Extreme Teen 5



84 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Slain Wayne
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Young Girls.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: April, Gia Regency, Dynamite, Regan Starr and Nastas Flett
Slain Wayne is at the helm in this latest installment of Extreme Teen. Cashing in on the ‘old enough to fuck but too young to drink’ craze that is sweeping porn, the folks at Extreme Associates have assembled some girls who look pretty cute in short skirts and pigtails. I don’t know how ‘teen’ they are, or how ‘extreme’ for that matter. The former is a question that can only be answered by Ids and the latter isn’t going to be answered until I finish this up and get the movie rolling.
April is the first girl and looks fresh, tasty and ready to go. Brick Majors comes in to help her study, but come on, that’s just an excuse. All he wants is a taste of that sweet young cookie. It looks like all this little dirty blonde has been studying is front seat cock sucking 101. I love the fact that she’s studying in these total stripper shoes. She’s also quite the little cock rider, making me wonder just what they are teaching her in the public schools. Taking dick from behind, little April fucks back harder than her girl next door looks would suggest. She actually manages to keep him out of her ass for the scene and I have to say, I find that kind of refreshing. Usually, the ‘no, no’ dialog is just a precursor to a forceful butt fuck. No anal, but a very nice, enthusiastically lapped up facial for this very, VERY cute chick.
When Gia Regency shows up for her first day as Luciano’s intern, you just know things are going to get Clinton-esque in no time. She quickly confesses that even if she looks innocent, underneath beats the heart of a horny little devil. He likes her attitude and has Gia sitting is his lap in to time. She has a rather pronounced nose, but a totally hot short haircut and a very tight body. They have to be careful not to get caught, but who is going to turn down a cock hungry little slut like this? Unable to keep quiet while he fucks her, Gia suggests they go into the boss’ office so they can fuck full force. It’s very clear how Gia got this job and even more clear that she has a future somewhere, on her back or her knees if she likes. Unlike April, Gia wants it in her ass and doesn’t have to ask twice. I think she might even like it a little bit. Nice A2M action and a great facial with Gia holding her tongue still for a thick cream dressing. I like this little slut.
Natas and Regan Starr don’t look even close to ‘teen’, but they both play their roles quite well. As they have a little talk on the phone, both are interrupted. Regan gets chewed out Dick Nasty, who is renting the office upstairs and needs the phone. Natas has a hot date coming over, so we get to see both scenes develop at once. Brandon Irons doesn’t seem all that interested in studying and it’s clear that Dick is very interested in the hot eighteen year old on the couch. I don’t really like splitting the sex action, especially when both scenes are so nicely done. Natas and Brandon are very playful in their scene, while Regan is pure, dick starved porn slut. So what’s the problem? I just don’t like to go from one hot scene to another. It messes up the rhythm. Regan is particularly good with her mouth, but sucking and talking perfectly for her part. Natas seems to have found something she really loves in Brandon’s big cock. This little chick is hot, but Regan really steals the show with one of her best scenes in a long time. Normally, I take big points off for splitting the action, but this one doesn’t lose too much. I would still have rather seen them separately, but Wayne deserves credit for doing this well. Great anal action from Regan who may not be a teen, but she sure plays a nasty girl plenty well. Nice facials to close things out.
When Dynamite makes the mistake of walking by Luciano’s sidewalk, he lets her know that there is a price to pay for walking by. He drags her into the house, where she suddenly decides that sucking his cock isn’t so bad after all. This little redhead has a night body and a nasty bitch attitude that just won’t quit. Her hand works overtime on her clit as Luciano fills her young hole with hard cock. She may be the one paying the toll, but I think Dynamite has found a reason to be bad in his throbbing fuckstick. He decides that maybe a little anal sex will teach her a lesson. They go slowly at first, with a little too much resistance and pain on her face to really be sexy. Pale little Dynamite learns to take dick in her butt and just fucking love every inch. Pulling it out of her ass, Luciano gives her a load in the mouth that Dynamite won’t soon forget.
This is a nice collection of young chicks getting fucked hard. April is very fresh and fucks like a good girl gone bad. Gia is a whole lot hotter in her scene that her picture would indicate. Dynamite may be the most promising of the new girls, fucking like there is nothing in world she loves more than a big, hard cock up her holes. Natas and Regan give perhaps the two best scenes of the movie. I didn’t like having the action split between the scenes, but this is still one of Regan’s best scenes ever. Well shot sex and pretty cute set ups, make this a nice addition to a pretty good series.


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