Coed Cocksuckers 3


91 Mins.
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials, Co-eds.
1997 (12/97)
STARS: Lexi Erickson, Obsession, Alex Dane, Shelbee Myne, Kiki Morgan, Heaven Leigh, Angelica Del Sol, Alice, Gaile, Meagan Reed, Foxy.
Remember when I reviewed “Gang Bang Auditions”? I was shocked to find these things didn’t just happen spontaneously, and now I find out all that fantastic oral action in porn is not just natural talent on display, but the result of countless hours in the classroom, a rigorous training program and a healthy dose of homework. It seems starlets must also spend a good deal of time under the tutelage of professor Matt Zane if they want to make the grade and get a diploma from Zane U. (Well sure, they have the best cock sucking curriculum in the country, but why don’t they offer a course in advanced film critique?) This batch of ‘students’ is filled with some women who have to be considered some of the very best cock suckers in all of porn. Now we get to see how they got that way.
What makes this blowjob series somewhat different is the little set up for each scene. The professor examines each girl, in this case, Dave Hardman measures Alice to make sure she has the physical tool before ever letting her try her hand at sucking cock. (If that was supposed to be a pun jackass, it missed the mark.) Alice, the coed in the first scene, is a Czech girl with long black hair, a decent face (except for needing an orthodontist in the worst way) and shaky English skills. Luckily for her, a wet mouth is more important at Zane U. than actually being able to speak. Alice has such a wet, accommodating mouth that Dave has to really test her by using both a dildo and a dick to fill her up. When even that is no problem for her, Dave drops the dildo and jerks a small load right into her mouth.
Alex Dane, in addition to being unbearably cute, is a fantastic cock sucker. She wants into the class and has to pass the initial exam from Professor Steve Hatcher. After a quick bit of measuring, Alex takes over and the scene becomes a work of art. (Art? Well, close enough.) Nice close ups shots of her face as she sucks and strokes his cock, milking it for all she’s worth. A bit too much drool for my taste, but only for a moment. Besides, if I said Alex was perfect, someone would get bent out of shape, wonder if there was a cash payment involved, I would get pissed, it would ruin the enjoyment of watching Alex suck dick, and quite frankly, nothing is worth that. (What are you babbling about?) (Look folks, Alex Dane’s blowjobs have driven the Rog bus right over the sanity cliff.> (Oh, imagine what would happen if I actually got to experience, first hand�.) Alex does the two dildo in her mouth thing as well, but her best work is on Hatcher’s hard rod. When it comes time for Alex to pass the final test, she does so with open mouth, sucking every last drop of cum for Steve’s cock. Great close up shots here at the end by Zane of this very sexy face dripping with goo.
Dave Hardman gets to tutor Obsession with her cocksucking homework. You see, at Zane U. a woman must pass cocksucking 101 in order to graduate and Dave is just helping out. After doing the whole mouth measurement thing, Dave does something that may have a number of you cringing. He takes the stud in Obsession’s tongue and fucks his piss slit with it. Somehow she ends up with entirely too much drool on her face. Yes, I know it feels good to have a wet blowjob, but all that thick spit hanging from a woman’s mouth is pretty damn stomach churning. Thankfully, she wipes it off, because I like looking at this sexy girl with a dick in her mouth. Her mouth can handle the dildo as well. (Which proves what? That if you have a buddy, you can rub your dicks together in her mouth?) When she takes her facial, Obsession just keeps right on stroking his cock, letting us enjoy the sight of her cum streaked face for a while.
Kiki Morgan wants to get a job as a tutor so Steve Hatcher has to put her through some special tests. (Which seem to be the same as before, but who is really paying THAT much attention to the dialog?) Maybe they threw it in there since she is clearly too old to be a coed at Zane U. While she does all the things required of her to pass the class, there is something just not up to par with this scene.
Heaven Leigh brings the level of oral action right back up to the top shelf. She’s adorably cute and about as sexy as anyone could want. (And to cut off the snipes, I was saying that long before she made it known she was reading.) If she is supposed to be a freshman at Zane U. then this girl got an early start because her sucking skills are way above average. (And Rog vanishes for a moment, lost in his own fantasy world.) The dick looks huge in her hands, but Heaven sucks it like it’s the sweetest piece of meat she has ever tasted. Is there anything better than a really pretty woman who knows how to suck dick on camera? Maybe sucking two dicks? I still don’t get the whole cock and dildo thing, but hey, Ms. Leigh has her mouth full and I am all for that. In the end, she gets a rather dribble like shot, but gulps it down like a shot of whiskey. Heaven, need help studying for your final?
Gaile is the first woman to get Rick Masters into the game. She comes looking for help with her skills and he gladly pops his prick into this exotic woman’s waiting mouth. (Exotic being a nice way of saying I don’t know which Asian heritage would be correct here. She’s not bad looking and doesn’t seem to be lacking in the ability to suck a dick. Then again, I’m not the expert. Professor Masters seems impressed but doesn’t stop her from taking him in long, deep strokes. Perhaps she needs to learn to swallow more instead of letting so much of it drip on her dress. (Oh no, here it comes.) Or maybe when she leaves Zane U, Gaile wants to be a White House Intern.
Meagan Reed is having some problems getting into Zane U. so Professor Hardman agrees to give her some special courses designed to help her get her foot in the door. (Somehow I don’t think her feet have a thing to do with it.) With her cap on backwards, Meagan gets to work sucking his dick quite nicely. Anyone have an idea why a woman with this nice a face didn’t make it bigger? (And yes, I am aware that in her get up, this would have been a good place for an affirmative action joke, but I decided to take the high road.) Dave seems to be running out of spunk, but he gives Meagan a shiny sperm goatee. I say let her in, just make her take extra study courses.
Shelbee Myne, Foxy and Angelica Del Sol did not make the cut. They were all right, but space is getting short here and the rest of the class is just a step above here. Alex Dane graduates with highest honors in this class, but the real winners are the guys who get to teach these hotties the ins and out of life at Zane U. Meagan Reed and Heaven Leigh are the other underclassmen I would like to see for some private lessons. While the mouth measuring and dildo/dick in the mouth at the same time stuff didn’t do much for me, the rest of this video was just fine. Well shot, with plenty of good looking girls and heaping helping of penile pudding planted on pouting puckers. (Puckers? Is that even a word?)

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