Seymore And Shane Live On Tour



Ultimate Video- 1995

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Shane, Shawna, Melonie, Chele, Jordan Michaels, Christopher, Seymore

THEMES: Strippers, Gir/girl sex.



Fresh off their adventure with world famous nympho Kathy Willits, Seymore and Shane are back and ready to go at it once again. We have much to do and miles to go before we sleep so to speak, so let’s skip the prelims here and just cut to the chase.

Coming home to find the house in a post party mess S and S come across a pleasant leftover, sexy Chelle. This thin dirty blonde is busy riding the Sybian and seems ready to go at the drop of a hat, or in this case, at the drop of Shane’s T shirt. Once Shane is through showing Chelle the wonders of that fun toy, it is off to the love swing for a little bit of suspended sex. That leaves her inventing pussy wide open and ready to be filled with probing fingers, hungry tongues and other various devices. Shane teaches this sexy new lady what we already know, that she is an expert at making people cum their brains out.

After that big of fun, its off to the road where Shane takes her sexy self out for all to see. The extended look at her show makes me want to check the local clubs and rush right out as soon as Shane is in the area. One of the lucky admirers, Melonie and her beau Hunter, join S and S backstage for a private show. Melonie, a busty brunette, just can’t see, to get enough of Shane’s tongue up her ass. As with Chelle, Melonie does not look like the typical porn star. She is a thin, fresh faced, all natural woman who seems incapable of the sort of canned responses that only some well seasoned porn performers can belch out. One think you have to give this first timer, she gives as well as she gets, probing her tongue deep into Shane’s backside without a moment of hesitation.

Finally forty one minutes into the video, we get our first taste of hetero action, as Shane takes care of the bulge in Seymore’s shorts. A quick study, Melonie steps right in next to Shane and does herself proud. Granted, she is no Shane, but there aren’t a whole lot of guys who would complain about getting head from this wonderfully hot young woman. Yours truly most defiantly included, especially after seeing her take the massive load right in her mouth. What a hot babe. Seymore deserves mucho props for finding yet another fantastic porn performer.

It’s time to head north of the border where Shane can spread her brand of joy to those frozen folks up in Canada. Between shows, Shane has one of the other dancers, Jordan Michaels, join her for some old fashion fun. The blonde Ms. Michaels claims to be a lez virgin. I don’t know if that is the truth or not, but she sure does look good paired with Shane. You know, as intrigued as I am watching Shane do anything, I must admit to being a little bit put off at seeing the third consecutive girl/girl scene. Although, even under the constant barrage of sapho action, I was thrilled to see Shane break out the strap on and really give it to the blonde newcomer. No one this side of Bruce Seven shoot better lesbian dildo scenes. Overall, in spite me overdose on female only action, I was still entertained.

Needing a bit of a pep talk before her big performance, Shane turns to Seymore of some full on finger action to get her up. Tell me another video director who takes the time to shoot such original scene as a finger bang only. It is fantastic to see how excited Shane gets under her lover’s gentle but firm touch. I don’t know about you, but I really like it.

At long last, we get to the first full blown boy/girl scene. Shane has invited a big fan backstage to meet her idol. Now the switch is that this lovely lady is not enthralled with Shane, but sees Seymore as the object of her obsession. Given the fact that she is a stone cold fox, it is easy to see why Seymore gets so damned excited at hearing how hot she is to fuck him. With Shane behind the camera, Seymore goes about making this young woman’s dream come true. You really have to see this lady to believe how just plain pretty she is. I would not be surprised to see Shawna just walking around the campus of the local college. This woman has a natural ability to look comfortable, but not staged in front of the camera. I think its time we give Seymore some credit here, he seems to have a way of getting this sort of performance out of most women he works with. It is especially awesome with new women like this. Seymore, you are the man.

Back at the hotel, Seymore has Shawna playing with herself as he spanks her ass. Fans of spanking will get, I trust, get a huge jolt out of this. As a non fan of spanking, I still found this to be quite erotic and good nasty fun. Seymore also seems to apply a simple rule I have always followed in the bedroom, but that is sorely lacking in almost all X vids these days, that if you give a little, you get a lot. Why is it that when Seymore spends a little time sucking Shawna’s pussy, it is so noteworthy, I have to mention it? Something to think about X directors everywhere.

Now it is time to test this newbie’s oral skills. Well, this may be her first time on video, but ten seconds into her blowjob and you will know that Shawna has partaken in this particular activity a time or two before. As we have come to expect over the years, Seymore always captures head better than any other director, and it always helps when the face being filled is as pretty as Shawna’s, however, the lust in her eyes and the way she attacks his cock with lust unrivaled is really a thing to behold. (Oh for God’s sake Rog, she’s sucking his cock, not curing cancer.)

Covering up for safety, Shawna mounts her latex encased stud for a ride that is almost as much fun to watch as it must have been to experience. With total hip control, Shawna rocks his world and them some. There is also some great footage of her tight body as she pulls her legs way back and takes a hard pounding. You all know how I feel about this shot. That leaves only doggie on the mandatory porn position guide. Don’t worry, Shawna takes a cock from behind and looks every bit as hot as can be. To finish off her fantasy come true, Shawna takes big load in her mouth. Yes, in her mouth, almost missing none of it. Wow, what a great scene, and a great woman. I want more.

On to the final stop on the Shane tour, and along the way we get a partial fuck scene, followed by a quickie dressing room blowjob, standing in front of mirror fuck, turned ass fuck scene. It is a brief encounter, with tons of close up action and Shane’s ass crack filled with goo. Not bad for a quickie.

To wrap up this on the road fun fest, Shane has a fan, Christopher backstage to show him why she is the hottest starlet in porn. As the stunned young man tries to carry on a conversation with the insatiable Shane, she has her lips wrapped tightly around the base of his cock. Real? Real enough to be fun and plenty sexy. This lucky (LUCKY? Fuck Rog, there is not a work known to man to describe just HOW lucky this fellow is.) Of course, he can’t last too long under such an oral assault before Shane jerks a healthy load from him all over her perfect breasts. What a way to close out a tape.

This volume of Seymore Butts is mostly lesbian action, with only the last third of the action devoted to some good hetero stuff. What little bit there is however, is fantastic. The Seymore/Shawna pairing is among the very best he has ever done. Shane with Chelle, Melonie and Jordan are all smoking hot lez scenes. Although not his very best effort, this is better than the last one, and still better than ninety percent of the tapes on the market. Rent it for sure, buy it if you can find a copy, you will be glad you did.

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