Private Black Label Indecency




140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman


THEMES: Euro-Babes.


STARS: Kata Lynn, Andrew Youngman, Gabriella, Philippe Soine, Suzan Nielsen, Bob Terminator, Henrietta, Yanni Nickeur, Nicole, Zenza Raggy, Inese, J.P.X., Yelena Shieffer, Richard Langin, Raquel, James Brossman, Jolt Walton, Jeanette, Mike Foster, Bruno Sx,


Somehow when I pop a Pierre Woodman tape in the VCR, whether it is to review or just for my personal viewing enjoyment, I know that it will be an entertaining experience on many levels. When reviewing, there is always so much to talk about with his lavish locations and somewhat (for porn anyway) complex plot lines. On the personal viewing pleasure end, there always plenty of young Euro-hotties being wonderfully nasty to keep me, shall we say occupied, for a long time. This time, Woodman has taken his cast down to Rio for his take on the main stream title “Indecent Proposal.” (Remember that, it had every house frau in America asking the question, would I sleep with Robert Redford for a million dollars, and countless husbands of said tubs of goo muttering that they would peddle them on the street for beer money.) While I’m sure this is not the first time someone has taken on this story line, I am sure it is the first time it will actually be handled well.

Bruno (Andrew Youngman) and Isabelle are newlyweds on their honeymoon in Rio. To start things off right, we get them in bed right away. Isabelle (Kata Lynn) is typical of the Private girls, young, beautiful, leggy, shaved and silicone free. (But she does a single tattoo.) She shows how well she can attend to her wifely duties by swallowing nearly his whole cock effortlessly. He’s not huge but she a lusty look on her pretty face as she fucks her from behind for a long time before rolling her over on her side. It may be because I love legs so much, but this spoon position where the guy holds the woman’s thigh up is very attractive to me. Kata looks especially nice in this position, though she has the sort of body that seems to look good from every angle. Her ass sure looks good when she gets on top of him, nice and round with just enough jiggle to wonderfully soft. No anal consummation of this relationship yet, but she jumps off his dick and pumps a rather large load up into her mouth and onto her face. Nice shot here as Woodman has the camera linger on her smiling face as she sucks out every last drop. Great opening volley.

Elsewhere a couple of lawyers are engaged in some conversation. It bores one of them into a fantasy about the beautiful piano player who entertains them. (Pianos in a porn movie, what a butt kicking idea.) In his fantasy, the woman plays first for him and then with him. She pulls up her dress and exposes her shaved pussy. Anyone with fantasies about well dressed, high class looking women should really like this brunette. She starts sucking his cock while still in her full length gown. Don’t get me wrong, she still has the sexual skills of a trailer girl, she just looks more Park Ave. than …well, some street where poor people live. She even fucks with her dress on, pulling it down just far enough to expose her tits and up just far enough so we can watch her ass bounce up and down on this guy’s cock. He finally takes it off to fuck her on the table, but leaves her in her heels and hose. (Does Private ever show chicks totally naked?) This little pianist even takes it in the ass while lying belly down on the coffee table. (Hey, if you’re going to fantasize, you might as well go the full nine.) Some severe close ups here as she goes RCA on him for a while. (Hey, no condom. See, they are pounding it into me.) She hops off and takes an A2M shot right on her tongue.

Our horny lawyer (Philippe Soine ) is looking for a dress for his wife. He asks Kata to try one on for him, but she refuses. He can’t believe she turns him down and she runs right to a phone to tell her friend the tale. Her friend (Nicole) seems to be getting hornier by the minute and ends up telling her about a fantasy she has. In the fantasy, this pretty brunette is lying spread eagle in the middle of a huge bed when two blondes, one with short hair and one with long, but both possessing super fine asses, come in to worship her prone body. The short haired blonde is by far the better looking, but none of these women are the type you are going to kick out of bed for eating crackers if you know what I mean. When a couple of guys come in, sexual hell breaks loose on the huge bed. The blondes pair up with the too studs while their somewhat too skinny brunette friend fingers herself in a nearby chair. (Sorry, counting ribs is not my idea of fun.) The four way fuck is nicely shot, with all the performers very into each other and a mass of arms, legs, cocks, mouths and available holes just waiting to be filled. Again, the short haired blonde is hotter, both to look at and between the sheets. At one point she is being fucked from behind so hard her nice sized, all real tits are bouncing around and she is alternating between the other cock and her girlfriend’s pussy with her hungry mouth. She ends up taking a DP while her friend works on the wet pussy in the chair. Long hair returns to the bed in time to do some very nice looking anal cowgirl, really working her ass until it’s time for a quick dismount and handjob facial. (Her mouth never actually touches his dick, but he sprays a nice load up into her face.) The short haired girl takes her facial and keeps right on sucking until every drop is drained.

After that fantasy, Nicole goes into the bathroom where her husband is getting out of the shower. She explains that the young couple is in some trouble because he had just lost his job. What she really wants though, is his cock in her mouth. In spite her rail frame, this woman is too gorgeous from the neck up not to like. The guy bends her at the waist, pushes her panties aside and enjoys his wife’s charms in a most intense manner. You know, with her mounting and fucking him like that, I’m sure he feels great, but he’s just going to have to get back in the shower again when it’s all over. Proving that anal sex is not dirty, he bends her over the bathtub and crams her colon from behind. She helps him out with that second shower by cleaning his cock with her mouth, getting a wad of spooge on her face at the same time.

Finally our main players come together. The hot headed young groom is not happy to see the man who offered his wife a drink. They thump chests for a bit, they end up sitting down for a drink. He gets around to making the offer. A million bucks for one night with his wife. They storm out angrily, but you know where this is leading. Later that night, he brings up the offer and that sets his bride off big time.

The millionaire is not showing any ill effects from being turned down. He takes a ride on a boat with a couple of very lovely young ladies on board. As soon as they are away from shore, the two bikini clad hotties start sucking off their two male companions. Both girls are really pretty head to toe. These are the sort of women that made Private the mega company they are. I love the setting, the boat, the beautiful surroundings, but splitting the scene between the two couples cooled things down for me somewhat. It gets better when they move close enough to all fit in the same shot. It makes it easier for the DP and allows the girls to share the pair of cumshots they work from their guys.

Back at home, we see a bit of what has made this man so rich. Confronted with a general strike on one of his oil rigs, his selection of a leggy blonde to serve as his strikebreaker, is sheer genius. She sits down with three of the workers and listens to their grievances. After telling them that the company can offer them no more money, the sexy blonde offers them something even better, her body. Not a word of complaint from these three studs as they get to work drilling her in every orifice she has. She has a big, round ass that bounces up and down as she rides cock. I have to wonder about her oral talents though since she can’t seem to keep any of the guys hard while she sucks them. No such problems when they sandwich her between them and start DP’ing that big booty. In the end, all of their rigs end up spurting plenty oil all over her pretty face.

On the beach, our young groom in some serious trouble. He has gambled away all of their money. He starts telling his sad story to the millionaire’s wife (Gabriella) who promptly offers him a drink up in her room. He resists her obvious advances for a few minutes, but once the bikini clad brunette gets her mouth around his cock, there is no looking back. In fact when she starts riding him reverse cowgirl, we get a great shot of her whole body, still in the skimpy bikini. (I know someone was writing me about this, here is the scene for you.) Her bottoms come off later in the scene so we can watch him fuck her nice and hard. Both her pussy and ass get pounded in another very well shot scene between the young, horny groom and the slutty wife. Tremendous anal footage here, with some gaping and a lot of insertion shots as she holds her cheeks wide for his invading rod. The long doggy anal is capped with an A2M that leaves the millionaire’s wife nicely frosted.

This poor guy can’t win. His wife saw him with the woman so when he comes home, his wife is dressed in her hottest lingerie. She tells him she will take the man up on his offer and then divorce him. To see what happens, we ill have to wait for the next installment. Looking back on this movie, I really can’t see any flaws. The cast is gorgeous and all know how to fuck. While I would certainly hesitate to call this a couples film, the story is credible and the locations are gorgeous. Raincoaters will love the hot women and hotter sex, people who like a little film making with their smut will like the efforts and as long as your lady is OK with some hard pounding anal sex, you might just find it an useful tool in jump starting some hot sex of your own.

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