Show And Tell




87 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Judy Blue/Paul Thomas


THEMES: Interracial Sex.

STARS: Kobe Tai, Stephanie Swift, Lexi Leigh, Julie Rage, Sindee Coxx, Krista Maze, Gina Rome, TT Boy, Claudio, Tommy Gunn, Alex Sanders and Byron Long.


Normally, I review about two Vivid movies a year and those are usually the big ones, but consider this a sort of bonus Vivid review. When this movie came my way I decided to give it a quick pop in the VCR just so my eyes could feast on the beauty that is Kobe Tai. The fact that she is paired with a top notch supporting cast only makes the prospects that much better that I might actually like this movie. Besides, with Kobe in the mainstream film “Very Bad Things”, now is as good a time as any to take a look at the skills that helped Kobe land that role.

We start out with Kobe in make up being interviewed by PT. She talks about getting her HIV test, (This was three years ago), her upbringing and even how she lost her cherry. She is so totally at home in front of the camera, no hesitation and Kobe is incredibly charming. She tells the story of how she ended up at Vivid, her thoughts on the whole prostitute vs. porn star thing and tells us her favorite sexual position. With that out of the way, Kobe watches as Gina Rome and Claudio got at each other. Watching the somewhat less than average looking Gina has an effect on Kobe and she happily accepts Claudio’s cock into her mouth when he brings it over. Watching this beautiful face sucking cock is such an incredibly erotic sight, I don’t think I could do it justice no matter how hard I tried. The scene is rather oddly paced and Thomas uses some different, occasionally annoying camera angles. All the fucking seems really choppy, as if put together by a meth fiend with acute attention deficit disorder. Really a shame, because Kobe, when we can see her, is stunning as always.

Julie Rage is up next and she starts out talking about her “recent retirement.” No, not from the business, but from the Army. Her conversation revolves mostly around her love of bondage and other fetish types of performances. PT is making a point to ask each performer if they are turned on by the fact they are about to fuck someone they just met. In this case, it’s Julie and Byron Long who are about to go from strangers to friends in a the blink of an eye. Funny how having a woman suck your dick will get a man to let down those defenses rather quickly. Again the action is poorly paced, with Julie sucking dick for a minute or so then Byron fucking here. Hey PT, where’s the GD fire, MF? He gives her a minute and a half in a couple of vaginal positions before he turns her over and sticks the first third or so of his dick up her ass. It’s too big to fit all the way in, so he finally pulls out and sprays her butt with cum.

Krista Maze is up next, telling us how she got into the biz and how she was a good girl all through school. She is paired up with Sindee Coxx who really comes off well in her interview. This woman is so damn sexy it’s almost unbelievable. Of course, she is paired in a veggie scene which is a rather huge disappointment for me, but maybe it will turn out for the best. Sindee is looking nicely unthin and talks about her implants. Certainly setting off the Mulder-like conspiracy radar in some people, she actually has the audacity to say she got them by her own choice and that she enjoys them. Both these women do get into their scene with each other, but again, the pacing is bad, and the scene is really short.

Stephanie Swift begins talking about her still modeling career. PT asks Steph if she will ever get implants and she says no. (Shockingly, no one comes in and clubs her or anything.) Even at this early stage in her career, the on screen ease and charm is clear. This woman was destined to be a star from day one. TT Boy arrives on the scene to put young Stephanie through her paces. They are a dynamic pair who both know how to fuck, but tell me, how can you possibly cut away from Stephanie sucking dick in less than eighty seconds. Even better, tell me how you get through a blowjob and three position fuck in seven minutes? The facial is nice, but slow the fuck down.

Lexi Leigh and her SO Tommy Gunn doing the interview as a couple. (Wow, from this at nineteen to White Trash Whore at 21, long road Lexi.) Is it me, or does PT sound bored with her? Not that Lexi is a rocket scientist or anything, but she answers all his questions and agrees not to get implants when he asks. (But I thought Vivid was part of the great evil triad designed to force onto an unsuspecting public.) (Thank you for chiming in Oliver Stone.) Tommy comes back into the room and the sex begins. He actually goes down on her, a first for this film. Of course his, plus her blowjob and the first fuck position are over in one minute forty five seconds. The doggy and modified missionary last longer and Lexi is a willing and fun fuck, but still, this microwave sex is pissing me off.

Kobe is back, this time talking about anal sex. I am almost never attracted to women this thin, but she is just so damn beautiful I can hardly stand it. To this point, Alex Sanders had been the only porn guy in her tight little ass and guess who gets to fuck her now? He sucks and fucks her shaved slit for a while before letting Kobe get a taste of her sweet juices off his rod. Kobe sticks her ass high in the air to let Alex fuck her from behind for a while, but that is only the warm up. Making him watch, she slides a vibrator in and out of her ass, teasing him before letting him go where so few have gone before. This is the best sexual action and easily the best paced scene of the movie. We actually get to enjoy watching Kobe get sodomized for a good long time. Then, as a bonus, she gets back on her knees and sucks him right into her open mouth. No doubt about it, this woman is one super fine porn starlet.

There are two extremes to this video. On the hand, as an interview piece, it is really good. PT asks some interesting questions and nearly all the women can carry on conversations. Kobe, Julie and Stephanie are especially nice to listen to. All the women are nice to look at and technically, this vid is solid. Now for the downside, and it’s a big one. The sex, though good, is so choppy and so rushed that it is rendred nearly limp. What was PT’s hurry? It’s almost like he did this movie as a side project and really didn’t give a shit if he had enough action for people to wank to. (One eye on the cable market perhaps?) That said, the final Kobe scene is pretty damn hot. Sindee Coxx is wasted in a boring lesbian scene, Julie Rage’s interracial anal is nicely shot, but way too short. The Stephanie Swift is a high energy pairing, but only strokeable if you rewind it about three times or suffer from severe premature ejaculation. Fans of Kobe may like it for the final scene, but Thomas needs to pay more attention to the sex and maybe not be so fond of the cutting room.

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