Gangland 1


86 Mins.
Devil�s Films
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Gang Bangs.
CONDOMS: None Noted
1998 (10/97)
STARS: Chloe, Alyssa Allure, Liza Harper
This is the initial volume of a series that is now up to ten tapes. It�s a pretty simple concept that we�ve seen before. White chicks, surrounded and fucked by groups of black dicks. With funny little set ups, the women are lured into situations where their only real way out is to fuck their way through the whole group of black men. Fear not, the women in this movie don�t really need to be forced into these liaisons. In fact, they rather enjoy bouncing around between cocks until they are glazed more thoroughly than a Krispy Kream.
Alyssa Allure is a teacher with a bit of a problem. Well, she has a couple of them actually. All of her students seem to be much older than she is, but the main problem she has is that the five guys in her class have no respect for her. When she tries to send them to the Dean�s Office, Mr. Marcus gives her something to keep her quiet. As the rest of the class sits around mocking their teacher, Marcus fills Alyssa�s mouth with growing black meat. Since she looks so good on her knees, the rest of the guys step up and surround her head with big cocks. It�s time for the teacher to learn her lessons and Alyssa gets bent over her own desk to learn how to take a cock in her pussy as well as her mouth. I really like the enthusiasm Alyssa brings to her scenes and she is on fire in this one. With the guys all taking turns on her pussy, you would think she would be fucked into a sweaty puddle in no time, but somehow she finds the energy to just keep right on sucking cock. Since she�s already riding cock, they decide that she should learn how to bounce up and down on one while it�s buried deep inside her asshole. No one in this class is ready to take it easy on the teacher, so Alyssa gets bent over again and has that butthole banged nice and hard. As a final exam, the guys make her take cum on her face. After the first two fire loads, she sucks them both totally dry, then takes two more. By the time she�s done, this teacher has all of her holes fucked and is gulping down sperm like it�s going out of style.
Chloe is a hot looking cocktail waitress. She has a sexy little mini skirt and top that leaves little to the imagination. Her three black customers come on really strong, but Chloe just rolls with the punches. Eventually, she gives in to Mr. Marcus� advances, letting him run his hands all over her exposed flesh. While his friends watch, Marcus pulls her skirt up in back, showing off Chloe�s cute little butt. That breaks the ice and she gets right down on her knees and starts sucking that big cock. There aren�t many women in all of porn who can suck cock like Chloe so the other two guy steps in quickly to get their share as well. This gets her so hot she just has to have one of them in her pussy. Keeping the heels and stockings on, Chloe bends over the bar and lets Marcus fuck her while she takes turns sucking the other two cocks. Now totally wound up, Chloe takes control and starts using their dicks to get her off. She rides reverse cowgirl hard enough to nearly slam the guys through the bar, but never seems to get quite enough cock in her choochie. After making her ask for it, the guys put Chloe on her hands and knees and part those pale cheeks for a little bit of bar maid butt banging. As she takes every hard inch, Chloe arches her back, slamming her ass back to meet the thrusts. Seeing that she still wants more, they add a second cock to the mix, DP�ing her right there on a table. This is some well shot, long DP footage with Chloe totally vocal and loving every second. Her pretty, smiling face takes one, two, three big pops. Chloe keeps smiling all the way through, wearing her loads like the superstar she is. No doubt this woman is one of the hottest fucks in porn history.
As they sit alone in a bar watching Liza Harper dance, a trio of black patrons decides to get a bit closer to the action. Liza doesn�t mind at all as long as they let her suck on their big cocks. She has very pretty eyes and looks like she could suck hard enough to get a job as a siphon when her porn days are over. The three guys quickly surround her, one fucking her pussy while the other two keep her mouth busy. Better looking action comes when she�s riding cock, grinding her hips and shaking her ass for that extra inch. Anal is pretty easy for this long time gape queen, but Liza still acts likes she filled like never before. Each of the guys gets to plug that pale butt and they show her little hole no mercy. If you like big cocks pounding into thin asses, you�re going to go nuts when she takes a cock that looks like a tree trunk up her ass. When everyone has had their shot at her butt, the cum starts flying. Liza is one of those performers who not only takes cum on her face and in her mouth, but invites and loves it. Jake fires the second load and Liza takes every drop, rubbing on her face and beckoning the next load. This super nasty end, closes out the movie in super fine style.
All three women in this movie are totally hot fucks. Chloe is the best overall and gives the best scene as well. Alyssa Allure is totally hot as the teacher, but this potentially sexy setup is painfully underutilized. Still, the gang bang is hot, one of her very hottest scenes. Even Liza Harper, who I don’t always like, gives a very nice performance in this movie. The sex is raw, hard and filled with anal and facial action galore. At times, the lighting is a little dark, but it doesn’t take too much away from the action. I could have used a little more in the set up portion, but that’s just my taste. I liked all three scenes and this movie got me interested enough to start following this series. More reviews of these tapes will follow, count on that.

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