Face Fucked 3



83 Mins.
Tight Ends
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials.
1998 (7/98)
STARS: Torri, Fonda French, Kelsey Heart, Shelbee Myne, Cassandra Knight, Elle DeVyne, Trixxi Starr, Sheli Sinz, Gina Ryder, Cherry.
Here we go, all oral tape number six this month. This time, it’s from a series I have never seen before, but the girls on the cover are pretty hot looking, so that’s a good start. Theoretically, a good cast in a blowjob movie should assure a good tape. If you don’t totally screw up the camera work and the women can suck cock, you’re three quarters home. Add some guys who can keep it hard, girls who can talk a bit and let the camera linger some on the cum streaked faces and you have a winner. Can the makers of FaceFukced 3 stick to this simple formula? Let’s find out.
There are ten girls in this video, so most, if not all of them are going to get the full treatement. Torri is first, and she is quite deserving of the full treatment, in every way. This little blonde starts out talking, moves to sucking and even gets in a little handjob, all in the first two mintues of her scene. I really like the plain background used her, it makes Torri stand out more and this girl really is pretty. Nice camera work here, with a lot of POV close ups on this lovely mug as she sucks, jerks and whispers her way into the hards and minds of the audience. She has some good technique, even if it’s rather shallow. That pretty face and hot hand action works fine, bringing a load of cum right onto her tits. (Something wrong with a facial?)
Fonda French is rather attractive and would be more so if all the blonde had already grown out of her hair. She starts out slow, teasing the head and doing her best to fuck it with her firm, medium sized tits. Eventually, she unleashes the big guns, taking him all the wa to the base and just holding his cock in her throat for a long time. Really nice move, even if he is only moderately hung. Great cocksucking here and this time, she gets a single, rather strong stream of cream right in her mouth. Nice job.
A sexy blonde, Kelsey Heart, starts off going as deep as she can then pulling out to tell us all how good it feels. Her has a small tattoo on one breast and a piercing in the other nipple and both are noticable as she taps his rod on her small rack. Kelsey talks more than the first two girls and bears some resemblance to PJ Sparxx (Except that she is a lot more alive.) She takes most of his load right into her mouth and lets a little of it dribble out at the end.
Shelbee Myne comes out with the hottest talk of the bunch so far. She just can’t seem to keep the dick in her mouth very long because she spends so much time telling us all how much she loves cock. (Quick comparative study here if I may. Remember all the ranting I do about Max or whoever doing all the talking. Can anyone honestly tell me they would rather hear a guy’s voice while beating off than listening to this? Seriously.) When she stops talking an starts sucking, it’s quite hot and she manages to stroke a good load into her mouth with furious fist action.
Cassandra Knight is up next and she’s another blonde, this time with a pretty sizable rack on her. She is not afriad to use her tits to enhance the blowjob. Cassandra does an all right job, but she just can’t compete with Shelbee in looks. Of course, what she lacks in looks she makes up for in sheer desire to make her man pop. In no time, she is tasting tangy tubesteak tartar.
Elle DeVyne is a performer who is always plenty hot and before she even makes it all the way to the dick she is to suck, things have heated up considerably. She looks fantastic and wraps her real tits around the already hard cock and starts bobbing up and down. I realize an entire tape of tit fucking would get really boring, but it sure spices up the blowjob tapes, particualarly when someone like Elle is bringing the boobs to the party. Of course, this leaves her mouth open to talk nice and dirty in between long, deep strokes. This woman would be one super fun time at a party, don’t you think? While staring into the camera, she strokes his cock and begs for a big, sticky load. In the end, that is exactly what she gets, a mouth full of vitimin Bill that should last her all the way toWashington. (Intern jokes getting a little more shaky with ever review Rog.)
Trixxie Star is a dark skinned black woman who loves to tease as she sucks. Taking the whole cock down her throat seems to be no problem at all, so she just has fun with it. I have to say that one thing this video does as well, if not better than any other blowjob series, is let the women do some talking. (Teasing and getting downright dirty.) Trixxie’s talking is way above average and her dick sucking passes the grade as well. Great tongue action and she looks like she swallow just about any cock lucky enough to pass through those lips. Got to love the way she takes a facial as well. Really good, high energy blowjob scene.
Sheli Sinz is a slightly older woman who also has a decent gift for gab. She uses the no-hands method of sucking cock, working her mouth double time to get this guy off. Compared to the other women, she isn’t as pretty or as skilled, but all in all, she isn’t a bad sucker. The facial gets away from her a bit when the guy sprays all over the place.
Gina Ryder is a really fantastic fuck, but how will she fare in an oral only scene? I love her eyes and looking down at her bikini clad tits is a fine looking view as well. She stares right into the camera and like a lot of the other women, is very name specific in her dirty talk. (If your name happens to be Kevin, this will be a personal masturbation tape.) Every move she makes is tantalizingly slow, the deep strokes, her tongue on his balls, even her hand action seems to be blissfully painful. She speeds up a bit at the end in order to work a load from his cock and happily gets rained on like a good little face fucker.
Last, but most certainly the single reason I grabbed this video off the shelf, is Cherry (Now known as Stryc9) She crawls right up to Mark Anthony and starts sucking on his super fat, black cock like it’s candy. Only the head of it will fit in her mouth, but she looks so amazing, who cares? Besides, she has great tongue action, outstanding hand movement and coos over his stick like it’s only there for her to worship. I keep waiting to see her take that big stick between her all too perfect tits, but alas, we have to settle for cocksucking all the way. However, the cumshot is faked. Why on earth would this guy not be shooting all over that face. Let me in there, I’ll get the job done. Still a nice scene up until that point.
So, on that really down ending note, how do I see this video? No doubt there is a lot of super hot, sexy talk and I always like that. I also really like the background in this video. It takes nothing away from the women and I applaud the video for that as well. A couple of the women are super hot, but most fall in the average looking, average cocksucker category. Of course, it doensn’t help when the best thing you have going for your movie is a woman who ends up not even getting a real cumshot. Still, Cherry gives the best blowjob on the tape, followed by Torri and Elle. It’s good, it’s different in that the women really get to talk a lot and I did like it. Better looking women would have put this tape right at the top of the field.


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