Gangland 3


73 Mins.
Devil’s Films
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Gang Bangs
1999 (3/99)
STARS: Inari Vachs, Chantay, Claudia de Corozon

By now, we know the drill. White chicks fucking groups of black dicks, what could be simpler. Some of the action in this series has been pretty good and then the women are hot, the vids are top of the line for group interracial lovers. What is often missing is the little set up things that Jake Steed does in his ‘Little White Chicks’ movies. Hey, I’m not asking for much, just something to chuckle at as the girls get boned raw.
There is sort of a set up for Inari. She’s in love with Jake, but he needs some proof. Would she do anything for him? Since he’s from the streets, his homies are his family. They must approve of any woman he wants to spend his life with. A quick call and they’re on their way. While they wait, Inari gets frisky. She looks really good here, totally pretty, nicely dressed and sporting her glasses as she starts sucking his cock. Best of all, there is little drool spilling from her mouth. Who the fuck likes that shit anyway? Someone needs to tell the camera guy to keep things in focus, because this blowjob is too good to be messed up by half ass camera work. When the guys arrive, Inari is topless with a cock in her hands, but that doesn’t ruin their first impression of her apparently. No hesitation on her part either, as Inari just starts servicing any cock that gets shoved in her face. Every cock in the room stands at attention as she makes her away around his circle of friends. Funny how true love goes out the window as soon as she sees all those hard cocks. The first time we see her get fucked, it’s a low angle shot as she’s entered from behind. Very nice legs on this babe, and the pussy ain’t half bad either. They don’t even take her panties off as they fuck her, just pulling them to the side and letting her work her hips on Jake while they take turns getting blown and fingering her ass. Of course, they are just warming up her ass for the hard pounding DP to come. Some more focus and lighting problems are the only thing taking away from the action here. We get a great shot of her pookie as she does her RCA. She really does have a pretty little honey hole and I love the way she screams out as she climaxes with that big black dick in her ass. They surround her face, jerking their cocks inches from her mouth. (No more glasses by the way.) As they pop in her pretty face, the only real problem is the too bright light shining in her mug. Very hot scene if you get around the minor technical problems.
Tony Eveready and Suave sit around doing their best gangsta’ speak, but if you can understand a word they’re mumbling then you own one more Eminem CD than I ever will. Jake drives up in his car and just happens to have Chantay in the trunk. They move right in on her and to be honest, Chantay looks bored at first, barely moving as she sucks cock. They must have talked to her about that, because her energy level picks way up all of a sudden. The flood lights are way too bright, washing out much of the action, but this girl is cute and she can really take a dick. She spreads her thighs wide for a little anal action that really stuffs her shitter. This babe takes a great, hard DP and her smiling face gets plastered. Too bad the guy who lit this scene washed it out so badly.
Claudia seems to be working in the wrong place. As she does some data entry work, her eyes wander to some Gangland boxes. It seems the idea of all that black dick has her kind of grossed out. It kind of makes her bitchy when Suave comes into the office. The gang from the warehouse decide to barge into her office and make her an offer she can’t refuse. Maybe she is refusing. To be honest, between her heavy accent and the tinny sound of this scene, I can’t make out a word. They shut her up by feeding her a few feet of hard dick. Claudia is the least attractive woman in this video, but she’s still decent looking and attacks each cock like she loves it. Some of them take a while to get hard, but that just makes her more determined that ever to get them all ready to rock. Some of the same lighting problems exist here, but not quite as bad. As the guys take turns fucking her pussy, it’s clear that Claudia’s opinions of black men is rapidly changing. Her nipples could cut class and that pussy just oozes with pleasure as the gets banged hard from behind, her cries muffled by another shaft in her mouth. Claudia wins enthusiasm points for how loudly she fucks the whole room full of studs. Anal is a little tougher and the guys don’t go super deep during her DP. Still, that little ass gets stretched while her pussy is full of Jake’s meat.
The first scene in this movie is by far the best. I haven�t ever been the biggest Inari fan in the world, but she far outshines the other women in this video. Her scene is one of the very best of the series to date. Hell, there was even a little set up at the start. If all three scenes were that, I would be telling you all to make room in your porn cabinet for this movie. Chantay is pretty attractive, but seemed bored through much of the action and the bad lighting was distracting for me. Claudia�s scene had the funniest set up and I hope they build a bit on this type of thing. Even if she is the least attractive of the three, she holds her own sexually, and turns in a very sold scene. If you really like black on white interracial sex and want to see Inari go to town, grab this movie. It�s certainly good enough for me to go out and get the next one.

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