Seymore And Shane Do Ireland



Ultimate Video-1995

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Shane, Kylie Ireland, Vanessa Chase, Nicole Lace, Missy, Yvonne, Amanda Adams, Alex




By now, the Seymore and Shane adventures are well documented by yours truly. You know the style, you know the cast of characters, you know the history, you know the heaps of accolades from me, so why not dispense with the introductions and get right to the good stuff.

When last we left Seymore, at the end of Seymore and Shane- Playing With Fire, he had just finished fucking Vanessa Chase right in her tight little asshole. Well after a brief talk with a masturbating Shane, Seymore picks right up where he left off. Vanessa has discovered the wonderful ride on toy that has been the downfall of many a porn maiden. With the experienced hands of Seymore at the controls, you just know this little hotty is in for the ride of her life. And to repay the gifted giver? Vanessa squares her account the best way she knows how, with her hot mouth wrapped tightly around Seymore’s thick cock. The blowjob footage as always is very close up, catching the lovely Vanessa in ways those of us here in viewer land can only dream of. This close up perfection is carried right on through a perfectly aimed shot into Vanessa’s mouth. What a way to wake up.

Is that enough for horny Vanessa? Hell no! She is more than ready for a more complete fuck scene before saying good bye to Seymore. This time, she blows him in the bathroom. If you liked the first blowjob, you will love this one just as much, as it is a fantastic replay of sexy Vanessa’s face stuffed full of stiff Seymore stick. By bending her over and shooting in the mirror, Seymore is able to capture Vanessa from both attractive ends. Guess it’s true what they say about necessity being the mother of invention. Unlike their paring in Playing With Fire, there is no anal this time around, but Vanessa takes her third Seymore facial in as many scenes (Counting the final tryst in the last vid) with total cum hungry lust. What a total babe!

With Vanessa gone, Seymore and Shane get some news about their growing notoriety. Seems the fire house romp in Playing With Fire, has landed our dynamic duo smack in the center of the media spotlight. After a very long aftermath segment, including a sneak peek at who will star in the next adventure, our always searching pair run into a rising star at the mall. Must be nice to be sitting in the food court of the local shopping center and have buxom blonde Kylie Ireland sit down with you.

After a very long dialog, Seymore and Kylie take a walk out to the parking lot. They stop short of boning in the parking lot, but in the backseat of Seymore’s van, Kylie is more than receptive. I love the semi public action here as Kylie shows some fantastic oral skills. This is the sort of form she used to win Best New Starlet for the year. What a great sight to see him bend her over the front seat and fuck her from behind with cars racing by in front of them. I never thought Kylie was all that wild in her scenes, but as always, Seymore brings out the very best in the women he works with, getting a very nasty scene from this lovely woman. Great low angle close ups highlight as Seymore pulls out and hoses off Kylie’s sweet puss.

Back at the Butts ranch, Shane has Kylie in the love swing with a blindfold on. This bit of bondage like scenario is very hot and Kylie looks fantastic hanging in mid air. Talk about your great decor! Ms. Ireland seems to particularly enjoy having her asshole sucked my Seymore while Shane works on her chest. By the time sexy Shane dons the oversized strap on, Kylie is more than ready to be completely filled with latex lust. You all know how I feel about this sort of scene, so you can imagine how I feel about Shane paired with a hotty like Kylie. Damn!!!

How does Shane celebrate fucking Kylie nearly senseless? By sucking Seymore of course. (Haven’t you been paying attention?) Only after swallowing a sperm shake is it time to wish the delectable Ms. Ireland farewell. Another jewel in the Seymore crown.

Hey, what would a Seymore and Shane adventure be without a huge orgy in the living room? In one corner, Alex Sanders play with hot blonde Missy and Amanda Adams, while across the room, the always nasty Yvonne is getting busy with sex pot Nicole Lace. Shane soon joins the dickless pair for some great three way, lez action. Some guy named Mark soon replaces Shane to provide some meat for the scene. Yeah, this looks like an average weekend night to me. There is lots of good action here. Almost too much. Bravo on the camera work, as everything looks just fantastic. Stealing the considerable thunder in this scene are Missy, who just looks too damn pretty for words, and Nicole Lace, who is one of my favorite not so well known starlets. Missy gets down, licking Alex’s ass while Nicole just goes nuts jamming a big dildo inside an overheated Shane. These two alone make this one of the best (And since you know I don’t usually like them, this means a lot) orgy scenes I have ever seen. I won’t give you a play by play, but just know that there is plenty here to watch and enjoy, including Shane strap on fucking Missy, Alex giving it to Nicole in her tight little ass then spewing on her face and a three way shared facial cumshot.. OH MY!!!

True to form, Seymore Butts once again delivers the very best sex captured on video. Adding Kylie Ireland to the long list of porn starlets to grace the screen in one of his fantastic features. She shines here, looking great and fucking with more passion than I have ever seen from this blonde bombshell. Vanessa Chase is another highlight in this video, looking more fuckable than then entire cast of Melrose Place and Friends combined. Of course, Shane is her usual self, adorable, girl next door Findlay and love to fuck. What could be better. The Seymore series just continues to get better and better. Pick this one up or start a collection with it. I guarantee you will love it.

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