Sex, Truth And Videotape 2


Documentary Home Video- 1997
DIR: J. Patrick Ford
STARS: Cori Gates, Barbie Bond, Maude Morgan, Alex Dane, Blake Mitchell, Shannon Knowles, Tony Martino, Duke Strong, Rod Fontana
THEMES: Female Bodybuilders, Big Clits, Candlewax, Amateurs, Sex Toys, Schoolgirl Uniforms.
Documentary Home Video
1007 Montana Ave. #718
Santa Monica, CA. 90403
Tel: 310.260.4900
In his first video venture, director J. Patrick Ford gathered some good looking women and gave them pretty much free reign to do what made them feel good. The result was a an amateur sex video that was not burdened by an annoying, egomaniacal male presence, (anyone care to harbor a guess who Rog is talking about) and also not ruined by crappy camerawork or poor lighting. With a formula this good, it is hard to imagine him falling prey to the sophomore jinx. (Kevin Smith, John Singleton anyone?)
First up is bodybuilder Cori Gates. Now, personally, I do not go for the pumped up type of woman, however I know a lot of guys who flip for this sort of thing. Cori is relatively attractive and her body is hard a steel. There is a nice lead in to the sex with some stretching and posing, mixed in with her stripping so you bodybuilder fans will dig her nude posing routine. Anyone shocked to see that Cori has a huge clit. (Sort of makes her a natural for an Anabolic video doesn’t it?) When her posing is done, Cori goes to work on herself with some sex toys and a lit candle. (Three fetish groups satisfied with one solo scene. That has to be some kind of record.) Once warmed up, she is takes a very large dildo way up inside her pussy. Lots of good close ups during this brief masturbation scene. Lovers of body builders, big clits and candlewax have probably already busied themselves rewinding the tape to watch over and over, but for the rest of us, it is just the beginning.
Maude Morgan and Duke Strong are a committed couple in their early twenties who pop their on camera cherries for our viewing pleasure. She is a decent looking young woman, with a surprisingly tight body and a great smile. Granted, Maude is not going to make anyone forget Jenteal, but even in her maiden porn voyage, she has an ease in front of the camera that a number of supposed stars will never achieve. When Duke comes in, Ford once again let’s his performers just do what comes naturally. This works so much better than trying to force the action. The couple already knows what to do to make each other happy, so that is what we see. Duke has got a pretty good sized cock, and unlike so many first timers, he has not problem getting it hard thanks to Maude’s obviously talented mouth. Their lovemaking is pretty standard stuff by porn standards, however, they clearly love it, and that alone makes it fun to watch. They spend a lot of time with a vibrator, using it to get Maude off in between some very nice shots of her sucking cock. This girl really knows how to use her mouth. That mouth is enough to push him over the edge and Duke paints his lady with a thick coat of jizz. Very nice facial, but my only criticism would be that the shot is cut to short. A sight this great, should be savored. Very sexy amateur scene nonetheless.
Shannon Knowles is back for her second try with Ford, this time, dressed up in a sexy schoolgirl get up. This full bodied redhead is rather sexy and seems to have fun playing a coy young girl enjoying her time alone in bed. Shannon has a great set of natural big breasts that just beg to be sucked. She needs a bit too much direction to get over her shyness, but the visual is nothing short of stunning. Again for the fetish crowd, she keeps her socks and shoes on even as the rest of her uniform is shed and the action gets more and more intense. Really nice work with a realistic looking dildo. Anyone else think that the way she works this thing over with her mouth is an indication of a girl who just KNOWS how to suck cock? Rog, for one is DYING to find out. Props to Ford for having her on her stomach with the cock sticking up from the bed and just staring into the camera. A million dollar smile like that is enough to make anyone’s cock start pounding. The fake cum at the end is kind of fun. Shannon looks great in solo scenes, but GOD, when do we get to see this fireball work that magic on a real cock. (Rog has his hand raised for that assignment.)
Cori is back, this time with Barbie Bond in an interesting set up. You see, Cori wants Barbie. Barbie is fine with that, however, Barbie is married. Her husband is leery of letting his wife go bi for fear she might not come back. So, to fix the situation, Cori agrees to suck off said husband. Sound confusing? Well, don’t pop a vessel in your dome, just sit back and watch the two women together. Barbie is only average looking, but she does have some of the most incredible nipples I have seen in a long time. Cori prefers women and that really shows as she nearly attacks her new friend.
When Rod comes home, he has no problem agreeing with the new plan. (Ah, let’s see, you mean I get to watch my wife with another woman only IF that other woman gives me a blowjob. Gee, let me think….) The girls give Rod something to help get his juices going. Experienced in the ways of lesbian love, Cori dives right in and takes his wife to new levels. Rod must be a pretty confident guy because he has no problems sharing. Considering Cori had to agree to suck cock just for a shot at her pussy, she must have wanted it pretty badly. From the look on her face when Barbie is hard at work and Rod waves his wand in her face, it seems Cori is just fine with the trade off. You know for a girl who is not really into sucking cock, Cori does a pretty damn good job of it. Good enough to work a thick load right out of him and into her mouth. Very nice facial to end an interesting turn of events.
We take a bit of a break from the amateurs for the finale as Tony Martino starts a little photo session with killer cute brunette Alex Dane. Before things go too far, Blake Mitchell comes in and now we get a three way session going on. Right about the time things get really hot, we take a time out to learn more about how porn is made. Ford lets us see the uncut footage of the scene to compare it to the finished product. Very interesting look behind the scenes. Personally, I would not have cut into the middle of a building sexual volcano, but then again, he’s the director, and I’m just some asshole who does movie reviews.
Besides, the heat builds back up as both Alex and busty Blake work their mouths down to Tony’s cock and take turns tasting his throbbing meat. You know, Alex is a walking wet dream, fresh faced and sexy like a homecoming queen turned after school slut. (Hey, there is the working title for Max Hardcore’s newest series.) She is quite the limber little fuck bunny as well which is always a turn on. Best of all though, she takes a great splash that leaves her tiny titties covered in jizz and her pretty face splattered as well.
Another very impressive piece of amateur video. The minor technical glitches from the first one have been cleared up, and the camera work is only getting better. While I liked the newcomers like Shannon Knowles and Maude Morgan, Alex Dane is far and away the prettiest thing you are likely to see in a while. Of course, Cori Gates is going to make a lot of you throb. Check it out.
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