Sugar Daddy 18




91 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings

Fallen Angel

THEMES: Younger Women with Older Men.

CONDOMS: None Noted

1999 (10/98)

STARS: Candy Apples, Lovette, Payton Taylor, Carmen Caspian, Lydia Splitz, Holly Landers, Candy Daze, Pandora.


Anyone who has seen Dave Cummings’ Sugardaddy videos knows that he is one of the hardest working men in the biz. I know he’s in great shape (and not just for a guy ‘his age’ but for a guy any age) however I am a little worried about him this time. He’s got Candy Apples and Lovette in the same movie. These two women are likely to fuck the dicks off a whole battalion of studs, but Dave is ready to brave them both all by himself. As if these two fireballs weren’t enough, he’s got a whole cast of young hotties lined up and waiting for some of Dave’s sugar stick.

Right off the bat, Dave breaks out the heavy artillery, letting Candy strut her stuff. She plays, hold on to your hats, a porn star who happens along while Dave is enjoying some time in the sun. He can’t believe it’s really her until she shows him the tats across her then still real rack. Ever the porn star, Candy gets right down and takes his cock into her mouth. Right there in the bright sun, Ms. Apples devours Dave’s dick like few in the world can. Dave returns the favor, using the hood of his car for some pussy eating then fucking Candy across the front seat of his car. They head to finish things off, but she can’t even wait that long before getting another taste of his rod. Dave gives Candy a very high energy boff in the middle of his bed and the blonde cockhound loves every stroke. Remember what I said about Candy possibly fucking the cock right off some guy? Well, it looks like that’s just what she’s trying to do to Dave here, grind those hips until the unit just snaps. Instead, he pulls out and shoots a load of hot cream all over her shaved slit. Candy is the perfect porn star.

Dave takes Carmen to his favorite eatery. It’s his fave hang out not only for the good food, but also because they let him nail chicks in the back room. (The Health Department can’t be digging that idea.) It looks like this young brunette likes a little extra sausage in her mouth and between those thighs. Dave fucks her briefly before they head home. Carmen is a little thick in the backside, but her pussy is pretty and she seems to really like getting it filled. A little thick around the middle, Carmen has a sweet, chubby little pussy (Her pussy is chubby, which is different than a chubby girl’s pussy) and shows some nice flexibility during the sex. Dave drops a nice load on her mouth.

Candy Daze looks so young it’s almost scary. Her pussy is ripe and sweet looking as Dave licks her on the bar. With such a fresh faced beauty, you can imagine Dave really enjoys the sight as he looks down at her face while she sucks. Though this is only her second movie, Summer looks well versed in the ways of fucking, taking his dick in her shaved slit and skillfully grinding her slim hips. That pretty young face takes a nice blast of penile protein, closing out a fun scene. Where did Candy go anyway?

When Payton is left alone, she has to play with her pussy until Dave comes back. As soon as she sees him, the slutty brunette takes his cock in her mouth and wraps her thighs around his head for some quick 69. Someone really wound this girl up and turned her lose because she rides cock like a sexual rodeo champ. I like her real tits and anyone who loves fucking this much always keeps my attention. Dave gives more than her attention however, spooging all over her clit and letting the dirty girl suck him clean.

Pandora and Dave do a little role playing. She’s a doctor and Dave complains of erection problems. To help cure his slow wood, Dr. Pandora shows him her well sculptured rack and plays with his rod. That works well enough for the doc to take it in her mouth. Pandora is a pretty good looking blonde who sucks a mean dick. Since he’s got a full hard on, Dave decides he might as well use it on her pussy. They have a quick fuck with her pussy getting a full shot of cum.

Lydia Splitz is not all that good looking, especially compared to some of the cuties in this video, but she sure is happy to have Dave’s dick to suck on. I know a lot of you really like to see new faces, so you might enjoy this quickie with Lydia more than I did. I saw this scene as more of a throw away, and it’s a good time to get something to drink while waiting for the fun to come.

Speaking of fun, super busty suck slut Lovette is up next. She does a nice verbal tease telling us all how much she wants to fuck Dave and how big his cock is. (Hey, porn critics need this kind of too Lovette.) By the time she actually gets to suck on that cock, I imagine more than half the guys watching are as stiff as Dave himself. As great as she is with a cock in her mouth, Lovette’s pussy is the real treat here. She is amazingly flexible and she shows that off as Dave slams into her pussy. If you like enthusiastic fucks, then you are going to love this scene. Lovette goes to her hands and knees to take it in the ass. It’s short, but fucking hot.

Finally, Holly Landers get a chance to shine. (Tough to follow that last scene, but she’s pretty cute.) Dave recruits her at a local post office and takes her home to make her a star. She jerks him off and even sucks him a little on the way home, but once they get back to Dave’s place, Holly really kicks things into high gear. Very vocal when a dick isn’t in her mouth, Holly seems to be fucking as much for pleasure as for the money and that always makes me smile.(She’s either a real slut or a good actress and either way, my hat is off to her.) Making us all proud, Dave gives her the high hard one until she screams her way through a series of climaxes. He leaves his load on her little pookie.

As always, Dave brings us a nice collection of young women, treats them well, fucks them nice and hard and leave everyone with a smile. There are a couple of young cuties in this one, with Candy Daze being just about the freshest thing going. Additionally, Cummings has hooked up with two of porn’s hottest, nastiest cock hounds, Candy Apples and Lovette. I’m telling you, any man who can do both of these women, at any age deserves a hearty hats off. Watching these two go at it, is more than enough reason to check this one out.

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