Rambone Meets The Double Penetrators


Rambone Meets the Double Penetrators

Wet Video – 1986
DIRECTOR: William Whett
STARS: Buffy Davis, Patti Petite, Kelli Richards, Sheena Horne,
THEMES: Double Penetration
Back before there was Elegant Angel and Seymore Butts, the best raunch in the X rated world came from Wet video. At a time when most sex scenes were as vanilla as an Andy Griffith rerun, this Wet classic is as subtle as a kick in the nads. The cast is packed with some of the nastiest ladies to grace the blue scene in the eighties.
Buffy Davis leads things off. This busty, alabaster skinned, honey was as cock hungry as they come. Her oral antics on Rick Savage start things off with a bang. Fans of big, natural tits will love Buffy’s monster mams. It is sad to say, but in a time when most all porn starlets are silicone pumped twigs, a full figured, soft woman like Buffy would hardly stand a chance. Considering the scorching heat she brings to her scenes, it would appear to be our loss indeed. After a good bit of morning fucking from Savage, Buffy gets her ass drilled by Frank James. As if having her backside stuffed with his huge slab of cockmeat isn’t enough, Buffy invites Savage back for the first DP action of the flick. After taking more than her share of cock, Miss Davis sucks a healthy load right our of James’ cock.
The plot line here seems to revolve around brother, James and Marc Wallace who go around “helping” women by loosen their assholes. (Hey, I don’t write these things all right.) Little sister Tanya Foxx is next up, as Wallace drills her ass unceremoniously.
Seemingly all the men in town are in on this little scam to fool women into opening up their asses. Under the guise of improving her jacks performance, Savage offers to give her the secret. (A loose asshole) Thankfully, this inept dialog lasts only seconds before Ms. Richards is busing her lips on Rick’s dick. Somewhat less than cover girl gorgeous, Kelli Richards none the less is one of the most fuckable women ever to do porn. Something about her performance screams genuine lust. As others in this vid, Kelli is a bit of a screamer, especially when Savage’s meat is joined by Scott Irish’s rigid tool for a little duo drilling of the boisterous Ms. Richards. (Why do her cries of “Fuck Me Haaaader” make me think of a week at the Kennedy compound?)
Apparently, the two cocks were not enough to satisfy the lusty brunette, as she next takes on the legendary Rambone. This freakish cock slinger graced the screen only about a half dozen times, but one glance at his oversized salami, and you’ll know why he is the stuff legends are made of. Unfortunately, he seems to have a bit of trouble keeping his huge hose hard in this scene, and never does get it in Kelli’s ass. (See Caught From Behind 4 for that sight) In fact, despite his name anchoring the title of this feature, this is Rambone’s only scene. In fact, he barley even fucks Kelli, focusing instead on getting sucked and fucking her smallish tits before blowing a respectable load into her mouth.
The obligatory girl/girl scene is between Buffy and Tanya. These two women attack each other with some fairly good sized toys, including a well oiled double dong. Buffy even dons a strap on to help further stretch Tanya’s sphincter. Watching these two women roll around on the floor together, in such heated action makes me wonder just what everyone sees in the often comatose glamour girls of porn.
What would a study of mid eighty’s porn sluts be without Patti Petite? Like the rest of the cast, she is hotter than she is beautiful. Portraying a vice cop sent in to shut down the scam, the peroxide blonde faces strong resistance from Wallace and Irish. Ever enthusiastic, Patti slobbers and squeals all her way through her DP scene. Although she gets royally reamed, no facials are in the mix.
In a bit of a surprise, Sheena Horne graces the screen, and even does anal. The career of this pretty Amer-Asian lady was unfortunately short, and often filled with vanilla sex scenes. Here, however, she pairs with James for a scorching scene. Watching this tiny beauty take all of Frank’s log into her butt is quite a sight indeed.
Capping off this DP fest, is a return coupling between Foxx and Wallace. This time big brother James joins the fun for a family frolic that is not to be missed. After firmly filling Tanya with cock, the two loving siblings spray down their sister with a jizz bath she won’t soon forget.
In all, Rambone Meets the Double Penetrators is 79 minutes of pure fun filled smut, packed with some of porn’s nastiest ladies. You can keep Janine, Chasey Lain and Raquel, I’ll take Patti Petite, Buffy Davis and Kelli Richards any day for my money. Go to your video stores and find this one. It’s a classic and well worth the rental.


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