Lesbian Cheerleader Squad 1


115 Mins.
Jim Gunn Productions
THEMES: Cheerleaders, Lesbian Sex, New Girls, Young Girls, Strap Ons.
STARS: Gina Rae, Leah Lauren, Cat, Denee Dreams, Brianna Coates, Ashley Heart, Kelly Cox.
I’ve always said that you really can’t go wrong with cheerleaders when you want to get male porn fans excited about a movie. Combine this universal theme with some very young looking, fresh faces, throw them all together in a veggie pile up and you have all the makings of an entertaining, sexy smut vid. If you’re looking for more of an opening, maybe I should re-state the key elements here. Young girls, in cheerleader uniforms having lesbian sex. (OK, let’s plug director Jim Gunn since he did put this whole thing together.)
Cat and Denee Dreams are our narrators and head cheerleaders for LCS. As they tell us, their squad is the best in the whole county, in part because all the girls are bi-sexual. Denee, a cute redhead, starts out telling us a story about how she and Ashley once came home from getting their belly buttons pierced. Three guesses how the girls spend the rest of their day. Denee appears to be the more aggressive of the pair, spreading her cute friend’s thighs and going to work on the young cheerleader. I love the fact that Denee can lock both of her ankles behind her head while letting Ashley lick away at her inviting slit. I’d like to see Ashley a bit more enthusiastic, but a body this ripe is worth watching no matter what.
Cat tells us a story about Brianna and how she recruits new girls. These two girls share a really deep kiss before sucking some boobie. For those of you who like watching young girl work each other over with huge toys, the girls break out a massive vibe to please each other. As in the first scene, the uniforms stay on during the sex, so guys who dig the short skirts and tennis shoes will want to keep the lotion handy. The rather large tats sort of take away from the youth angle, but since that isn’t my favorite thing about this scene, it doesn’t bother me much.
Stacey Sweet is a blonde who also hooks up with busty Ashley. They share a hammock and enjoy some generous tit play before settling down to business. Ashley’s shaved pussy looks delicious and Stacey moves her tongue around it as she fucks her new friend with two fingers. Again, Ashley is a little quiet, but she just looks so good and Stacey is such a tight little piece of ass, that I can’t help but want to slip right in there with this pair.
What would a lesbian flick be without some strap on sex. After the big homecoming game, a hot quartet of cheerleaders start making out by the pool. The best part about this is seeing Stacey and Ashley hook up again. Many of you already know that Gunn does the most popular strap on series in the history of porn (Strap On Sally) so it’s no surprise that the toy assisted fucking is as good as it gets here. I still say Ashley’s pussy would make a great snack. The fake cocks are pretty damn big, but these athletic honeys are more than happy to lube them up with their hungry mouths. Watching these cuties fuck each other is great veggie porn, but wouldn’t any one of these babes look great fucking actual guys? Still, as lesbian sex goes, this scene is another winner.
Cat hooks up with another blonde for a little one on one action. I’m not so sick of veggie sex that I can’t recognize a couple of very cute girls doing their best to drive each other nuts with anticipation. The new girl has a very meaty, inviting pussy and Cat makes sure to explore it with her fingers and tongue. She also uses one of those huge vibrators on her for a few minutes before leaning back and enjoying some action herself. Cat is better able to take that monster and gets fucked nicely while bent over. (And still in her uniform.)
Denee has her own one on one story about brunette Gina. I dig this chick’s short haircut and strong thighs. Gina isn’t at all shy and tells Denee exactly what she wants. They exchange labe lapping on a blanket before standing up for more. I don’t know about you guys, but this is the way I always imagined the cheerleaders spending their afternoons when I was in school. They add a little pussy grinding to the mix and check out the way Gina and Denee talk dirty. Sweet.
Gina and Lea join Denee and Cat for a final celebration. Their team wins the championship so the squad comes home to fuck each other silly. As a cheer squad, these chicks pretty much suck, but when it comes to hot lesbian love, they know their shit. Even though we’ve been to the same well many times in this movie, the quality of the babes makes this worth a look. (Not to mention the uniforms if those are what turn you on.) Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen pom poms used quite like this in a video. Short skirts and strap-ons take center stage as the girls work each other over. (See, wouldn’t Gina look great sucking a real cock?) How often do we get to see four such fresh chicks going at each other? (Not often enough I would say.)
There are four things to keep in mind when watching this movie. If you like any of the four, you will want to take notice, if you like all four, you will want to run right out and buy a copy for yourself. First, if you’re into young girls, this one is packed with chicks fresh out of high school. (Actually it’s more likely they are fresh out of the tittie bars, but they look fresh out of HS.) Additionally, if you are tired of the same chicks in every video, these are all new babes, though I wouldn’t call this an amateur movie by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously, you are going to want to be a fan of veggie sex to really enjoy this one all the way through. Finally, if you happen to like cheerleaders or cheer uniforms, then you will be delighted to see that all the girls keep their uniforms on for most of the action.
I happen to like strap on sex and cheerleaders do look good fucking each other, so I liked it even though I am not all the hot for all girl movies. Still, I’d say this is the best veggie flick I’ve seen in a long time.

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