140 Mins.

THEMES: Latin Women, Outdoor Sex.
STARS: Dyana, Lyli, Candy, Melissa, Angie, Sofia, Victoria.
Someone just wrote me the other day looking for a good series with Latin women and what do I see on the shelf? A series from Diabolic that looks like it fits the bill and then some. Following the great example of the World Sex Tour from Anabolic, Diabolic has taken some American studs down to hunt for South American hotties who love to fuck and suck. With so few Latin ladies in American porn today, taking things right to the source seems like a fine idea to me. I wonder if I will remember enough from high school Spanish to understand a thing these hotties are saying.
The video opens with Dyana, a naturally busty babe and Vince Voyeur on the beach. With long, curly, reddish brown hair and very smooth skin, this girl has a number of attractive attributes, not the least of which is the way uses her mouth to get a rise out of the US porn stud. Their blowjob is interrupted so they move to a more secluded spot where Vince enters her from behind. This gets her good sized boobs rocking back and forth big time. Though she looks super tight, Dyana is able to drop her full weight down on Vince and bounce up and down on his shaft like she’s on a freaking pogo stick. She’s somewhat quiet, but smiles as she fingers her clit and Vince fucks her snug little slit. Anal seems to be a big deal to this girl and it takes a while for Vince to work his fat cock into her tight backdoor. Once in, he is able to build up a pretty good rhythm, just not in the ass. Vince drops a load on her face and Dyana flicks her tongue over his head as she says good-bye.
Lyli is a very pretty girl who catches Mr. Marcus’ eyes right off the bat. They share a rather intense kiss before he goes down between her soft, thin thighs for a mid day snack. When it’s her turn, Lyli has his cock hard in no time, working it with her lips and fingers. Great hand skills on this lovely young Latina. She’s rather petite, but her pussy is wet and Marcus is able to slide all the way home into her tight slit. Given the chance to get on top, Lyli squats and grinds away on his big cock like she just can’t get enough. He rewards her hard work with a face full of cum. Not bad for her first time on camera.
Candy and Melissa team up to take on Vince and Marcus. Melissa goes first, taking a standing poke from Vince while slowly working Marcus to full attention. When Candy sees that going on, she just has to try a little gringo dick as well. Both girls are petite, with small breasts and soft bodies. They are a bit sedate but quite skilled and athletic in their fucking. Lots of close up shots of their tight, wet pussies being pounded full of cock. The guys deliver side by side facials, ending a well shot, but not quite as hot as the others, scene.
Angie is a dark skinned Dominican girl with some seriously developed tongue skills. She and Vince are on the beach and she alternates between flicking the tip of her tongue over his head to some serious two fisted jerk/suck action. When Vince has her hop up and start fucking him RC, you can see that Angie had to shave down a rather huge bush. Other than that she’s OK looking. However, she does seem to love to fuck as much or more than most of the other girls in this video. Vince gives her a solid pounding then lets Angie return to that heavy mouth/hand action to milk a load down into her mouth. This little cutie isn’t happy until she has sucked every last drop of jizz from his rod.
Victoria is certainly the cutest girl in this tape and gives us a little solo show as a bonus. The long haired beauty works on her own pussy with a full four fingers. When that isn’t enough, she breaks out this two ended, silver bullet looking thing that fits in her pussy and ass at the same time. (Where do they get those wonderful toys?) Though this is just a preview scene with Victoria, it is more than enough to whet one’s appetite for this fine piece of femininity.
Before Victoria gets some dick, Sofia steps to the plate for her turn with a big bat in her mouth. Mr. Marcus provides her with all her pretty mouth can take and then some. This little hottie even manages to talk dirty in Spanish a little. Some more of this throughout the video would have been very cool, though I am sure it was hard to get these first timers to really let loose. Size is no problem for Sofia who takes all he can give her from behind until her round little butt is bouncing around like a holiday Jell-O mold. OK guys, why save the two hotties, Victoria and Sofia for the end of the video? Marcus pulls out of her shaved pussy and plants a seed on her belly. Sofia is not done yet though. She gives Vince’s dick a taste, sucking it like a seasoned pro. (One who just happens to look like a lovely, fresh faced Princess.) She quickly has his cock hard and ready to bound away on her shaved box. After a quick mish fuck, Sofia gets on her hands and knees and spread her cheeks. Vince works his fat cock into her tight butthole with no objections for the little Latina. Nice low-angle close ups as her pooper gets popped. We get so close you can actually see her sphincter gripping his dick on the way out all the way to a somewhat erratic facial pasting.
Something some of you might really enjoy is the cum-shot recap presented at this point. I would have loved it, were it not for the fact that each shot was in slow motion. Thankfully, these pops were in full motion during the scenes. Fans of facials, especially in slo-mo will appreciate this little add on.
Last but most certainly not least, we get to see lovely Victoria go all the way. Director Mike John saves the best looking lady for himself. (Could there be a more brilliant plan?) Of all the women in this video, Victoria is easily the most likely to have a huge porn career. This girl is seriously beautiful and wonderfully playful. (Oh yeah, and she seems to suck a mean dick as well.) When Mike pops rather quickly, Victoria licks the cum from her fingers, enjoying the salty snack. Not about to let this opportunity pass, Mike gets down and does some serious snatch sucking, brining Victoria to full froth while getting his ‘courage’ up to fuck her. She rewards him by going down and lapping at his asshole like I haven’t seen in a long time. Back at full mast, Mike lies on his back so Victoria can star bobbing on his dick. Great shots of her fantastic body as she grinds on him. Tits like that are a gift from God and I hope he spent a long time reflecting on just how fucking lucky was to have fucked such an incredible little hottie. At least when she rides him cowgirl we get some really nice POV close ups of her pussy and some even better shots of her unreal rack. This change in style to a first person helps make this the best scene in the movie. (Wait a director out fucking his studs? What’s next Greg Steel laying the wood to Tina Tyler?) Victoria finishes her incredible debut by letting him tit fuck her to a lovely facial cumshot. Memo to Diabolic. Go back down there, bring Victoria back and make her the first Anabolic/Diabolic contract girl. Damn, he isn’t done yet. (Bravo) After a brief and not all that successful anal, we get one more great point of view facial.
Once again, Diabolic packs plenty of action into two hours, twenty minutes. Most of the movie is very much like a World Sex Tour stop in Latin America, but what in the world could be wrong with that. The last two women are by far the best, but there is plenty to enjoy in each scene. Not a silicone breast in the bunch, very few tattoos and (I’m almost certain) no condoms in this vid either. Victoria is a super star waiting to happen, Sofia, Dyana and Lyli are nearly there and certainly hot enough to make me want to see more. As always, the lighting and camera work are good, the outdoor scenes are really nice and there isn’t a lot of chatter to get in the way of the hot sex. If you’re a fan of Latin women, this one is a must have and even if you’re not, it’s a winner.

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