Extreme Teen 4



103 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Slain Wayne and Luciano
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Young Girls
STARS: Shawna Edwards, Kristi Myst, Nature Blossom, Bethany, Sunny Nova, Misty, Luciano, Mark Wood, Claudio, Brandon Iron,
In this volume of Extreme Teen, there are some women who look about as ‘teen’ as Ralph Macchio did in the Karate Kid. Of course, no one minded when a group of twenty and thirty somethings spent ten years being America’s favorite high school and college rich kids on 90210, so why should it matter if a few of these girls are closer to thirty than they are to eighteen. Kristi Myst is still fresh faced and cute and as long as Shawna Edwards takes cock in her ass who cares how old she is? Actually I can’t wait to see Nature Blossom fuck. This chick is cute.
Luciano starts out cleaning his pool when there is a knock at the door. Claudio is a doctor from the mental hospital warning him about an escaped young girl. When he actually finds her naked in his back yard, Luciano takes her right upstairs to take advantage of her ripe young body. He promises not to turn her in if she does him good. Bethany is a pretty average looking blonde with a cute personality, a few too many tattoos and small tits. Her head is good enough to earn her a fuck from her new friend. Anal really doesn’t seem to be Beth’s thing, but she endures it anyway. It’s a pretty unremarkable scene from a rather average woman. There is a nice facial at the end, so we can enjoy that at least.
Shawna Edwards is looking not half bad these days. When she answers a knock at her door, you just know she is going to fuck whatever guy is on the other side. All he wanted was to use the phone, but she has other plans. Luckily for this guy, her plans include his cock in her mouth. Shawna doesn’t look as bored as she used to, which is a really big improvement in her scenes. After a nice, deep blowjob, she hops up into his lap and starts bouncing like she’s trying to break the couch. I don’t like the reverse cowgirl as well because of that big tat right over her pussy, but when Shawna takes it in the ass from behind, the scene heats up again. Even better is the way she pulls her knees up to her shoulders and takes super deep strokes in her ass. Nice ass fuck, but the guy misses with half of his load. Good thing Shawna is awake enough to open wide and take as much of it as she can.
When Nature Blossom comes home sad, her step father is on hand to help lift her spirits. I guess he figures the way to make her feel beautiful is to fuck her like a two dollar whore. They kiss for a few minutes as he reaches into her blouse and feels her wonderful tits. Nature is a good little cocksucker who loves to purr in between sucks. I could do without so much ‘daddy’ talk, but you can’t ignore that this chick just looks like a ready to roll coed hanging out near the keg at the frat party. With just her blouse still on, she mounts him and shows how deep she can take a cock. What is it I like so much about this chick? I can’t tell you, but she just turns me on. Her hand goes nuts on her clit as he fucks her young slut, but Nature is begging to taste his cum. That’s just what she gets, though much of his seed goes into her eyes. Nature just does something for me and I hope to see more of her soon.
Misty (Daphney on the box.) is an exotic redhead who can’t keep her hands and sex toys off her hot young body. Brandon Iron comes in pretending to be a friend of her father’s. Never mind the silly dialog, just enjoy her hot slit. Brandon just whips out his cock, beats her tongue with it and lets her try and fit her lips around his fat shaft. I guess she doesn’t quite fit the teen dream roll, but this girl is nice looking with a very hot body. She squat fucks his lap, struggling to take all of his dick in her very tight slit. Very tight shots of that pussy get us right in on the action. I love the way she gets into the action here, really fucking Brandon as much as he fucks her. (Anyone know what other names this chick has fucked under?) Since he has fucked her so well, Misty is happy to let Brandon cum on her pretty face. I may actually like this scene a little better than the last one.
Chi Chi is a very Asian looking babe who helps Luciano with his homework. Since she has no boyfriend, he talks her into a little bit of older guy sex. There is actually some slow build up as he touches her at first, working her into a frenzy. (OK, not exactly full foreplay, but this IS porn.) I like her cute, all-effort blowjob. Since she can’t get much of it in her mouth, Chi Chi doubles up on the hand motion, trying to give the best head she can. Just looking at her riding cock is enough to send lovers of natural, un-tatted Asian cockhounds into a spurting frenzy. She gets a little mellow during the fucking, but that could be that she’s just so into being screwed. Luciano is sure loving fucking this tight young babe, showing her the best way to get through college without all that studying crap. They give anal a try, but that really brings the scene to a screeching halt for a while. Eventually he gets the head in for some short strokes, but it doesn’t really get going until she’s taking it from behind. Great facial here as well. Fuck, another chick that turns me on so much it hurts.
Finally we get Kristi Myst. In her pig tails and skirt, she is a sorority slut wet dream chick. She and Claudio hook up after he gives her the usual cheesy dialog. Look at her, she’s fucking hot. She looks even better with a dick in her mouth, especially when the camera moves out for the full body shots. For some reason, Claudio doesn’t eat her pretty cookie, but goes right for the fucking. Her pussy is visibly tight and you just know that feels like a dream. I know it looks great, I just hope you guys have saved up at least one shot for this final scene. Great spoon shots showing off her thighs and gorgeous lower lips. They move to doggy so she can take it in the ass. Not only is this great porn, but it must make XPW fans happy as well. After all, how many WWF fans have seen Stephanie McMahon take it in the ass? Give Claudio credit for being able to hold out a long time in Kristi’s super hot ass. Personally a blowjob would do me just fine. (Paging anyone at Extreme that could make THAT happen, or even an interview, or both�) Claudio manages a little bit of cum, but not as much as this total babe deserves. Bright eyed Kristi carefully licks every drop of cum from his cock.
I went into this movie looking to see Kristi Myst and Nature Blossom, but came out with some other new hot babes to put on the watch list. It starts out a little slow with a pretty forgettable scene with Bethany. Shawna Edwards does an enthusiastic anal that will turn you on if you like this leggy brunette. From there things really take off. Nature is totally hot in ways I can’t even begin to explain. I just dig this chick. Misty and Chi Chi are new to me and I really want to know what else they have done. Both are cute and probably will get even better as they get more comfortable on camera. Finally, Kristi shows up and rocks the house down. I don’t think this scene is as good as her turn with Lex in “Planet of the Gapes 3′ but it’s still the best overall in this movie. Ms. Myst kicks ass and needs to be the latest Extreme Girl to do a Rog Interview. It’s close, but this is my fave Extreme Teen to date.


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