Profiles 10


Xplor- 1997
DIR: Tim Lake
STARS: Elska, Anita Dark, Anita Blonde, Raven McCall, Maya, Victoria Hill, Samantha, Randi Rage.

The ever expanding world of Xplor Media has managed to come up with a number of consistantly good series. One of my faves is the Profiles work from Tim Lake. He is not at all shy to show of the digital effects from their editing bay, and more importantly, he manages to get the most from his performers in their sexual performances.
Things get started quickly with a mini orgy involving one of my new favorite petite hotties, Maya. She takes on a pair of lucky studs while Anita Dark and Anita Blonde (What, do they never leave each other’s side?) are going at it on the couch. There is some very interesting lighting done with the existing sunlight through the windows. However, nothing is needed to enhance Maya, she is worth watching at all times. She may be in pigtails, but the way she sucks and fucks defies (And perhaps defiles) that innoncent look. As always, the Anitas give each other fits with active fingers and probing tongues. Problem is, with sexy Maya taking one cock in her shaved pussy and another in her ass, I’m just not all that into watching lesbian sex. The guys finish her off by hosing loads onto her face and pussy simultaneously.
Busty Euro bimbo Elska takes a gal pal outside for a sexy photo shoot on the rocks. This gets both women hot and soon, the action moves to the bedroom, where the lingerie clad labe lickers get down to some serious saffo sex. Elska and her heavily pierced friend take turns on each other with tongues and vibrators before sitting at opposite ends of a double headed dildo. I have to say, Elska is one Euro import I would love to take for a test spin. What a great body, full, round hips, great, natural tits, what more could you want?
Next we get a hilarious intro to the next scene with a truck rocking back and forth. Don’t ask me why, but this had me cracking up even after the scene began. I stopped laughing pretty quick when I realized one of the girls sucking a lucky guy’s cock was Maya again. Once again, she impresses me with her hot looks and her hotter attitude toward sex. She is such a sweet young thing, she even shares her prize cock with a natural chested lovely who is more than thankful for the chance to ride rod. She wants the sticky load to herself however, and smiles while the stud sprays her tummy with nut juice.
The next scene has a couple of problems for me. One, it is a bit too dark for taste, and two, it has Randi Rage in it. I just don’t find her all that sexy, although she is quite nasty. She is quite boisterous and I know some people think I am nuts, so check her out and tell Rog if he is missing the boat.
One very lucky gets to hook up with a pair of promising fresh faces. The Asian girl looks a bit like Anisa, who I always liked, and her counterpart is an attractive, butsy woman. Once again, the women are in stockings and garter belts. After an exhaustive trade of oral sex, (Pussy eating is a good thing.) the sexy Asian girl puts her lips around a cock for the first time. What a lovely sight. The other girl gets jealous and things move on too quickly for my taste, but the busty woman with her curly locks is quite eager to be fucked and responds accordingly. My little Asian darling is also happy to be riding the prick pony and when her friend is not sitting on her face, shows some good filthy talk capablilities. With both girls so eager for his cock, this guy is swept into a whirlwind of sex, and just can’t seem to wipe that big ass grin off his grille. The Asian cutie works his load from his cock with some outstanding hand work and licks him clean to finish off a really nice scene.
The final fuck is a very Tim Lake scene. A sexy brunette pairs with a couple of happy studs for a torrid three way. What is most noticable is that unique lighting tricks used to give the scene an edge. It is very cool looking and stirs the cinematigrapher in me, however, the smut guy in me wanted to see this woman gobble knob in full, all too bright, video glory. The conflict between cool, original porn and straight forward sex could be a problem, but here it just makes for a great viewing experience.
Once again, outstanding technical work combines with some very hot women getting down and dirty. If you’re looking for plot, look somewhere else, but if you like to see super sexy girls like Maya get fucked good and hard, grab this tape, it’s one of the best in this series.
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