Planet Max 1


82 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
THEMES: Young Girls, Throat Fucking, Public Sex
2000 (6/99)
STARS: Anastasia Blue, Melody Love, Ryan, Beautina, Teena and Max Hardcore.
The most talked about pornographer of the 90�s has put his name on a number of video lines over the years. This is the first volume of his new line, �Planet Max.� Looking at the back of the box, I can�t see how this is going to be any different his other lines, but hey, why mess with a formula that has been so successful. (Oh, don�t act so shocked, just because I don�t always like Max�s stuff, doesn�t mean I don�t recognize how popular it is.) Spanning the globe to bring you very best in young fuckholes, Max Hardcore proudly presents his latest, shot on video, splatterfest.
Max starts out that the LA Convention Center at the Erotica LA Show. Cameras are not allowed inside, but Max comes out with Anastasia who looks delicious in her shorts and little top. He teaks her to the top of a parking structure and puts the back of his SUV to good use. Nothing like adding a little semi-public sex to the mix to keep things fresh. The footage may not be as up close or as well shot as you would expect from Max, but you have to make allowances for this kind of creative location fucking. I like Anastasia a whole lot, so watching her fuck is fun. As always, I could do without hearing the constant drone of Max�s voice as he assfucks the little blonde. The camera moves in tight one they get into a rhythm and Ms. Blue can take dick in that butt like she�s been doing it for years. Oh man, there she goes again, choking herself with cock. I know she�s into this, but when he tries to fist her throat, making her nearly puke, it goes from sexy to, gross to downright sickening in short order. This is just painful to watch. I like the cool location and I love Anastasia, but watching some chick nearly puke looks more like I�m watching videotaped evidence of a rape than a porn movie. The cumshot is original, with Max pumping cum semi-into her asshole, waiting for it to seep out and then feeding it to her. There is a lot of good here, but it ends up a lot worse than it should have.
Taking the trop across the big pond, Max lands in France for the Cannes Film Festival. On the way over, Max is annoyed by his flying companion Melody Love. They actually make their way back to the bathroom, where there is barely enough room for the two of them. Somehow they manage a quick assfuck in the bathroom and Max even shoots a load all over her little body. I have to give Max credit for originality and a massive set of balls.
Over in Monaco, Max enjoys his other favorite passion, auto racing. What a perfect match, misogyny and car racing. (Hey Max, I�m sure the Neck-Car set would be ripe for an in depth report.) All kidding aside, he and Melody do a little race track coverage before Max settles on a couple of Euro sluts. Beautina and Teena hop in Max�s car and help make the ride home an enjoyable one. Neither one of these girls are stunning, but again, the location makes the scene hot. Fucking a brunette slut in the back of a moving car? Good job Max. The little brunette is actually quite an anal slut who takes it well as her friend licks away at her shaved slit and tastes some A2M dick. When the cuter blonde takes over she is just as nasty and a whole lot cuter than her friend. Nice shared facial as these two Euros get a taste of porn, American style baby.
Finally Max hooks up with Ryan at an amusement park in Southern California. This girl isn�t very cute, but she plays the little girl thing for Max. She ditched her mom and dad at the park and ends up in the back of Max�s van. Within sight of the front of the park, Max fucks her ass in the car. Internal anal cumshot and nice location make this pretty interesting. That turns out to be just an audition however, as Max takes her home for the real thing. The little bar in his house serves as the perfect place to break her in. With plenty of room to work this time, Max really enjoys her natural young body. Of course, now he can concentrate on the dialog. How many times do you want to hear a guy growl the phrase �sodomize your teenage asshole�? Ryan never seems at all bothered by the treatment or the anal sex, but the sound of a guy�s voice just doesn�t work for me sexually. Still, the anal sex is very good and I�m about ready to praise things when out comes the speculum. Now she gets porked in the ass with her pussy spread. So much for the praise. He turns her head upside down to fuck her mouth and pop a big load between her lips.
Meet the new Max, same as the old Max. Planet Max may have a new name, but this is pretty much the same formula he has used for years. Actually, he does vary a little by shooting the scenes in some unusual locations. Hell, the scene in the plane bathroom is fresh enough for me to recommend the video even if I hated the rest. And I didn�t hate it as much as a lot of his stuff. The two Euro girls were pretty average, but I liked the anal sex in the back of a moving car. Anastasia’s scene was hot to a point, then it just flew right off a cliff and ended up pretty dismal in spite her total cute-ness. There is still plenty of the usual Max to keep the fans happy and I still say it�s worth watching just for the interesting locations.

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