Rock And Roll Rocco 2



Evil Angel- 1997
DIR: Rocco Siffredi
STARS: Anita Blond, Lenka, Stephanie Silver, Samantha, Anita Dark, Christy Lake, Linda Thoren, Katarina
THEMES: European Women, Anal Sex.

Some of Rocco’s work is absolutely fantastic, the best in the biz, and then there is stuff that makes me scratch my head and wonder what he was thinking. However, one thing is for sure, it is never boring with the Italian superstar. Even in Rock N Roll Rocco, which wasted forty five minutes of tape, there was enough great stuff to make it worth a look. With an even more attractive case, part two promises to be and even better time.
In what looks to be a flashback to Buttman’s house, Rocco joins a petite blonde on the couch while Christi Lake fucks Hakan right next to them. The little cutie really gives it her all, but try as she might, just can’t get all of his cock in her ass. Still, she gets enough in there to impress me, especially when Hakan comes in and starts fucking her pussy at the same time. Her cries of passion are surely heard up and down the west coast. This girl and Christi take a pair of facial creamings that finish things off in fine style.
Now, with Hakan riding along, Rocco comes across a crop haired blonde with car trouble. They speak in Italian, but she accepts a ride from the guys. As they drive through the rain, we see a couple of guys, bored with TV, start to work on the women with them. The girls provide plenty of real entertainment for their men, granting them access to all available orifices. Both girls seem to take their assfucking almost too easily, but the scene is very well captured with enough close ups to keep all of you trenchcoaters happy. No doubt about it Rocco likes to get right up close when the bungholes are being stretched. After some tremendous DP footage, the semen starts splashing, and neither girl lets a drop go anywhere but in the mouth or on the face. Really hot scene.
Hakan and Rocco take their new friend Samantha to Nicoleta (Brunette) and Julian (Blonde). After a nice meal, Julian and Nicoleta excuse themselves to go fool around a bit. The guys stumble upon their torrid lesbian 69 and just can’t resist joining. (Signifying that Hakan and Rocco are not blind, gay or retarded.) (Hey, Mr. PC, chill out, the retards don’t read my stuff, and the blind people CAN’T read, so back off me) While neither girl is a stunner, they do attack their respective cocks with the sort of gusto we have come to expect from Rocco’s Euro sluts. They are both more than willing to have their tight asses stretched by Rocco and Hakan.
Curiosity gets the better of Samantha and she spies the four fucking wildly. This is too much for sexy Sam and she walks right in, stealing cock from the other girls in no time. While Sam is not Cindy Crawford, her chopped haircut is quite appealing and she is every bit the prick hungry slut that the other girls are. She looks like she could have handled them both herself, but Sam shares, even letting the other two take the facial pastings.
Samantha gives a great tease performance in a house somewhere. She has a real sense of how to show off for the camera and once the stiff cock gets near her, Samantha can’t wait to get it in her mouth. One thing please. Get those hideous Frankenstein shoes off before she kills someone with those beasts. Beyond that, there is nothing to say other than Samantha is a fucking slut to the tenth degree. Check out the she fucks Rocco’s big cock while he’s in her ass. Show me another woman who fucks this hard in porn today. She tops off her first class assfuck with a greedy A2M cum shot where she cleans Rocco’s rod big time. Nasty, sex, top notch. This is a winner.
Once again, Rocco tortures us with this lame ass Italian rock band. I might have been able to ignore it, had he not done it three different times. Not only do we have to hear their scary John Holmes song, but now some bizarre song as void of talent as the WB is of white people. The end of this time wasting segment is one of the best things I have seen in a long time.
Getting back to what he does well, Rocco has a couple of hotties taking on a bunch of his friends in an outdoor garden party. The women are all attractive, and the action is fast paced. A bit too much so for my taste, but as pure sex goes, this is some really hot stuff. A very sexy blonde takes one of the hardest DP fucks you will ever see right next to her thin, brunette friend. Don’t blink here or you are likely to miss something hot. The girls share a three at once cumshot that caps things off perfectly.
The party gets even bigger as night falls and a huge orgy breaks out. This is just too much of a good thing for me. Wall to wall sex fans will love this big group grope, but I like my sex a little easier to follow. There are some really hot women here and I wanted to see more of them, while the camera is busy trying to catch everything. Lots and lots of anal sex and DP action fill this massive orgy, with constant facial cum shots mixed in for good measure. This would have been a really great scene had the number of participants just been kept down a bit.
Once again, Rocco manages to bring some very hot women into our view. The Euro-sluts in this video are quite nasty, especially Samantha. Her scene with Rocco as well as her group fuck action are easily the best stuff in this video. There are some stretches in this video where I got bored, but hey, no one can do it perfect all the time. This is still well worth a watch for anyone who loves hot, anal sex or European babes.

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