Sean Michaels Up Your Ass 3



140 Mins.

Anabolic- 1997

DIR: Sean Michaels

STARS: Lana Sands, Devin DeRay, La Tigra, Johnni Black, Mia, Lovette, Mike Black, Tom Byron, Kimberly Jade, Julian St. Jox, Jake Steed and Sean Michaels.

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal sex.



Sean Michaels has worked his way up the ladder of porn to the point where he has his own series for a major company and can pretty much write his own ticket. The Up Your Ass series has had some of the best interracial anal in recent months. There are always plenty of hot white sluts taking big black cocks up their asses, and usually some beautiful black women getting their poopers popped as well.

Just such an ebony princess starts things off as the lovely Devin DeRay opens up volume three with Sean’s long pole in her mouth. Some great footage here as she arches herself backwards to take his dick, showing off her monster mams. It’s way too short for my taste before Sean pushes her thighs back behind her head and samples the twin tasty treats between those long luscious legs. Once she gets good and juiced up Devin opens up and takes his pole in her hot twat, stroking her clit and being plenty verbal in her approval of his coital technique. Lovely shots of this beauty pulling her legs way back. (Rog does love his women flexible.) The RC footage is notable for displaying those big juicy titties and also to watch some serious hip action from this budding star. With those long legs pinned up over his shoulders, Devin slowly lets Sean work his long cock up her tight ass. By the time he gets it going in out of her good and hard, there is a smile on Devin’s face as big and beautiful as those tits of hers. After Sean goes for the pussy one more time, he mounts her chest and jerks off right at her face. The cum shot is rather disappointing, which is a total loss since Devin has such a hot face. Save up a bit next time Sean, and bring Devin back for more PLEASE!

Next up is Mia (Who I have reviewed as Maya before and love.). This petite little honey has that girl next door quality mixed with the sex drive of a wanton slut that is just what the porn world needs more of. She looks great on her knees servicing Sean’s long black pole with love and desire in her sexy eyes. He spreads her tiny pussy and gives it a good licking bringing the most sexy cries from this hot little Latina. Her tight pussy swallows up Sean’s prick and the sight of this shaved box stuffed full of meat is porn Heaven. Where does it all go in this tiny little body? She must like the feeling, because she is hard at work rubbing her even tighter asshole, getting it ready for the reaming of a lifetime. Before that can happen, the horny couple is joined by some company.

Jake Steed brings over super slut Lovette. What the fuck has she done to her hair? Sorry, but the Bo Derek thing is just NOT sexy on her. Bad do or not, Lovette is as hungry for big cock as ever and has Jake’s in her mouth in two seconds flat. She sucks cock like she absolutely loves it, and Jake is throbbing in no time. Lovette’s body is nearly perfect, with curves to beat all and a hungry shaved box that takes a slamming from Jake’s sizable member. As always, she hops up for some RC that just turns into a complete slamfest with her curvaceous hips pounding down on that big cock, her big tits flopping about and her very sexy legs on display. As anyone who has seen this little blonde fireplug fuck knows, her ass is quite accommodating, and she takes the thick pole Jake gives her with a flurry of finger action on her pieced pussy. Getting her ass split open by a huge cock brings an incredible smile to the face of lovely Lovette as she cums so hard she nearly collapses. After all that, she makes her tongue available as a landing strip for jets of sticky white cum from Jake’s cock, leaving Lovette a drippy, cum covered slut. Sean shoots onto Mia’s tiny tits, rounding out a very nasty scene, but I’m disappointed that we never see Mia get her pooper packed.

LaTirgra is an interesting looking brunette, with full lips and a thin body. She doesn’t have anything that grabs me right away, but she is an eager and willing cocksucker when Tom Byron stops by. There are some cute editing tricks, that actually take away from the scene for me, and with so many other really hot women in this tape, things just sort of come to a grinding halt during this very routine, fuck, suck and somdomzie scene. A decent facial is the best part about what is basically a take it or leave it scene in this otherwise very above average video.

Johnni Black, who is famous for taking huge things in her pussy and ass is next, playing a wife who calls an escort service to have her poopchute packed in front of her husband. Sean shows up, looking a little like Dennis Rodman on a press junket and of course the horny Johnni loves what he is packing. This woman has a body as tight as anyone in porn, without being overly masculine and has a sex drive second to none. I know it could just be a porn publicity machine, but watching her suck cock makes me wonder how much fun she was in the military. With hubby watching and stroking his cock, Johnni takes every inch of Sean’s thin cock deep inside her. He seems to like the sight as much as I did as she took his foot long up her tight ass. It takes some work to get that whole thing up in there, but Johnni just gets hotter and hotter with every inch. He goes back to her pussy and in some great low angle, we get a perfect shot of her pussy. (How can it still be so fucking tight?) When he goes back to her ass from that angle, he is able to go all the way in and you can see Johnni’s pussy cream and drip as she begs for more. This sexy routine brings a big wet load from hubby which Ms. Black slurps up like a jizz hungry slut. With her husband’s cum dripping from her chin, Johnni fucks back against Sean’s big cock with her ass until he pulls out and shoots right into her mouth. Johnni finishes things off by sucking his dick clean. Nasty fucking slut.

Lana Sands graces the screen next, and she always lights things up. They get right to it, with Lana taking his long strokes from behind and looking just pleased as can be to be there. After having her pussy warmed up, Lana goes to work with her mouth. (Memo to whoever is Lana’s boyfriend, you are a lucky son of a bitch. This woman sucks cock like she adores it.) The anal gives her a bit of trouble, which is interesting to watch. (See, all you fans of gaping assholes and Mila worshippers, who wants a hole you can drive a truck through, when with some work, you can have a nice tight asshole.) After a short assfuck, Lana looks great milking every last drop into her mouth, what a cutie.

Last up is a very popular woman who I just don’t find at all appealing, Kimberly Jade. To me, she just has nothing special. Were she in an amateur tape, I’d say she was a find, but as a full fledged porn star, there is just not enough going. Jake and Julian St. Jox give her plenty of cock to work with and I do give her and A for enthusiasm. She gets her ass royally drilled with her mouth full of cock. Then takes a pretty serious DP. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Kimberly, just something missing for me. A couple of thick facials plaster her face, ending one of the least appealing scenes in the video.

While this one does not have the heat of the first two in the series, Up Your Ass 3 is still a top notch interracial butt banging bonanza. Lana Sands, Johnni Black, Devin DeRay and Mia (Maya) are far and away the highlights of this tape. All of them are top notch sperm suckers who delight in taking big cocks up their tight tushies. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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