Seymore And Shane Mount Tiffany



Factory Home Video- 1994

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Shane, Tiffany Towers, Holly Body, Chase, Mark Davis, Cousin Phil




As we join our heroes this time, they are on the road to the Adult Video Award Show in Las Vegas. Seymore has a bit of trouble reading off their list of nominations because Shane is busy sucking him off. Not a bad bit of driving given the “extenuating” circumstances. After the obligatory hand/blow job into Shane’s mouth, it is time to join S and S at the awards show. There we get to see if they will capture any gold, and see the X world’s most notorious surprise of the year.

Back home, at a party, Shane is up to her usual tricks, hanging all over the luscious Tiffany Towers. The two become very fast friends right there in the club, and it is simply a matter of time before the fun moves back to La Casa De Butts. All right, I have seen Tiffany Towers in a few other videos, I have to say, I was never all that impressed with anything beyond her enormous breasts. However, as he always seems to do, Seymore brings something extra out in this scene. (OK, Shane had a lot to do with it as well I’m sure. After all, it is her tongue that has Tiff going.) The two women seem to really enjoy each other here, exploring every last nook and cranny of feminine flesh before Tiffany enters Shane with a strap on. This is one of my favorite things in all of porn, and the action between these two hot ladies is nothing short of spectacular. Tit lovers will especially love the way Tiffany’s awesome chest is all over the place as she gives it to Shane as hard as her hips will allow.

To top off what is already one of the best girl girl scenes I have had the pleasure to view in some time, Shane takes the plastic pounding a step further, opening up her tight asshole for some backdoor fun. Just to prove that she is a taker as well as a giver, Tiffany also opens her ass for some strap on fucking. Nothing could be any better about this lesbian tryst. It is, quite frankly, nothing short of absolute porn perfection.

After all that ladies only fun, it is only fair that Seymore should actually get in on some action as well. It takes him a good long while, but with a couple of drunken horny cuties like Tiff and Shane, you have to know he will get there eventually. At long last, Seymore catches Tiffany with a vibrator, enjoying herself while Shane lies passed out next to her. Ever the gentleman, Seymore offers a helping hand while he captures this top heavy superslut doing a great solo scene. All that good Samaritan stuff soon has Seymore stiff as a board. Never fear, a huge titted, porn star in near to help relieve some of that tension. What a great sight to see Ms. Towers stuff her face with dick. Beautifully captured by Seymore once again. She even shows that she has gone all out by sucking every last drop of sperm from his spurting stick. Is it any wonder why Seymore is my idol?

Obviously feeling the need to add a little bit of variety to the mix, Shane has an old friend, Chase, join with she and Tiffany for an all out lesbian lust fest. This scene has a little bit of everything, tit sucking, ass fingering, pussy licking, dildos, strap on anal sex, you name it. At the height of this balls to the wall action, Mark Davis just happens by. Proving that he is a pure genius, Mark comes up with the brilliant idea to join in the fun. (Way to go MENSA) Shane and Tiff bow out of this little tryst, letting the English gentleman concentrate on Chase. Somehow, he doesn’t seem too disappointed. Chase seems to enjoy the plowing Mark gives her even more than she loved snacking on Shane’s pussy. This is some of the loudest fucking you are likely to hear this side of a dorm room on Saturday night. Naturally, Chase ends up with a messy facial dripping from her chin. Nice baptism into the world of X.

Later that night, Tiffany can’t sleep. She and Seymore have an interesting conversation about a porn video she had seen. Is it me, or is Tiff fucked up beyond belief here? Still, it is pretty interesting and of course, leads to Tiff sucking cock, which I think we can all agree is an awesome sight. This time, Seymore is not content with just her mouth, choosing instead to bend her over and fuck the pretty blonde from behind while he fingers her asshole. No ass or tit fucking here (How on earth did you miss that Seymore?) but Tiff does open up for a gusher right on her outstretched tongue to cap off their midnight delight.

On her last day in town, Tiffany goes in to give Seymore the kind of wake up call the rest of us can only dream of. This time, with Shane catching it all on camera, Seymore and Tiff are able to go all out and fuck like bunnies. She looks her best with her long legs spread high and wide as he pounds her nearly through the mattress for a good long time before finally letting loose a sperm shower all over her gorgeous face. What a great way to send off this top-heavy cum sucker. Bravo Seymore, you have made me see Tiffany Towers in a whole new way, and I LIKE IT!

Back at home, Cousin Phil has once again scored a hot babe for all of us to enjoy. This time, it is a busty brunette named Holy Body. (How many HB’s have there been in porn? Not counting Melanie Griffith in Body Double.) It’s time to break out the new underwater camera and capture this lovely lady on tape as she shows Phil some moves that put the Little Mermaid to shame. The underwater stuff is interesting from a technical standpoint, but things don’t really get hot until the couple washes up on dry land. Phil gets right down to fucking Holly, which is great, particularly the good anal shots we get. However, the scene feels really rushed, with hardly any oral. After such great stuff all the way through, this one just falls flat.

No matter, the first two hours of this tape are nothing short of smoking. If you never liked Tiffany Towers before, watch her in this, I think you, like I did, will have new appreciation for this sexy tit queen. Shane is her usual nasty self and the sexual heat is very high throughout. Another winner in this great series. Fun for the entire porn loving family. Much props to Seymore once again.

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