighs. This leads to anal with Careena bent over a chair and taking his cock deep in her tight backdoor. It’s brief, but hard and nasty Careena spins around quickly to take the A2M facial, greedily licking up his thick jizz.

Next up in “Stairway to Anal”, Julian St. Jox has Careena on a, you guessed it, stairway. He tongues her tasty twat for a little while, but you know Careena is just dying to get that stalk in her mouth. As before, she demonstrates cocksucking skills that are nothing short of earth shattering. So many so called starlets take dick in their mouths like it’s a chore, but Careena seems to crave the feel of a hot rod between her lips. She moves up to squat fuck Julian, again showing off her strong thighs and doing that sexy purring thing that will have viewers adjusting their pants constantly. Before she can get the assfuck she so desperately craves, Careena has to suck his cock some more and beg for it. Her hot mouth earns her a big dick up the butt and once again Careena shows her true colors taking every inch and loving it. Great low angle close ups here show just how tight that little butthole still is as it grips Julian’s shaft on each stroke. She spins around again, just in time to take a monster stream of jizz right between the eyes. Great pop shot and Careena just sucks his cock clean. Another fantastic scene.

In the next scene, Careena hooks up with an even bigger black stud, Mr. Marcus. She wastes no time popping it into her mouth and going to town, working his huge tool to full length in no time. He likes the looks of her pussy so much, he has it for a midday snack. Careena is so in love with Marcus’ big cock that she practically loses her whole hand in her pussy while swallowing his prick. I’ve seen Mr. Marcus give some rather lackluster performances before, but he is on his game this time, slamming that fat salami up Careena’s tight tunnel until he nearly pushes her right off the bed.

Flat on her back, Careena pulls her legs back, pinning them behind her shoulders so that he can do some serious cervix bumping. I swear, he looks like he can’t believe how much she can take. It’s pretty amazing that a woman of her size can handle a pole this long and fat, but it makes for some white hot interracial fucking. I keep expecting to see the tip of his cock come out her mouth while he fucks her from behind. No anal this round, but Marcus does pull out and gives Careena a big, sticky facial for us to savor.

Having now mastered the art of taking on a single, huge cock, Careena takes the next step, working two rods to full stiffness. She brings Julian and Marcus both back for some double fun and she is in Heaven from the opening seconds of this scene. Now that she has one cock in her mouth and another in her pussy, Careena goes even wilder, bucking back and forth between the two men and making every inch of prick vanish in her tight, wet holes. You know, this is quite simply one of the best two on one fuck scenes you will ever see. Careena gets slammed by both guys and just bounces back every time, begging for more. Check out the interesting positions these guys find to put little Careena in, amazing and a nut buster for sure.

They roll her over into a piledriver and shove both cocks into her at the same time. If you like super sized DP action, here’s another reason to love this video. There is a whole lot of meat shoved into Careena’s lower orifices. Marcus slam fucks her ass, stretching that sphincter like mad. Julian loses it first and Careena has to get off fast so she can take his load in her mouth, licking up ever last drop he spews. That leaves just Marcus to further batter her pussy. Most starlets would be happy with that, but Careena takes the time to suck Julian’s cock, swallowing every inch of it like so much sweet candy. Julian doesn’t manage a second pop shot, but Marcus has enough to once again fill Careena’s hungry mouth with froth.

All right, the only thing amateur about this video might be the fact that the camera work is not always top notch. That, and the fact that Careena acts unlike any porn starlet you are likely to ever see. If you’re not a fan of Ms. Collins you may not love this tape as much as I did, but for me it was just incredible to watch her at her best for a full two hours. All four scenes are incredible. Fans if interracial sex with undoubtedly want to own this tape, but fans of deep throat, anal or rough sex will also want to get on board. In short, it’s one I highly recommend. Any woman who can wear Mr. Marcus out and still want more should be examined for future cloning experiments.


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