Gangland 8


90 Mins.
Devil’s Films
THEMES: Gang Bangs, Interracial Sex
CONDOMS: None Noted
2000 (11/99)
STARS: Envy, Kelsey Heart, Julie Meadows
By now we know the drill. White chicks fuck black dicks. Beginning and end of the story in most cases. Of course, with chicks like Envy and Julie Meadows we can add, beautiful, totally sexy, cock-starved white chicks fucked by black dicks. If we get lucky, we also get some cute little set ups for some of the scenes and follow that up with great three or more-on-one fucking. At the very lest, interracial fans will have something to cheer about. Then again, if this one lives up to the two hotties in the cast, we could all be in for a treat.
Envy has hired a crew of moving guys, but must have forgotten her money to pay them. Oh my, whatever will she do? All she has to do is get naked and the guys take care of the rest. Envy barely says a word, but once her mouth gets filled with dick, it’s hard to say I’m missing the clever dialog potential. I’ve seen this woman work before, so I know she can rock the house with even more guys than this. Still, with a body like hers, it’s no wonder they surround her for some deep dick action. Using the arm of the couch to prop herself up, Envy takes one huge cock in her pussy while sucking and stroking the other three. As she’s taking dick RC, Envy seems to be getting quite the stomach work out. Her pussy gets an even better work out as big cocks slam into her sweet slit over and over until most women would be passed out. Somehow she keeps up the high energy fuck as guys fuck her from behind and in front. I just love Envy’s body and the way she seems to adore hard cock. None of this changes when she starts taking it in the ass. Envy still slurps cock and looks fantastic as her butt gets blasted. Very nice low angle shots of the doggy anal, letting us see that porked pooper and her fantastic thighs. The first guy shoots on her face and tits while the next guy fucks her ass. If you like watching women with cum still on their bodies being fucked, here you go.
Kelsey Heart is just lying in bed enjoying a book when some guys show up to steal her furniture. She invites them to join her in bed right away and the guys don’t hesitate. Nowhere near as pretty as Envy, the leggy blonde is still quite cock hungry. Jake Steed crawls in between her legs and starts pumping away on her open pussy. Kelsey takes the best fucking in doggy style, wiggling her round ass, inviting even deeper penetration. They do so, DP’ing her pale posterior. I believe the enthusiasm is always a good thing in a scene so Kelsey earns some major points for just loving every inch of black dick that gets shoved into her mouth, pussy and ass. As the cum starts shooting, they leave it on her face while she gets drilled even harder. By the time the rest of the guys are ready to cum, Kelsey is parched and in need of buckets of cum to satisfy her thirst. Even if you don’t like Kelsey much, you have to like the energy of this scene.
Julie Meadows is my main reason for watching this movie and she actually plays a little role before her scene. When Mark Anthony arrives from the dating service, Julie is a little shocked. Not only is he a little darker than she expected, but Mark hitched a ride with two of his homies. If you’re all into that PC shit, you might find some of the stereotyping here a bit disturbing, but come in, it’s funny. Besides, Julie looks incredible in her little outfit. Valentino and Tony Eveready are totally obnoxious, but very ready to expand Julie’s young mind. Tony stars licking that pussy and as good as it looks, a man would have to be insane not to gobble that right up. Speaking of gobbling, look at that gorgeous face stuffed with a pair of black cocks. Porn Heaven baby. With one cock now fucking her pussy, one in her mouth and one in her hand, Julie gives us the best looking shot this series has ever presented. The guys take turns in each hole, really laying wood to beautiful Julie. Is there a better set of legs in porn? And what about that ass? Actually, her ass is the next hole to be filled. Great RCA action with those long legs draped over Tony’s as she bounces up and down on his cock. (Stroking and sucking the other two like a champ.) Break out the hardware fellas, Julie is headed for a boatload of awards in her smut career. DP is the only thing left and Julie takes two cocks as easily as she did one. This is wonderfully shot, HARD DP action. With three cumshots on her gorgeous face, I would say she has gotten much more than she ever bargained for from her blind date.
If you judge this movie on the first and third scenes, it’s nearly a ten. If you use only the second scene it’s really pretty average. The difference is in the women. Unlike some volumes in this series, there are really no technical issues to contend with. The lighting is good, the camera work is steady and in most cases the sex is well shot. Since I found the Kelsey scene to very energetic, I give it points for that. However, I just don’t get turned on by this chick. If you do, add some bonus points. Reverse that for Envy and Julie because I think they both kick serious ass. Envy burns up the house with her totally smoking performance. We expect that from this babe. Julie is going to surprise some of you because she seems to have turned things up a notch in this three on one. She looks amazing and in this movie fucks like never before. Her scene is probably my favorite from this series and one of my favorite this year. Buy or rent this movie just for this scene, you won’t be disappointed.

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