Sunset, Inc




86 Mins.



THEMES: Story, Prostitution.


STARS: Sunset Thomas, Melissa Hill, Temptress, Rebecca Lord, Amber Michaels, Dalia, Lexington Steele, Steve Hatcher, Kyle Stone, Herschel Savage and Matt Zane.


Long before she found her way to Zane, I was not at all shy in my total lust for Sunset Thomas. She is the perfect combination of a great looks, killer bod and on screen charisma that makes for the perfect porn queen. Her sexual skills and obvious joy with her work are not exactly a drawback either. So far, Sunset has been used at the point woman for Matt Zane’s most adventurous work. Her supporting cast this time around would suggest that not only will the sex be hot in this movie, but that there might be some plot here. (Melissa Hill, Rebecca Lord, Herschel Savage and Kyle Stone are as good as this business has in terms of being able to pull off dialog.) How well that plot mixes with the sex is the key to any feature making the grade with me. Without great sex, all the plot and cool film making leave me flat, but when things come together (As they did in Zane’s ‘Sexual Species’) then there is something extra great about a porn feature. (OK, do you think people want a dissertation on feature porn? I’ll bet you the last Rolling Rock that people are more interested in what Sunset looks like sucking a cock than what you think about a scripted porn movie.)

Matt Zane has himself in his movie as a pool boy getting an eye full of a topless Thomas lounging at poolside. When his gawking angers Herschel Savage, it’s Sunset to the rescue. She reminds the angry Savage that the poor boy is a little slow and offers to give him something to take his mid off his troubles. For kicks, she wants to do it right there, no matter who is watching. Few women look any better with a dick in their mouths than Sunset, so starting things off with a nicely shot blowjob sequence is an outstanding start to the action. As Sunset straddles Herschel’s face she swallows his sword, showing off great oral skills and her gorgeous face. After putting a condom on, Herschel is ready to let the beautiful blonde ride his rod. After a rather quick single position fuck, Sunset gets on her knees and lets Herschel fuck her tight little asshole doggy style. Great camera shots here of this gorgeous ass and mouth watering pussy. After switching to missionary for a few moments, Hershel drops a small load on her tight belly.

Sunset is some sort of super high powered player, mixing high finance with high treason it seems. When Lexington Steele arrives with a special chip, Sunset closes the deal with him by offering the lovely Amber Temptress as compensation. This Amazonian Goddess is nearly as tall as he is and more than ready to swallow the challenge of his massive rod. I dig tall women (Mrs. Rog nears the six foot mark herself) so I may be a bit biased, but Temptress is the absolute picture of leggy perfection. Those legs spread wide to let Lexington shove his long cock into her shaved slit. It’s a damn good thing she is so tall, because he actually slams that whole thing up her pussy. In mish and then in doggy, Lex lets Temptress feel the full twelve inches of solid, black love he is packing.

Herschel is having quite a bit of fun slapping the pool boy around. There is a bit of surprise in store for him that leads to the stunt and fight segment of our program. If I give it away, I will fuck up the surprise. Let’s just say that Matt isn’t who seems to be and Sunset has a tail on her as she goes to complete her dirty deal. She delivers the chip to Zach Thomas and Melissa Hill and while they await the mysterious client, the three get nice and friendly. (Thank you lucky stars Zach.) These two women are beyond beautiful and both of them suck cock like it’s required for continued breathing or something. Melissa does all the sucking here, with Sunset working her tongue into some sweet pussy as Zach just sits back and smiles. He gets around to fucking Sunset as well in some well shot table top missionary. Melissa’s ass gets the popshot, with Sunset there to rub it in.

More of the plot is revealed as Kyle Stone shares time with the lovely Amber Michaels. Kyle puts her into a piledriver and has a lot of fun playing with her pieced pussy. She is quite an enthusiastic performer, sucking Kyle’s cock with equal parts gusto and skill. I’ve noticed in other scenes that in reverse cowgirl, Amber’s strong thighs and energetic fucking is a really beautiful thing and thankfully, we get plenty of that here. We also get a long close-up of her stuffed slit from below as Kyle fucks her doggy. After whipping off his condom, Kyle sprays her lovely, upturned ass with a very nice load. (Should have been on her face.)

Another well shot fight and chase scene ensues, Sunset hooks up with two of her most dedicated workers, Dalia and Rebecca Lord for some three way lesbian lust. Rebecca and Sunset seem instantly into each other and dominate the scene with a really passionate scene. The lighting is a bit orange here, but the focus is on pussy and the tongues that lap it. Sunset breaks out a dildo near the end and starts fucking Dalia with it. This poor girl is in over her head with Sunset and Rebecca working her over. On the other hand when she gets the strap on around her waist, Dalia does a fine job fucking Sunset full of plastic cock, even busting that beautiful butt. Rebecca finishes off the action by taking a hard fuck from behind thanks to Sunset’s strong hands.

This is another feature film from Matt Zane with a central plot holding together some very hot sex, good fight scenes and plenty of fast action. If most features try to capture the couples audience, Zane seems to be going after the kung-fu crowd. (Hey it beats watching porn stars try to do bad Tarantino dialog.) Sunset Thomas turns in another fine performance, handling her dialog just fine, but really shining in her sex scenes. Her three way with Melissa Hill is quite well done. Temptress is the other sexual highlight of the movie. Her scene with Lexington should cement her place as a fast rising super slut. Next time let’s hook Sunset up with Lexington and really rock the house. Better than average sex, good technical quality (The outdoor scene with Sunset and Herschel is crystal clear.) and some well done fight and action sequences make this a very watchable, highly enjoyable piece of strokeable smut.

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