Interracial Fellatio 3


118 Mins.
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials.
STARS: Jessica, Alana, Porsha, Bobbi Bliss, Elena, Carmel, Sky, Kitten, Rikki Moans, Brown Sugar, Mia Mikels, Raquel Devine, Menage, Karma, Barrett Moore, Paris Blue.
Now, as oral sex month winds down, we come to a new twist to the old theme. Interracial Fellatio is another of Elegant Angel’s wall to wall cocksucking tapes, with, yes, you guessed it, interracial pairings. The layout is simple, but when you really think about it, isn’t this tape about more than just interracial oral sex? Isn’t a collection of white girls chowing down on big, black cocks and hot black babes wolfing down white wieners some more? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if all races could come together and just suck each other off? So, isn’t Elegant Angel really providing us with an important tool for world piece? (Hey, it could have been worse, I could have led with the mandatory Monica joke?)
Cute as a button Alana leads things off, showing off her tits and talking dirty in an alley next to a red sports car. That lasts for about a minute and she is on her knees next to the car, sucking a fat black dick hard in her mouth. Alana says she loves to have big cocks in her mouth, and it sure looks like it here. She lovingly works it in and out of her mouth, smiling with her eyes to the camera. The guy seems to be having some wood problems, but that just makes her work harder to get it to throb. Taking matters into her own hands, quite literally, double jerking his cock until it pops right into her mouth. Nice, very nice.
Menage is a sexy black woman with a tongue that could serve as a landing strip for small aircraft. She’s paired with an averaged sized white guy and devours him effortlessly. Not only is her tongue long, Menage also has great control of it and snakes it around his head seductively. Watching her sword fight with his cock should have a certain Washington big wig making frantic calls to meet this sexy woman. She doesn’t stop until she has sucked a sticky load right onto her nose, mouth and chin.
Bobbi Bliss crawls right over to the black dick waiting for her and swallows it to the root in one single stroke. She takes it so easily that the guy starts fucking her face and Bobbi never even begins to gag. All that deep throating leads to a whole lot of thick, nasty drool, but she is giving such great head it actually doesn’t bother me nearly as much as usual. In fact, I rather like watching this girl go nuts, sucking and swallowing this dick until she jerks a thick load into her mouth. Nice job here as she plays with his cum post popshot.
Bit titted Jessica loves to talk about sucking big, black cocks as she plays with her heavy hooters. Though far from the prettiest girl in porn, this woman knows what it takes to get guys off and with a body that is not unlike Heater Hart’s, aims to please with all her assets. That includes slipping his spit slicked shaft between her boobs and putting on a spectacular tit fuck display. Her blowjobs aren’t half bad either and Jessica has a wonderfully slutty mouth on her. Though she can’t swallow the huge cock, she does her best and could certainly play the White House Intern in the soon to be released porn classic, ‘All the President’s Women.’ (Dude, you already dropped the Lewinski smack for this review.) He drops a load down into her mouth, sending Jessica home happy.
Brown Sugar is a cocoa skinned sweetie with super tits but dental work that is straight out of James Bond. Damn, you come at most guys with chompers like that and they are gonna run home for fear of being Bobbitized. Once she gets her lips around the dick however, everything looks fine and she works her mouth like a first class hose beast. She too, has a fine set of tits for keeping a cock warm at night and uses them to add stimulation to her fine blowjob. After all that, the guy barely manages to dribble out a little cum for her open mouth.
Porsha is light skinned and they pair her with a black man in this video. Does that mean she is porn’s version of Mariah Carrey? She has no problem wit the dick given to her, working in long, slow strokes until her lips rest against his balls. Damn girl, if that feels as good as it looks, I think we all want some. Think you can show me some of that form during an interview? (Dude, personal requests belong in side notes, follow format.) Her smiling face gets a man-milk moustache showing Porsha just how good she really is.
Raquel Devine is another woman whose slutty charms far outweigh her average looks. She talks a great game and before she even puts it in her mouth, the scene has a great deal of aural appeal. Some more really nice tit fucking in this scene, making this video one of the very best I have seen for this activity in a long time. Her foul talking mouth gets filled with jizz even as she begs for more and more cum.
Caramel is really cute and I have seen this woman do some kick ass sex scenes. She has a great smile and is happy to tell Nicky Starks how much she wants to suck his cock. Like any sane white boy, he lets her do just that. Playful and skilled, this lovely woman devours cock the way we all love to see, lots of tongue action, deep sucking and a tons of eye contact. When it comes time to take her facial, Caramel rubs his spurting cock all over her lips. Lovely.
Kitten, Mia Mikels, Rikki Moans, Elena, Karma, Sky, Paris Blue and Barrett Moore are also along for the ride. This is another well shot blowjob tape from Elegant Angel. Not all of the girls are super cute, but even the less than Crawford-like in this bunch know how to suck a mean dick. Alana, Bobbi Bliss and Jessica all do fantastic knob polishing and fans of tit fucking will be as pleased as fans of sword swallowing after seeing these ladies use their funbags to enhance the oral experience.

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