Puritan Video Magazine 3


Legend Video- 1996
DIR: Jeff/ Mike
STARS: Shawna Edwards, Courtney, Barbie Angel, Tatiana, Racuel Lace, Sofia Ferrari, Crayola Blue, Claudio, Shawn Ricks, Rex Reamer, Dave Hardman, Steve Houston, Joey Edwards, Vince Voyeur,
THEMES: Latex, Young Girls
This video magazine format, which Private video has made a main stay on porn shelves across America is now spreading. Basically, like Private stuff, Puritan is just scenes, one after another, with no plot to worry about, and not even a character to follow around. Understandably, it is not for everyone, but when the sex is hot, I rather like the straight forward approach. This series, which seems to stress a bit of variety in the kinds of sex it shows, has the advantage of starring at least some women who are somewhat recognizable. (Ever try to review a Private Video Magazine with a dozen Euro-Babes, all uncreditied?)
The first up is brunette Shawna Edwards. This very good looking brunette leaves her front door open while showering so that scruffy looking Rex Reamer can join her. While the sexy lady is sucking him off in the shower, in walks her husband Joey Edwards. In classic porn style, the calm spouse merely whips out his cock and lets his lovely wife blow the both of them. (Helpful tip ladies and gents DO NOT try this at home, chances are better that your spouse will toss a toaster into the shower with you.) After a brief double sucking Shawna gets on all four for some very mediocre doggy fuck and suck action. Fans of close ups will like the extreme shots, but for me, the sex is just lacking any kind of heat. Shawna is nice to look at, (Except for the huge tattoo on her belly) it just seems to move along at a snail’s pace. The anal is not much better, with Shawna seeming less than thrilled to be filled. Again, if you like real close up action, you may get a lot more out of this than I did. For me, it was a lukewarm at best fucking with a very uninspiring facial.
The second mini chapter is entitled “Insane Sex” and stars Courtney as an unfortunate hiker who comes across an escaped mental patient, Steve Houston. While Steve is doing his best Tasmanian Devil imitation, the scantily clad Courtney decides that a hillside clearing is as good a place as any to pull out an oversized dildo for some solo fun. The frolicking youngster also just happens to have a handcuff key to free the growling lunatic when he approaches her. (Only in porn my friends.) Horny Courtney seems to know that it is not music that calms the savage beast, it is a good blowjob, something that she seems quite adept at giving. The outdoor setting is really nice here and Courtney looks very hot. Once Steve calms down a bit, the action is top notch. Somehow, the shaved, big clitted cutie and her raving psycho partner are transformed from the hillside to a pool somewhere nearby. The change of scenery does nothing to dampen Courtney’s enthusiasm for taking a major pounding, in fact, it inspires her to try the same treatment in her backdoor. Fans of extreme close ups will love this action, but as you know, I’d just as soon see a bit more than just an invaded asshole. There is a tease here as Courtney brings a big dildo up to her pussy as if to DP herself, but the action is not followed through. Cap that with a very weak dribble of a cum shot, saved only by Courtney’s willingness to play with it, makes this an average coupling at best.
“Latex Sex Fantasy” is the third segment of this video, and MAN do things take a turn for the bizarre. A pair of latex clad ladies, Sophia Ferrari and Crayola Blue seem to be having a ball teasing and torturing a similarly clad fellow. Since this particular fetish is not my cup of tea, I am sure that much of the eroticism is lost. The sex however, is enough to at least keep me from scanning past this segment. Neither woman is a raving beauty, but I have always found that Sofia gives her all in her sex scenes and this is no exception. She steals the show in a scene that features a very long double blow job that is better than most. The fucking is pretty good as well, with both women taking a harsh anal pounding and sharing a very sloppy facial cum shot. However, the latex and the blue lighting of the whole thing was just too much distraction for me to find this more than mildly hot.
“Double Trouble” stars the sexy newcomer Barbie Angel. It is easy to see from the start why this petite little blonde is a Max Hardcore fave. She has that fresh faced, schoolgirl gone bad look that reminds me a bit of Tammi Ann’s early work. Here, Ms. Angel is out for a nature hike in her mini skirt and heels. (Natch) She comes across Dave Hardman passed out in a ditch. (Seems he and Max had been out hiking and he fell so Max went for help.) Like all good one time girl scouts, Barbie administers first aid. Of course, her version of in the field survival medicine includes taking alternating sucks on her lollipop and Dave’s big cock. Great eye contact here makes this a very nasty oral scene.
It seems that a taste of this young sweetie has all but healed Dave’s injuries as he shows no signs of ill effects while putting her through the paces. A bit too much Max shit here, pussy stretching, lollipops in the ass and even sucking water from an open pussy through a straw. I just don’t find that shit at all sexy, but then again, who am I? What is appealing is the way Barbie screams through a royal fucking on the hillside. This woman’s enthusiastic anal attracts the attentions of Max, who joins the fun. The ensuing DP is not for the squeamish as Max is at his dirty best, making sure that Ms. Angel gets the fucking of her young life. Thankfully, she is allowed to have some dialog of her own and proves to be quite the foul mouthed little slut. That mouth gets filled to the brim with cum in a double facial that is vintage Hardcore. Very hot scene thanks to Barbie’s awesome enthusiasm.
To finish up this video magazine, “4 Way Cum Swappers” features Raquel Lace, Tatiana, Vince Voyeur and Shawn Hicks engaged in a game of strip pool. After the obligatory game action, used here as an excuse to get everyone naked, the real fun begins. Both women are easy to look at and get right down to the action with their partners. Blonde Raquel is especially boisterous and bouncy. Her brunette friend Tatiana will make tattoo and piercing fans happy with her decorated bod. Lots of fast paced, noisy couple swapping action precedes the backdoor drillings for both ladies. As for the title of this vignette, it comes from the plentiful streams of spooge that decorate the pair of faces, and are then swapped by the two in a tongue twisting, cum coated kiss that brings this scene and the tape to a fantastic close.
This video magazine format is just what the doctor ordered for those of you who don’t want any story to mess with. The sex here is right to the point and not for the squeamish. It also covers a variety of sexual tastes from young girls to latex. For the most part, the women are good looking and enthusiastic and the sex is pretty hot. Watch Barbie Angel and Raquel Lace for the best action in the bunch. Overall, however, I just found it lacking more often than not. It’s worth a look, and I will keep on renting this series, but it far from a must see.


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