Extreme Teen 1





118 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Slain Wayne

Extreme Associates

THEMES: Young Women with Older Men, Plaid Skirts.

CONDOMS: None Noted


STARS: Mara Pleasure, Bamboo, Lee, Anastasia Blue, Eve Eden, Naughtia Childs, Chrissy, Luciano, Herschel Savage, Dick Nasty.


Throwing their hat into the ‘just over eighteen’ ring, Extreme Associates has collected seven young women to kick off this series. Some of these girls don’t look a day under nineteen, but as long as they get fucked, who’s going to bitch about a few months? With Dick Nasty and Herschel Savage in the cast, director Slain Wayne is sure to play up the older men theme and the plaid skirts on the box cover seems to indicate that he’s going to the naughty schoolgirl angle as well. See, it’s a pretty simple formula that just about always works.

Mara Pleasures is playing hookie from school and enjoying the swing set. An interesting thing for an eighteen year old to be doing, but when Luciano joins her, she grows up quickly. She likes him and invites him to join her in her secret place. At eighteen, this blonde is still a virgin, but is really curious. (Imagine that.) They find a nice place in the shade where she bends at the waist to give him a standing blowjob. Mara’s skin isn’t the greatest, but she’s pretty enthusiastic about learning how to suck dick. When the secret place turns out to be not so secret, they get chased off, but soon find another spot to resume young Mara’s lessons. They spread out a blanket to make sure she’s comfortable, and then it’s time for a little cock riding. Her ass and tits look pretty good as she works her pussy up and down on his cock. After fucking her from behind, Luciano drops a very big load in her face. Mara licks her lips clean and doesn’t duck a drop of this load.

Bamboo doesn’t speak much English, but Luciano offers her a ride to her hotel, and the pigtailed cutie doesn’t turn it down. Amazingly enough, she doesn’t mind when he wants to put his hand up her skirt as they drive down the road. In fact, she is so curious that she bends right over and starts sucking his cock. (Where the fuck are these women when I’m driving down the street?) They actually get some ice cream from the truck before going inside to complete this Asian doll’s initiation. With a half eaten Popsicle in one hand, Bamboo treats Luciano’s prick like it’s an even sweeter treat. I could watch this chick give head all day, but she now has a hard cock and really needs to fuck it. Her tight little bod looks great in the reverse cowgirl and that snug slit takes cock like she was born for porking. Luchi rolls her over onto her side and slides that cock up her tight ass. Bamboo seems to have a little trouble with this at first, but she gets used to it eventually. Pulling out of her ass, he gives the cutie a nice pop right on her open mouth.

Lee is totally fucking cute. So cute, in fact, that I can forgive her for taking balloons to a friend’s eighteenth birthday party. Once again, Luciano happens by and offers a ride to a girl with no sexual experience who can not wait to suck his cock. (This is exactly what porn is for, totally impossible sexual fantasies.) Not only does she suck him all the way to his place, but then she reveals that she’s a virgin. Of course, after holding onto her cherry for eighteen years, what she really wants is to have a total stranger bang her silly. Lee is certainly the best looking overall so far in this movie and she really makes the perfect late-teen dream. She looks good in RC and is very vocal, really loving the feel of a hard cock in her tight hole. There are some really nice close ups here, maybe a few too many so we miss some of Lee’s other parts, but still, this chick has a tight, pretty pussy. Another nice popshot.

Anastasia Blue and Eve are a couple of foul talking school ditching bitches. They get caught by the dreaded Officer Dan. He chases them down and puts them into his car. Herschel Savage plays the truant office, but he’s in over his head with these two trouble makers. A quick call to their father shows him that dear old daddy just doesn’t give a shit. If no one cares, why should he? Instead of turning the girls in, Herschel bends them over and starts spanking their sexy little asses. Looks like he picked the two biggest slut in school, because the way Anastasia sucks cock, there is no way she’s a newbie. Eve is very pale, with a round ass and pussy lips that grip his shaft on every stroke. These wild ass little fuck machines look ready to send Herschel to the fucking hospital with their over the top energy, but it makes for an awesome scene. He catches up somewhat when he’s fucking the shit out of Anastasia’s asshole. She has to be one of the hottest fucks in the business right now. Eve gets in there and sucks her clit, but this is all about Ms. Blue and the major league heat she brings to her work. In the end, both girls wear cum on their faces. Very hot three way.

When Naughtia Childs comes knocking on Claudio’s door, he invites her inside. She’s selling candy for her school and because it’s her eighteenth birthday, he agrees to buy the whole box. Naughtia is so appreciative that she starts sucking his cock. Wow, isn’t life in porn great? This tattooed little brunette works about as hard as anyone with a cock in her mouth. Her virginal dialog doesn’t have much behind it and this is a pretty subdued scene from Ms. Childs. Her shaved cookie does look inviting, but the camera catches her eyes wandering a few times as she rides his cock. The cum ends up on her face and that’s always nice to see.

Chrissy is tall girl with a great accent and long legs. She sunbathes nude in front of pool boy Luciano, asking him to put some lotion on her back. You know where this is going and by the time he gets that lotion on her eighteen year old ass, the fun and games are ready to begin. Out of the house comes dad’s best friend Dick Nasty. He wants to put a stop to all of her fun, but doesn’t stand by his convictions for long. She takes them both inside and has their cocks in her mouth before they can offer the slightest resistance. April is a lot hotter as a cocksucker than she looks. She loves bouncing on one cock while sucking another, but the guys want to teach her lesson by fucking that virgin asshole. Even when Luciano is pounding away at her pooper, Chrissy keeps that sexy mouth full of cock. When they DP her, it leaves her mouth open for some serious dirty talk, though the close ups on her face make it pretty sure that Chrissy hasn’t seen eighteen in a number of years. After Claudio drops his load on her face, Chrissy actually begs for the second load and gets a very messy second splash.

This is a solid video from start to finish. It’s hard to imagine any woman out performing Anastasia Blue, but the collection of would be teens in this movie does a pretty good job. Some of the girls lack traditional beauty, but they are all natural and most fresh faced and tight bodied. They also know how to fuck on screen, so that is an added plus. The little stories are sometimes cute, with Chrissy, Anastasia and Bamboo really playing things up nicely. There are some things that could have better shot, but overall, this is a very solid effort and I expect the line to get even better with time.


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