Sex, Truth And Videotape


Documentary Home Video-1996
DIR: J. Patrick Ford
STARS: Kelsey Kane, Shannon Knowles, Abby Andrews, Frankie Layne, Missy, Ed Oakes, Rick Stetson, Tony Martino
THEMES: Amatures, Solo Women, Lingerie
WHERE TO GET IT: the only place that it is available is by ordering directly from:
J.Patrick Ford
Documentary Home Video
1007 Montana Ave. #718
Santa Monica, CA. 90403
Tel: 310.260.4900
The tape is $29.00 plus $4.00 shipping and CA tax if a CA
resident. Tapes are shipped UPS and can not be delivered to post office boxes..
True amateur videos are very tough to come by. Gone are the days when Ed Powers got some fresh faced newbie and maybe she would move onto features, maybe not. By the time we see most pro-am tapes these days, the women have already done at least a dozen mediocre features, so it sort of takes the fun out of it. That is not the case in this video however, as virtually without exception, these are one and only shots at seeing these real women enjoying moments of sexual freedom in front of the camera. That alone is something I find to be quite erotic, and with the great care taken by the director of this video to make sure that the women are doing what turns them on, makes for very good viewing.
.Up first is a decent brunette, Shannon Knowles. After a brief introduction, we get to see of her first solo scene. The video quality is defiantly amateur, but very watchable as she does a bit of semi public poolside teasing. Back in the room, as she gets naked, we are treated to Shannon’s outstanding, all natural chest. Her big, real breasts sway about invitingly as she dresses for a hot night on the town. The great thing is, her night “out” is confined to her hotel bed and we are the lucky voyeur dates that get to see the hot dress come off again. The clothes come off a bit too quickly perhaps, but the site of her in just her thigh high hose, shoes and panties is enough to make anyone forget about this minor flaw. The panties do not stay in place long as she lies back and shoves them out of the way to let her fingers have access to her inviting pussy. Fingers are not enough for this lady and the director introduces her, for the first time ever, to a vibrator. She takes to the feeling rather quickly and thanks to some nice close up shots, we get a good look at how juiced up she gets between her spread thighs. Shannon seems a bit surprised by the devices effect on her as she can’t seen to stop laughing after her first climax. This is the sort of realism that makes good amateur videos a blast to watch.
After a break in the action, complete with Shannon smoking for those of you who like seeing that, and some conversation, the next sex toy is brought out. This time it is a small rubber dildo so Powers like in its diminutive stature, that is nearly disappears inside the now dripping walls of Shannon’s horny hole. Apparently looking for more, she uses the big vibe as well to work herself back into a frenzy. As Shannon points out, her hot pussy contracts so hard as she cums, that the small dildo is repeatedly expelled from her. Again, this sort of realism and detail in a female solo scene is what makes this video fresh and exciting. A final screaming and gushing orgasm tops off one of the best solo scenes I have ever seen. It’s not about glamour, although with a set of tits like that, who could resist her, instead, this scene is all about a sexy woman getting off over and over again for us to watch and enjoy.
Second out of the gate is a scene well set up by director J. Patrick Ford between Missy and Ed. Now, I know that Missy is far from an amateur, but this scene allows she and her significant other to pleasure each other rather than just play for the camera. Not to say that this scene is not a stunning piece of eye candy, it is, Missy looks great, especially as she gets more and more into the scene. Missy is just about the prettiest thing you will ever see, and she shows a lot of her beautiful pussy in the pre scene photo shoot. After this, what can you say about her beau Ed, but that this guy is luckier than any man deserves. The couple, left to their own devices, spends a lot of time kissing and exploring each others bodies with probing fingers. By the time she works her face down between his legs, Missy looks starved for some hot meat for her mouth. It is rather clear here that Ed is not a porn stud. Despite several minutes with his cock in this incredible gorgeous woman’s sucking mouth, he manages only a semi erection. However, again proving his luck, he is rewarded for this, aand granted access to her shaved pussy. This seems to do the trick as after a few minutes of missionary, Ed pulls out to switch to doggy and is sporting full wood. Once hard, he seems to know what to do with it, as his rapid strokes have Missy moaning and clawing at the sheets. Then, much to my pleasant surprise, she turns around for a bit of cock sucking before Ed drips his load down onto her face. Not the best facial you will ever see, but Missy with a load of jizz on her face is always something to cherish. She makes this scene something to stiffen any bone.
Next up is a scene with porn vet Tony Martino (Cousin Philmore Butts) and a cute dirty blonde Frankie Lane. The pair get right down to the action as Frankie does a hot strip tease (Which you know I love to see in videos.) Her pretty body is just screaming to be uncovered and shown to all, and there is nothing disappointing about this all natural, partially shaved cutie. A pussy this cute is just begging to be played with and thankfully we get to see plenty of finger and tongue action on her hot lips. Speaking of lips, (Oh WOW, what skill you have Rog.) Frankie has another set of lips that look simply stunning wrapped around Tony’s hard cock. Some POV shots of her beautiful face would have been great, but as it is, this oral sequence is very well shot. Close up fans will love the low angle RC fuck that gives perfect camera access to her tight hole swallowing every inch of his thick shaft.
At this point in the shoot, the director just turns the action over to the couple and lets them pretty much do what ever feels good. I like this approach a lot, as it makes for something that is visibly enjoyable for the participants. These two people clearly enjoy each other and it comes across very well in this scene. The camerawork is very good here and the shots of her fantastic legs while she gets fucked from behind are nothing short of spectacular. The capper for this scene is rather messy facial replayed for our enjoyment so that we get a great chance to see this girl next door’s face plastered with goo. A bit of audio trouble is the only thing that mars this sexy scene.
Kelsey Kane is up next and there is some really nice pre scene footage of her interviewed while working on a exercise bike. As she gets set for her solo scene, Kelsey looks every bit as innocent as the college coeds from any Socal campus. Her tan skin is very sexy contrast to her stark white bra/panty/hose costume that she strips down to. She is a bit awkward, posing in a photo session, but with a body like that, complete with perfect, natural breasts, who cares, it is great to watch. There is some interesting interview footage of as Kelsey lets her fingers drift slowly down towards her lightly haired slit. Once again, the pace is set by the performer, which in this case, is a slow and gentle masturbation scene. It is not your standard porn solo, but as time goes on, she gets into it more and more, resulting in some good footage. By the time she bends over to work a dildo into her pussy from behind, I know I am more than ready to fall in total lust with this woman, especially after seeing how her inner muscles can push her rubber lover from her tight folds. It is just really great to watch this woman as she moves from toy to toy, making herself hotter and hotter with each one until she finally just collapses in a heap of gorgeous flesh. This one may start out slow, but stick with it, you will be very glad you
Up next is a boy/girl scene between Abby Andrews and Rick Stetson. These two Colorado twenty year olds are a touch better than average looking, but have a good chemistry that brings out the best in each other. Abby does have a really good body and looks great in her undies, but I have to agree with her mom on one thing, nix the shoes darling. Rick strips her down and gives her pussy some well deserved attention, relaxing his partner a good deal. She repays his oral kindness with some generous head that should, were he not an amateur, have sprung wood much more quickly. When he does finally get hard, Abby lovingly devours his prick, slowly using her tongue on his head like it was a lollipop. They fuck in missionary for a while, but stop before Rick can pop. This may be disappointing, but once again, this kind of stuff will happen on amateur sets and it adds to the realism.
Taking the action out of the hotel room and onto the beach, we get a better look at Abby’s body, she seemed to grow more attractive as the scene wears on, kind of like a fine work of art that you don’t fully appreciate the first time you look at it. They hop in the back seat of a moving van which takes them back to the hotel where Abby is eager to bury her head in her lucky man’s lap once again. This time around, they both seem more relaxed in their love making and Rick delivers a fair amount of full strokes before spraying a load up onto her great looking natural breasts.
At nearly two full hours, this tape is packed with some of the freshest amateur work I have seen in some time. So much of what is called amateur work these days is tired formula stuff, however this tape is a throwback to what I loved about the genre. Real people, having real sex in front of the camera, often for the first and only time. It is not always pretty, but there is something deeply erotic about it. The women in this video are pretty much all realy good looking. Missy, Kelsey and Shannon are my faves not only for their great looks, but also because they look the most natural in their scenes. The video quality Is, for the most part good, with some minor sound problems at times, but again, this is amateur video, if things were too polished, they would loose their appeal. For those of you who share my love for this type of video, I strongly suggest you pick it up, it is original, fun and damn sexy.
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