Extreme Teen 2



DIRECTOR: Slain Wayne
Extreme Associates
STARS: Holly Landis, Melanie, Candy Kiss, Bridgette Kerkove, Katie, Pebbles,
Slain Wayne is back at it, behind the camera for Extreme Teen #2. I’m a little surprised to see that the cast list in the credits doesn�t match the chicks on the box. Maybe the names are just different, but I guess we’ll have to see. Other than the cast, I don’t expect much to change in this volume. We’ve got lots of plaid skirts, some lecherous older men out looking for young hotties. In the Extreme world, all of these girls are just days over eighteen and dying, I mean DYING for a taste of older, strange cock. Hey, what’s porn for if not to work out our most impossible sexual fantasies?
Luchiano starts out by picking up a pigtailed chick on the side of the ride. Her name is Holly, she is running away from home to be a movie star and best of all, she has a big set of tits that are just mouthwatering. Since he wants to direct porn movies, the two decide to give it a try together. Holly plays shy all of a sudden, but it adds to the anticipation of seeing those tits as they jut straight out from her chest. He doesn’t spend a lot of time on her tits though, putting Holly on her knees instead. She uses those big fun bags to warp around his cock when she isn’t sucking hard on the head. Holly has a big, soft ass and they keep the skirt around her belly, but I think she’s really cute. Her ‘hurts so good’ dialog is a little funny, but mostly this chick just looks good getting banged. Luchiano spreads her sizable asscheeks and drills that butthole hard. The dialog is kind of funny and her squeaky voice would make Max happy as a pig in shit. Her reward is a big load shot right in her mouth and we get a good amount of post shot cum play. Holly is one hot little slut.
Herschel Savage is just minding his own business, driving down the street, when Candy Kiss jumps right in next to him. She is running away from her principal and won’t shut up until he agrees to take her to work with him. This blonde is totally aggressive and won’t let him say no to a blowjob while they are still moving. At the office, Candy proves that she is just dandy, but practically begging to suck his cock. She doesn’t look even remotely teen, but has a pretty nice little bod and a lot of energy, which is always a plus. After stripping down to just her socks, Candy starts bobbing her hips, stroking his cock with her tight pussy lips. You just know that fucking her pussy is never going to be enough for this filthy little filly. Candy needs a stick of beef right up her shitter and that’s just what she gets. After letting her ride it for a while, Herschel bends her over and fucks her like he’s got nothing better to do than bone strangers in the ass all day. (Come to think of it, who does?) He ends up frosting her face. Take that back to your principal you nasty whore.
Pebbles and Katie are a couple of eighteen year old Catholic schoolgirls who come by to play some pool. Since they have no money, they have to play for sex. Of course, they loose and this lucky guy has a black and white mouth sandwich waiting to service his rod. Katie is pretty cute and Pebbles has some huge tits on her curvy figure. Though I think the blonde is more familiar with having meat in her mouth, Katie iss the better cocksucker here. Damn Pebbles has huge fucking tits. Watching her busty blonde friend suck gets Kaite all juicy so she bends over the table so she can be filled with dick. With the heavy hootered blonde licking at his balls, this guy fills her hot black sli with cock and looks like he has to hold back a little. He takes Pebbles and fucks her from behind as well, popping his hips against her big ass and filling her ‘virgin’ hole. Katie is a real bad girl and can’t wait to get that cock back into her horny hole. This girl can really work her hips and looks like a totally fun fuck. After fucking them both one more time, he shoots a load that splashes Katie’s closed mouth and Pebbles’ big boobies. How can you miss those fucking things?
Dick Nasty is Bridgette Kerkove’s uncle and when she comes to him with a question about anal sex, he is a bit flustered. She is really curious aobut it, yada, yada, yada and he ends up having to show her what it’s all about. Young Bridgette drops right down to suck his cock and he offers only the slightest resistance. I really wish I could have seen this woman before her lips got all blown up. She is a real hose beast and seems to just love what she does more than anything else in the world. She gets up in his lap and starts fucking. I hear Bridgette has since had implants, but I honestly don’t see the point. She did something like three hundred and sixty scenes last year and to be honest, once you’ve seen her take Lexington Steele in her ass, what else does she have to offer. Not to be mean, but other than a decent body and a lot of sexual energy, what does she have that made her AVN’s top rookie last year? That said, this is still a pretty well shot scene with Bridgettte learning her anal lessons quite well during her piledriver. After popping on her asshole, Dick scoops it up and feeds it to Bridgette to finish her lesson.
Melanie is not having fun at a slumber party. While her friends are having a good time, she is lying Luciano’s bed. All she really wants is to be with grown ups. He quickly figures that it would be more fun to play with this barely eighteen year old black girl than to get a good night’s sleep. She’s not as good looking as Katie, but this girl has a very sexy attitude and lips that look fantastic around his cock. Her blowjob really is something special to watch, not something that can be taught or coached. By the time he strips her out of everything but her socks, Luciano is more than ready to fuck her young slit. I have to give this girl credit, she is an energetic fuck and just seems to really love what she’s doing. Even though she’s never had it in her ass, but she wants to try. In no time at all, he’s got his cock all the way up her black butt and is pumping away on her round cheeks. Mel takes a nice shot on her face. You have to love girls who love to fuck.
We get a scene with chicks who aren’t on the box at the end. Maren and Allysin Chains talk about Allysin’s older brother. OK, we can see a little incest brewing between these girls and Brand Irons. Maren is another one of those girls who isn’t all the pretty but has done a ton of scenes because she is so willing to do anything. Allysin, on the other hand, is totally cute and I love the way she takes on his big cock. Very nice double blowjob here and Maren earns some bonus points for really sucking well. Never mind the idea that Brandon has fucked his sister many times before, Allysin looks so fucking hot as her panties come down, I think we would all fuck her raw. Maren gets a close-up view as Brandon slides the full length of that shaft up her hot, tight pussy. She even takes a taste every now and then. It takes a lot for Maren to compete with Allysin, so she offers up her ass and yes, I’m convinced that she would be hot fuck in spite what I said earlier. Her Euro-ass gets split open before both girls get down to take his cum on their faces. A face as fresh as Allysin’s was made to be shot on and this may be the best scene of the movie thanks to this double frosting.
The set ups this movie are worth a chuckle, but it’s the sex that really gets noticed. Allysin Chains finishes the movie with a great scene. Damn, this chick is hot. Holly is the other girl who really caught my eye. She’s not going to be a Vivid Girl any time soon, but there is something hot about this bit titted babe. Some of the other scenes left me a little flat, but there is a lot more good here than bad. As long as the sex is well shot, movies like fall back on the strength of cast, and this one has enough hot young women to make me want to watch a few of them again, and again and again�.


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