Sex Acts


74 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner
THEMES: Fantasy, Movie Spoofs.
CONDOMS: Some Noted
2000 (1/00)
STARS: Teri Weigel, Gwen Summers, Jessica Drake, Tara, Lola, Dolly Golden, Dayton Rains, Evan Stone, Michael J Cox, Joel Lawrence, Devan Sapphire.
Teri Weigel quietly came back into movies not long ago. With the high profile returns of Ginger, Marilyn and Amber, Teri has sort of snuck in the back door. She’s sporting blond hair and I’m not sure why she changed it. She’s also looking thin and quite toned these days. I like women a little curvier, but I consider her return to porn one of the biggest stories of the year. (So why is no one talking about it?) In this movie, she plays a mainstream actress who shows up with Evan Stone to audition for a special soap opera. It’s special because this one will include actual sex scenes. Evan is a bit nervous that there are so many porn actors trying out, but Teri is certain their superior acting abilities will win out over the raw sexuality of the competition.
A pair of porners, Michael J. Cox and Dayton Rains are up first. They make a few porn jokes, then start acting out a scene that spoofs the mainstream movie “Pleasantville.” They play a 50’s TV pair of teens in a world without sex. Dayton is shy at first, but soon starts sucking his fat cock like she’s been doing it her whole life. (Too bad we never got to see Reese Witherspoon bobbing her head on some hard knob.) Dayton is a cute little cocksucker even with her hair in the Sandra Dee thing. He spreads her legs to get a good taste of her pussy. (Nice to see that in 50’s TV Land, the virgin girls shaved their pussies really closely.) Since he’s working with such a hot little fuck, Michael makes her first sexual experience a deep, hard one. I would certainly watch this soap and see just how quickly this innocent little creature becomes a total cock hound. Check out the couch position. She’s in cowgirl, then bends over backwards while still keeping her feet on the floor. Flexibility gets me every fucking time. After pounding her from behind for a bit, Mike pulls off his condom and shoots a load on her spread ass cheeks.
Tara and Devan Sappire are a couple of actual soap actors who want to give it a try. They act out the beach scene from “From Here to Eternity.” The surf soaked kiss is nowhere to be found, replaced by Tara sucking this dude’s dick. What’s up with all the razor zips on his belly. Yikes. She isn’t at all bad looking, but I keep wondering if Devan put some sort of sun protection on his dome to keep it from frying. It’s generally a bad sign when I’m noticing things like this. Actually, after some oddly shot sex early, the scene levels out and isn’t horrible. A little soft around the middle and very soft in the butt, Tara is a big booty lovers dream as she pumps up and down on his prick. Do we get fries with that shake? Devan pulls out and shoots all over that ample posterior.
Gwen Summers plays Fairy Godmother to Jessica Drake’s Cinderella. Somehow they are both in jail as Jessica relates her sexual troubles to Gwen. The natural solution is for the two women to have sex. Hey, it’s an excuse to see some interesting costumes. As the two women get it on, Teri is watching nearby and getting quite turned on. When she joins the scene, things get much more interesting. Teri lends a helping hand as Gwen fucks Jessica’s slit with a long dildo. When it’s Jessica’s turn to dish out the fucking, she drills Gwen first, then fucks Teri hard and deep with a strap on. Lots of nice toy play and those of you like g/g/g action will enjoy the two young cuties with the always sexy Teri.
Joel Lawrence and Lola do a spoof on an old Sam Spade flick. Add Dolly Golden to the mix and you have the makings for a rocking three way. Lola is always such a totally hot fuck, I can even overlook the fact that Dolly does nothing for me. Less would be more since Lola is such a hot babe, but Dolly adds contrast. Acting as sexual ringleader, Lola helps Dolly ride Joel’s cock while she squirms on his face. It’s a good thing both of these women can handle big cocks because Joel has a pretty good sized hunk of meat sawing in and out of those hot holes. Lola mounts a dildo to the desk and rides it while Dolly takes dick from behind. Thankfully, Lola gets at least half of the cum. I would have liked this scene a lot more if it was just the sexy little brunette sucking and fucking.
Finally it’s time for Teri and Evan to give their audition. He is really nervous and nearly backs out of the whole thing, but she convinces him to just sit back and pretend that no one is watching. Dude, there is a Playboy Playmate sucking your dick, enjoy it. You can see the cable cut influence on the blowjob in the early going as every shot is cleverly obstructed, however it does get better as time goes by. Teri does seem to really enjoy herself during the blowjob, treating Evan’s cock like she loves every inch of it. They move into a 69 where she keeps sucking him. Now she’s getting as vocal as ever, grinding her sweet slit down on his face. At first, she rides him, talking dirty and cumming loudly. Then Evan flips her over and really brings out the screamer we all know and love. She’s got those long legs and big, soft looking tits. I still say she looks better brunette, but no way in Hell I’d pass up a chance to tap that pretty little puss. Still no facial, but Evan unloads a big load on her upturned ass. (Just like the thousands of loads launched onto her Playboy pics no doubt.)
There is a cute, silly plot to this movie that actually worked for me. I don’t expect to see anyone putting it into the best feature category, but if light dialog and some fantasy costumes work for you and/or your lady, enjoy. Teri’s scene is the best in the movie by far. Dayton Rains comes the closest and she is moving up my list pretty quickly. The other pretty girls, Gwen and Jessica are underused in a decent lesbian that just didn’t much for me until Teri got into the mix. How about a sequel where she gets the role and we get to see more of her and less of some of the others.

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